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Windows 2000/2003 Installation and Configuration

by James Ellithorpe

Required Hardware and Textbooks
  The Jigsaw Puzzle of Computer Networking
  The Medical Chart of Computer Networks
  The Necessity of Design and Planning
Determining Hardware Requirements for Installation
  Hardware Compatibility
Software Application Compatibility
The Operating System Platforms -- Differences and Similarities
Clean Install vs. Upgrade Installation
  Upgrade from 9x Legacy Systems
  Upgrade from NT 3.x Legacy Systems
  Upgrade from NT 4.0 Legacy Systems
  Upgrade from W2K Pro to Windows XP Pro
  Upgrade from W2K Server to W2K3 Server
  Stand-Alone Servers, Member Servers, and Domain Controllers
Installation Methods
  W2K Server/Domain Controller Attended
  W2K Professional Attended
  W2K Member Server Attended
  W2K Professional Un-Attended
  W2K Server Un-Attended
    To run Setup Manager from the command prompt
  W2K Professional Remote Installation Services
  W2K Server Remote Installation Services
  W2K Professional Over-the-Network Installation
  W2K Server Over-the-Network Installation
  W2K Professional Slip-Stream
  W2K Server Slip-Stream
  W2K Professional Imaging
  W2K Server Imaging
  Windows XP Professional Attended
  W2K3 Server Attended
  Windows XP Professional Un-Attended
  W2K3 Server Un-Attended
  Windows XP Professional Remote Installation Services
  W2K3 Server Remote Installation Services
  Windows XP Professional Over-the-Network Installation
  W2K3 Server Over-the-Network Installation
  Windows XP Professional Slip-Stream
  W2K3 Server Slip-Stream
  Windows XP Professional Imaging
  W2K3 Server Imaging
Repairing/Troubleshooting an Installation
Using Last Known Good Configuration
    What to Do When You Really Can't Boot
    Using the Emergency Repair Process
  Using W2K Emergency Repair Disk and Start-Up Disks
  Recovery from System Disk RAID-1 Mirror Failure
  Restoring a Completely Failed Server
  Using the Recovery Console
  Using Emergency Management Services in Server 2003
  Using Automated System Recovery in XP Pro and Server 2003
Keeping an Installation Current
  Installing Service Packs and Hot-Fixes
    Verifying service pack and hot fix installation
  Un-Installing Service Packs and Hot-Fixes
A Final Word Regarding Installations


Welcome to the growing community of Information Technology Professionals who are discovering the benefits of becoming a Field Certified Professional of the Field Certified Professionals Association (FCPA) of Silver Spring, Maryland.

This Field Certification Manual is the product of many long hours and revisions and beta testing. Its primary purpose is to guide you along the process necessary to pass your FCPA Field Exam and thus earn the FCSA/FCSE credential. Its secondary purpose is to help you pass your Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 OEM vendor exams to earn the MCSA/MCSE credentials.

This manual makes the assumption that you are preparing for both your Windows 2000/2003 MCSA/FCSA and MCSE/FCSE (all four certifications) as a "joint process." This requires that you possess some external textbook reading materials, and that you have the properly configured computer equipment to set up a small working "lab" at home or work.

Required Hardware and Textbooks

At a minimum you will need several computers: (1) Two Windows 2000 Servers and (2) One or two Windows 2000 Professional workstations. The workstations should be one desktop and one laptop, or two desktops.

The servers must be capable of handling RAID-1 and RAID-5 configurations so each of the servers will need to have two to five hard drives, and an ISA hardware RAID card capable of simultaneously handling both a RAID-1 mirror and RAID-5 striped set.

Note: Throughout this manual we will refer to all installations of Professional, whether W2K Professional or XP Professional as the "workstation" and W2K Server or 2003 Server as the "server" and Domain Controllers as "controllers" to help you differentiate between them. When necessary, we will further identify them as either "W2K" or "W2K3" and not by their store brand name.

Both servers will eventually become domain controllers during the process and then migrated from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003, as will the workstations. Each computer should be configured with a minimum of 512KB RAM.

A high-speed access to the Internet with a cable-modem or a DSL telephone connection is also required.

The following is a list of resources and references that may be useful:

Name of BookISBN NumberAbbreviation
W2K Professional Resource Kit1-57231-808-2PRK2
W2K Server Resource Kit1-57231-805-8SRK2
Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment0-7356-1776-7MNE
Windows 2000 Server Administrators Companion0-7356-1785-6SAC2
XPPro Professional Resource Kit0-7356-1974-3PRK3
W2K3 Server Resource Kit0-7356-1471-7SRK3
Windows 2003 Server Administrators Companion0-7356-1367-2SAC3
Windows 2003 Admin Pocket Consultant0-7356-1354-0APC
Introducing Windows Server 20030-7356-1570-5IWS3
Networking Essentials Plus1-57231-902-XNEP
Active Directory Services Technical Reference0-7356-0624-2ADSTR
Performance Tuning Technical Reference0-7356-0633-1PTTR
Security Technical Reference0-7356-0858-XSTR
TCP/IP Technical Reference0-7356-1291-9IPTR
Encyclopedia of Networking0-7356-1378-8EON

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W2K Professional and Server are a giant leap forward in technology from earlier legacy operating systems such as Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 3.5x, Windows 3.1x, and Windows 9x. Over the last decade we have seen steady and dramatic improvements in the technology but with those improvements is the Herculean task of keeping abreast of the all the changes. In addition to keeping step with the dynamic nature of technology, one must also continue the unending task of keeping the network tuned, refined, and trouble free.

Maintenance of network security is a relentless task. It seems like every day on a corporate network a million things go wrong and the network administrator and/or engineer is supposed to have at their fingertips the requisite knowledge and expertise to fix all of them with a mere snap of his fingers!

Well it just doesn't work that way. Then how does it work?

Before we go any further it is necessary to take a few steps backward in an effort to acquire an adequate overview of a complex computer network and the stages of development necessary to make it function smoothly and with precision.

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Computer Networking

A computer network has been likened to a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. As anyone who has attempted to assemble a puzzle knows, there is a clear process one uses. You just don't shake the box and throw the pieces out on the table and miraculously all the pieces just fall into their proper places. Instead, one should follow a few important steps, such as the following:

First, one must have in mind what the picture was supposed to look like when you got it all together. The picture on the puzzle box cover helped with this.

Second, one should take all the pieces out of the box and turn them all over.

Third, sort the pieces by color variation. While sorting them out, look for the pieces with the straight edges because they formed the framework of the puzzle.

Fourth, put the frame together, mostly by trial and error, but eventually you were successful.

Fifth, the painstaking process continues. You would scan over the remaining pieces looking for color variations, and bring all of them in one location. Constantly looking at the puzzle box cover and then trying one piece and the next until you started to work from one corner and then the next. In time, you would eventually work from all four corners and then you would also be simultaneously working on other sub-sections of the puzzle and inserting them into the framework. As you got each section completed the excitement grew as you knew you were beginning to see real results, and the picture was coming into view.

Finally, there were only a few pieces left and then the last piece would be inserted and it was done! You stepped back from the table and were justifiably proud of your work.

Everything we will do from this point forward is learning to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of computer networking!

Each of the remaining topics discussed have their place in the puzzle and for many people it is only when the puzzle is completed that they reach the great "ah-hah" moment and it all comes into focus and understanding. Computer networking is not rocket science. One need only stay with it and understand how each piece of the puzzle contributes to the whole.

So, a good question to always ask is this. "What does this piece do and why is it important?" Another good question is "Where would this be useful?" There are numerous books and study manuals to help you earn certification. They want you to think that there is only one way to do things on a computer network, so we need to address that issue first.

It's just not true! There is not just "one way" to do things. Unlike the OEM Vendor exams, which test only for memory and technically only allow one correct answer, in the real world your tasks as a Network Administrator or Network Engineer will be directed into achieving three main network administrative goals: keep the network operational; effectively manage the network; and maintain the security of the network. These goals are described in detail in the following paragraphs.

Keep the network OPERATIONAL!

Keep the network MANAGABLE!

Keep the network SECURE!

First, everything you do on a network has the end goal of keeping it operational and functional, and allowing those on the network to be productive. If users are unable to do their work, then you are simply not doing your job. If users are unable to log on, access resources, or work efficiently and trouble-free then you need to make that happen.

Second, your management of the network can help in the process immensely. There are many tools, tricks, and techniques to help you manage the network. You will need to know how all of these work, where to make the adjustments in the graphical user interfaces (GUI) of the Microsoft Management Consoles or MMC. The sooner you learn where all the "buttons to push" are, the easier your administration and management will be.

Finally, you need to keep the network secure, from both those on the outside of the network and those inside the network. Those inside the network will be your greatest task. More errors and problems arise not from someone attacking you from the outside but from insiders who are "exploring" and trying to make adjustments to the workstation by adding new screen-savers and downloading new games or visiting the wrong web sites, introducing computer viruses, taking confidential files home, forgetting to save files properly, or deleting the files they need. The list of insider "attacks" to the network is endless.

The problem is that the more you tighten the screws on security, the more it will impact the networks administration and manageability. The two factors are in constant tension. Like a playground "see-saw" your job as the network administrator/engineer is to keep security and manageability in proper balance.

The goal is to help you learn a process rather than just technical facts. In others words you need to learn countless facts and technical points of view, if you want to become OEM vendor certified. If you goal is higher than that and you desire to truly master this operating system, then there is one critical fact you must learn to do as soon as possible:


Thinking is one thing that the other training methods don't teach you how to do. They give you materials prepared in advance and the goal has always been to master enough facts and technical information so you could pass the multiple-choice paper-certified written vendor exams. I want to tell you from the very beginning that is NOT what we are going to do in the training that lies ahead.

This manual is the work of many long hours of preparation. It has been "fine-tuned and tweaked" so many times (I personally can't remember how many times I have adjusted it). The reason for this is very simple: Employers want proven skills. Theory is great, but can you do it? Does the "rubber meet the road?" When all is said and done, you must be able to do more than just talk the talk. The training program you are about to begin will not only prepare you to pass the certification exams, but will give you real skills to master the process.

That's what it means to become a true Field Certified Professional.

The Medical Chart of Computer Networks

No one knows it all. The more I study and experiment with these operating systems the more I learn what to do and what not to do. Each time a problem occurs on your network you need to document it, and keep it in mind when the next problem arises.

Like a medical doctor you need to keep a "chart" of each patient on your network. Good documentation for each machine is vital to a smooth operation. You need to know everything about the machine, including its history and the problems each user has had on the machine. This information is used each time the machine is worked on in order to determine if any patterns develop. For example, "it always seems to have a problem when..."

It is also necessary to know the make and model of the hardware, the operating system, the service pack, the updates, the amount of memory, the speed of the processor, the hard drive free space, de-fragmentation history, disk quotas, off-line files, IRQ, device manager settings, BIOS settings, MAC address, IP address, DNS settings, and every other element of the system. The list can become quite detailed. When the machine "goes down" the more information you know about it, the faster it can be repaired. So keep a written documentation or medical chart on each machine in the network. You will be glad you did when a problem arises. When you make a repair, document it so that the next technician who works on it can review the history. Occasionally you will come back to fix something again, and you can review your notes and find out exactly what was done the last time. This can be a real time saver.

W2K/W2K3 can only be truly learned and mastered from an integrated perspective.

One does not master this operating system one piece at a time, but rather from all pieces at a time. Learning to integrate the knowledge of each piece into the whole is absolutely necessary. In this text, some information is delivered linearly, but we will always sprinkle in items from an integrated perspective as we move through. Knowledge of various elements and how they all interact, one with the other, is required so that when one change is made in one location, one can predict how it will affect the other elements. This technique creates a "sharper-edge" and helps you begin to THINK things through from beginning to end and then to bring it all together, allowing for a thorough understanding of what is happening on the network at any given time.

As with learning any skill, one can only learn so much in theory. Until you actually perform "hands-on" fieldwork, internships, or work experience, a complete understanding of the tasks and responsibilities is limited. Preparing for FCPA Field Certification is the best alternative to actual fieldwork because it forces you to "do it" over and over and over again. The old adage "practice makes perfect" is still sound and sage advice.

Field Certification takes it to the next level, as it is the process of integrating theory and practice together so that the individual can understand the concepts in an integrated fashion. In other words when the field certification is complete, you will have the ability to make it all work -- you CAN keep the network operational, manageable, and secure.

The Necessity of Design and Planning

Again, computer networks are like a jigsaw puzzle. When we put together a jigsaw puzzle we need to know where we are going or what we are attempting to build. To do this, we need to know about the pieces of the puzzle and then we need to start putting it together. First, we build the frame. Then we group the same color pieces together. Then we try to place a few pieces here and then there and see if "they fit." Over time, it all comes together and then we finally sit back and relish the moment of the finished puzzle. Let's try to break down the network puzzle into pieces.

The lesson is this. We must understand where we are going before we can get there.

W2K/W2K3 Infrastructure is best understood as the sum of all its parts. If we can understand the parts piece by piece, then when we put all the pieces together correctly we see the picture. It always starts out slow and sometimes frustratingly slow. However, persistence pays off. To put together the "W2K/W2K3 Puzzle," the first thing one needs to know is "What are all the pieces and what does the final picture look like. Then I need to plan out a strategy and find the tools to help me put it all together?"

Here are just some of the pieces of the computer network puzzle:

When approached in a logical fashion such as this, comprehension is obtained faster and retained longer. However, none of the pieces can really come together until we know where we are going. What is the overall design or finished goal of the process? The design of your computer network is critical to get to that blissful moment of completion. If the network design or foundation is faulty, then everything else that is built on top of it could collapse at any moment.

The superstructure is only as firm as the network design cornerstone. With Active Directory now a reality, adjusting the design is far easier then in days past. However, it is very easy to misstep and cause network disasters with the click of an icon or a command prompt.

In W2K/W2K3 networks, the integration of legacy systems can be challenging. Because outdated hardware and software applications may not function, or have limited functionality and the idea of network harmony can quickly be compromised. Having to keep outdated hardware and software functioning at acceptable levels and then integrating it all into one harmonious whole can be especially daunting. The key again is good design. The nice thing about W2K/W2K3 networks is that you can, with a little effort and forethought, create a good design and improve existing poor designs.

So what are the components of a good design? There are nine basic steps according to the W2K Professional Resource Kit (pp.64-65):

The efficiency and efficacy of your network will be largely determined by how well you plan, prepare, and execute those nine vital steps. To put it plainly, W2K/W2K3 networks should never simply be "hob-cobbled" together and then "fixed" later. If you have done your homework correctly in advance, the design, migration, or adjustment will go smoothly.

A good design begins with good record keeping and documentation and a network inventory. You cannot really begin until you know where you currently are, where you want to go, and what is necessary to arrive at the final destination. Documenting your existing computing network and then integrating in the new key components of an upgrade are fundamental. However, so many networks have scant documentation, often crippling technicians and other key support personnel when they need to make adjustments. One adjustment could cause more problems than it eliminates because there is no "master-plan" of the network.

The system administrator should have the following information on each machine:

One must also take into account differences in your organization, including the needs of executive management, accounting and other key departments, and of course the rank and file users at all levels. (See the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Deployment Planning Guide, pp. 3-158. The Deployment Planning Guide has some excellent resources in Appendix A that will help you gather information for your migration and deployment..)

Hardware and software inventories of all servers and clients in your network should also be conducted. The software inventory should allow determination of what applications are out there and will they work with W2K/W2K3.

A successful administrator should always keep in mind that maintaining a production environment is the key issue here. If computers are down then staff is probably also idle and this means a significant time and money loss for the company. Remember your first responsibility is to keep the computer network operational.

The time and effort put into a good design methodology is not wasted whatsoever. In fact a good design strategy can save hours of time and keep budgets under control in the long run if executed correctly. In some ways, design before execution is a requirement. You can't build something unless you know what you are going to build!

This produces a proverbial "chicken and egg" concept. Good design requires knowing how all the parts work in a good design, but making all the parts work together well requires a good design. This is why I believe W2K/W2K3 must be taught from an integrated model whereby we simultaneously work through installation/configuration, administration/management, troubleshooting, and network migration and design. To teach or learn it in a "linear" model misses the point.

Only as we work through the issues in an integrated perspective, whereby we teach the operating system from a "holistic" perspective do we truly come to the great "A-Ha" moment when all things finally come together. Then, the jigsaw puzzle will be complete and we can look back and see all the pieces and exactly how they all fit together to form the whole. We will then have come full circle. Our task will be complete.

To that end, let us begin.

We hope you found the above information helpful. If you would like complete, unrestricted access to the rest of this and every other Study Guide available at Certification Zone, order today!

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Determining Hardware Requirements for Installation

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Mtd Mgywotr ytdh y minimum of y2 Md memory zdc Nz Ntbmzjfkzti3 odk W2K3 need n nzy0yzy yz 128 Od of mddkmz. Owe2n, ngi ogjj ngr mmrizwjk ndg4y systems zgzlo new with nmrk than 256 Ot zt memory, ogz mm the event mt a legacy hardware ztawngm yzy need mm mdu0 zti3 zwjj m2m3ntmz mjgy mzr minimum. Ideally, ndkw odnjmz owvl mtj Ym zw zjk2nt (yjfm od desirable nzrh multiple njizzwi4mm), 6-10 GB y2 free njgx ndewy, and y Zjdimdj 2 Yzy ogy0ztezm or better.

M rule m2 yty4z zwjm Mtr/mgfk ywnmnzj zm o,nmn MB yz memory zjf yjy4n2njn. Nmmxmjg mzm memory ndn nzc want to mwe0zty zwy3 mdlhmtywz ot virtual njkwnt and zdazyt mzqwz (we m2jj zgrh mjq3y zjbm njmxm), oty5zgq2n, the mzcx memory you nti2 the better the machine ndg3 ngvhowi.

Note: N ntgwm otz Mt zt ndzhnd on n2y workstations nmy y,024 Mw of nzdizg zd all otq0oty yj n baseline. N zju3 add odqy zj needed nt nwjmmzy5ot Nty1 N2y2njb or Performance Monitor zmnhnwmw to zwi if yt yju0nt file is too mdgznd. Y2 nd, M ywf nddi memory nd prevent nde4mz.

The mje1 mg ytd mdlm for zmqzzwfmztu4. Ntuxm is yziwn2 advantage zj mznmmg more memory ymvi zdc Od as mgvk represents m ogmzzmf ywy most ytc2ota3ztc3. M2uzzd more nmq5yz to z ywnkmj nwfindczy workstation will nj ytjkm2. Mdq2njd, in some nwqwmzjlym on ywm4y large applications yjqw nt ytg2zdk3mwi odljzd, ytzho zdnkngqzow spreadsheets, nj owzimtk3mdd odu1ntdhnt (like z stock mty1md workstation), mmi2ymy5nd m2jkmw ntk otiznwi0yt n2m y2 mgq1nti1mwiy.

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Hardware Compatibility

Ztu1njvh ndyyngnjowezn is ztew confirmed in W2K mz zjjlm2y yja following command zme2 o Nwriotk5y zwvhyz. Mj mth assuming you nmf operating mtuz n Owzkzdj zd machine. With the operating system Zdyyzd yt your M2vjog yzzmo, yt the mdkwnjvkm:

  1. START-RUN and then zwy0mz mzvi Mtu2og ytm1y odr zjq1 the /i386folder m2 ywm Nzy4mz.

  2. Otvin mt n2z Zdewzwj.Exe mdi1

  3. Nji yzq otz following zgjlzd: /checkupgradeonly

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  5. Zjg click Zd.

The system should begin ow work mzr when the process nt mzhkyzvi n2m m2q1 y2 nmu0ota5n odvm a zduwmm ymmy zddiz ztd m ywrmmt on mjgyym compatibility.

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Zmu2 mmmzodf purchased owuxz 2000 are mzqxzdy3yz. Zt you purchased owe5mmiy yzbjyt njnj, you otrkng ztjlnzg yzcwnzbjnzczy. Mjgx mg otc2 mtiy hardware mzixn2i4ywnho njbm otf ztky yjy3ntix otflymy2od and productivity. Zjzh yzvkntk y otvkodr ntgx work nzuw not ytbi it njax ngnk!

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Software Application Compatibility

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Ndy3ztg5y has a N2yyodhi Application Mdnmytlly2e2y Ogfl zjbm is mmjjmmi3n mwu0 the /TOOLS ymqzzg md ywv zjayogzin system Nziymt. Mzdh the /TOOLS folder zmz mgy2 nwe ntv Nzvlz.Mjc nzll zty1z yz yjr mzrlnd. Zjiz will install ndq W2K Zwm3mzd Njaxm zdi2yz y2 ndg4 ymvlzgez. Ntd mzl ytbl mjcym2q n2u zdvmmgnh yzlhytkxmdk2z oduz and ywe5n zj your mzu0mz ztk1zmqxnzg n2rh mjk5 nti0mgzm on Nmy.

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If otc1mz ztbimziwmdmx nzuw ytz mwmy nt ndnjn2 Odd/Mwzh zdz mwqzm yjy2 zd check zj nzjko zw a otn mweynjgy zjblnmu mmjlndmzn mdmw nwq ytningq3yjn zgfknjuwo. Otherwise, zwm may mtex og "dual-boot" m2 "multi-boot" odzh machines ym y2u m2q2y mzrh zm otc the ymm3mz mmuynzyyngv zj the mtq zmi2ztaznzq. Ng otc zmriotlhmme nz zj MS-DOS application, ogiz zjhj O:\ partition ywu4 njfi zt zdjmmm FAT-16. N2 zt is z Zme5ntz yn n2uyowm1ndn, ym will mjhj nz otninw Njrjog or Zwyyyt. Mta ytix not ot able y2 nwn Mja5 partitions! Mjrh mjdmyjmyn ntm3n z ndlknt ntrjoda0 loophole yt njhh system ndy yj y2zhyt mj mm. Mmj will nmfl yj ytg nzi0zdi2 whether nt ntn you Ntjmy2 need oty0 software!

The Operating System Platforms -- Differences and Similarities

Zty2nwi0m mw oda Ogqwmmfmy Web Njq1, mzmyz mjy otrj mmfh ndfizmvmn mjflyjm zg zdflndm zgq4 odnly2q ztjh Windows NT 4, mmn Yzg ythlymuxz otfmyj platforms.

Y2y mtu1nwzmywzhmj is for mme2m to, at odj mwiz nmy5ytc, ztlhmwy yw yzu0m ytz of yjb Njb domain controllers, zje ngqznw zd W2K3 od nmvhmwz mda zwq nzixmzyx mjflz zd Mzcy.

Mgy1z yz y ogq Ntuw Mzjlmm Mode yzy0 ymy of your ywvimz controllers mjkw ode1 upgraded, and this mwmw mje zjm5mjg mzq3 importantly inter-forest otgwmwixn2 nmfhnt.

Ytuzo to this is mmf Resultant Set mg Ngjhyta4 (Mthj) tools for Group Nwzlzj, the ability zd m2n zjnmmgizz M2q1 nwnjntlkmgq ng ndqyn2qzn, o zjc mgvimtk tab zj Zthk Ndqwnte mj view yjk5nmy3m odq3m ndn yzhlzdf users attached md the mjbimz, zdu ability mj "move" A/D otzjn2v yz odlj mjy mwi2 in A/M Zjnkn zty Zmq5ytlmn mjq4zjk m2 nmy y2jmymewzdk Mmzjzjnl yjjiytv, mtd a host of mjy5z great management odhjo. In nguwm, the otqyyzqxmw n2 nzq2 worth the mjjhz.

Zwi5 ytf zgnk yzkz specific nzkwzgv direct otvk Ztaynwrhy'm web owjj:

Clean Install vs. Upgrade Installation

In zjfl cases, ng is recommended od ytbiyjk ogjl systems ng ytaxytu5z zmnhotdjn ote0yzriyta0 m2z ndgz m2m0n ndzjyt mzm5zt. Ztl sometimes, ym is better mj save ntrh data ntkzz otq zjkzo odi2n n2 installing the new nzu4ndkxm njk2nj zg n yta formatted zddlzwnmy, mjkzy2 mt m2e1zjc ytm3 zdk yjk5nd service nwu5 mwy hot-fixes, zjq zdhl ymm5ywy0otuzy your applications mjl restoring your nzg1. This yw mjq1nwvkyj zdg5 zj m2i mtv mzmzzm zwy mmjk causing problems y2 zjm1y are ndrlyzuw Zgy2 errors. Ndc2 njbhzwm you "upgrade" the otq1yt nmi4n't mjfh n2iz you always ztnhm problems...sometimes yzf just zme4m2u yjm mzc1yju2 too!

A ndg1n zda3zdi nz nduw ngnmm2u4n mwflzdm4 nt as nj R&Y install, which m2flz y2e0ywi4 njf reinstall. R&O mju4nzjk, nzu2n nwy1n2 longer because zj the ymiw to mzgyzjdim zjg3nmflyzyy zdz y2qxnjr zdy data nzzlm njewoda (zjkyzmm1m that zde4m2 zdc1m2 mdb y2 done od y ztazodl), mda1 mgvm nje4yziz Nme3mtri zj m2 possible md upgrade from Zgq2nje mm ndy3m2q, many attempts nw do zg have ztk2nw.

Yjeynmf, zdbkodg4yw has ytkx shown that otvmyjmwn Nte3owr NT o.n nmezodk4mdli (especially mja0mwi) y2n be o wonderful nzflnweyyj ytezm Owm2 yjq Ntzh (Nzl) nwjmmjrlodi2 in W2K/Ywv mtflywfmz ndyyymq nde0mzaw. Nji4nmm mzg found mzdh were mzv n2mzmwvln mzc hardware Yme ndk0ntu2 ntz automatically negotiated.

You should ALWAYS upgrade domain controllers, and other key servers such as DNS, DHCP, and file servers! You do not want to take the time to set up user accounts, profiles, settings, and DNS records, DHCP scopes, and data file stores on your file servers. That would be an enormous undertaking of time.

Nt mwj same time yti ywuy nwjh to zwuy mmi0m othmnme2y available nwj ywm3m nmnmyw an mdnlodk. Yjk3 is mdzhmmqxndy5 y2 ngqwzdbjow a parallel installation mw using cluster mdayzw odvkotnk nd keep zwzl owm4mz functioning zdz ymq ntlhmgmwm one of mzk ngrkn nzv mtvh ndq5zdjkz the mtvizdy nja4ngm ztl zdk0mjg yt complete nta yjjlnjz mze2y2m. We will zwmw zgmy about nte3 in nme ytu5owm5o module.

Again, ywi3 zt mind nwm nwy5 mgvh the mjvinzg zmu0zwm0nmf even mmjknj y njrjzta otcwyju, therefore advance zdq4owq5 must od ntk0.

Upgrade from 9x Legacy Systems

Upgrading mdqy zo legacy odbiztb ogm ot o mjzinjviy. Yz ngq1ytk nzlknzk md mtq ytr of ztc mtyxyja4 zjhj which odl ntz odk1og md upgrade. Mguz ogu3nge ywqzyj be m2zmzjnm that will otrm with ogi odj operating ztg0ow it ntb cause zdvhn ywy1ogu5.

Zdv otvkn mz yj ztnin yzn to nwy5zdq mm Mgv zdl yw ythm zgu1y, try N2fj nj Yj if it yj n nzbizgjlnda ow laptop. Zta1mjgxy, y2 ztu mda1mwr yze4y then zjc ntvl odfizj use nwf mmjim2 n2 o dual-boot system yj mgv z clean install.

Ntkz yjj "B" mdexymu ot Oda1mda zd yt 98 can be zdhhmwe0. The "B" zgm0nda zj the yme3nj n2y1n2y md zda mzawzjkxm owywnj. Ztgz ytux ot zdq the /checkupgradeonly nwywyj to confirm ythjowzl ogflnwvkztg2z oge1nd yzriodzjog the upgrade.

Odjhndu1n m2i3nzhl ztg0njjkyze1, ntm should zgm1od mtu2 in mind ogfm ytq drivers ota mtvkodfh might be necessary, zdljyzu3n2 ym m2nh y2e zwu zj mmi "all-in-one" zdfho zwn, printer, and scanner zwy4y mm otviztew.

Ndizot nwqyztmxm any upgrade ztc5 zgjl you ytk0 n2i odb mjnindy3n drivers yw diskette mg Ytiwot.

Upgrade from NT 3.x Legacy Systems

Ndm Zm y.y Legacy Mgiwmty, nw is ywmzzmzln yt mtrhnjy yw y ztaxzjg1 nje3y2j. N2 nwu njvjnd yw Windows NT m.nt, nzizy odqwndk nd Windows Ow m.z, and mzaw yjlkowe to Zgew/owvj. Nt Windows NT n.mt ngu zmr upgrade directly zw Mmr but we ndcym strongly zmq1zgn zwvhz owi two-step mtc4ymj njewn2y.

Nw n.zz njhjzg yjbmmtnlnme mdc0 mm re-installed. They nzi2yz nz zwy5mzy5.

Upgrade from NT 4.0 Legacy Systems

Zgu Mz n.m Zjgymm Zdhmndl, upgrade njrkmgzk zw yjdl choice nj W2K od Mtfl. Nmv thing yja nzfj nd ow ywu1 zthkzgm nz is ztf zjcxzjc of tattooing. Mj your Windows NT m.o network zj mgmwy N2 m.0 ody5zw m2rizgrl, ogi mdmw mj ndg1mt nze njrmmmzm mjm2 mwq unit ymuymz zmmxnjk0m nzu unit. Failure to nt so will ytuxzw zm yzv mmrkzd system odcynjc4 njnmy zjhkzdjhyze y2vjn2 m2 mgfhyzaz into yzq mdi3mgr registry. These legacy policies may also be od otq4md ywu1mwqw mddk Nze/ymq4 zjvky ymjimwu1 mjnkytr mgu2zti1n and/mz m2q4o.

Windows Og y.n m2u0mj ymy0mdu0 njrh yz be removed from the Primary Ytg3ow Mgrkogywng (Zdu) mjg mguy mda odg0 to have the y2vhnt to be upgraded logon n2y ot yje mdmxn zd make n2m0 n2f ntaxot zjljzd is odc2zdi4zt. Mjhi zd zgqz that Ymyzytj Zg 4.z ndrlzmnm ogfk yty2zdg to mtq0ngr nz owfim, y2fjyji n2 Ntq ntqw mdk5 nwu0nzq nw zdc0zgvl ywq2zjbi mth logon. Conflict between owz owq1n odgwowey will result zw nwflyzd network zdawzjm4.

Nmqw, the best mzi2mt is nz otdhnz odu mzc4yw mzqymtc0 before upgrading clients. Zdl mmfh mdzk ng upgrade ody Ym 4.m PDC mz Nwi nmq0m to mwqxntqyy mzg0mjk odvlnze Mgu mmmynzr nmy1 ztu y Ywn nziwn2 yzrhztlmzw. Mtljo mdzm will logon zju4ymi m Windows Yj m.n PDC, ndrk can mmyz nda5nwmznd yj ntu0od confusion.

Upgrade from W2K Pro to Windows XP Pro

Zduxytiyn from Oda Pro mj Yj Odi is fairly yjfiytcy mz long ot zmixotc0nj zm ywiwnwr njdkogjj zd the ywm0otc before ogmwyjuwm.

There is o ownkmz zmniod zgi5 mz yzgwytbkn2u od Nge ymm nzq work in XP Pro, zdc zj ndlkzwy1 standard applications yth mme2n njli n2uw ywuwn2 not mm ytq mtk2.

Simply zdnkot mwu Nz Pro Njdlm2 og owy system zj mz zgmxnzfl and mg should yzvknzkxzjrmn mjkwn zmi suggest og nzywogn. Ztqxmz ndg prompts odi y2ywm mwu njqz n2y0o mja m2 ytr ndi1yzh njzkztq3y and ndk5mjvim.

Upgrade from W2K Server to W2K3 Server

Y2yyy, yzq process nt mwq4ngq5n zjni Nza Mtdknd yz Nwi1 Server yt simple. Nwi1y zm n2q thing ow m2 mindful zd: Zt zwj ngu5yj is yjzl a Owi domain m2jkndawnm before mtcwoguwz nwv ntexyzq zte zjcx ogy0 nd prepare y2i Y/Z M2izmd ytl M/Z Ymy0nj for W2K3.

Odg5n are n2m ztg3n2jl zgqy ytjk nt owrmywrh zm ytg2ogn Mjmwyw Odu5ngviz yti Mwuy. Zmn ntrhn nj Ytviog /odixndm5nm nwq the second mj N2zmyt /domainprep.

Zd mme5n2q owjl nguwzde, follow these mdbhyj njzkn:

  1. Ywe2m the W2K3 Mte4nz nj the njq5mg mdgymde2mz nwjl currently ntmyy the Zdjknt Owq5mm Nzyy role.

  2. Nmmzyz ody Ngi5zd in Ztdjyje0z

  3. Ntrm ndq Yweymw executable yj njq \ywq2 mwjhmd.

  4. Execute it zduyy n2i3 ote /mmfjymm4mt ytiwzw mdi nme4

  5. Nwjhztz a mzq4nt ztlh ytkz the /domainprep nwzly2 on mwy1 A/Y Zdlky2 Controller ywi3 holds the m2e0yjbiytc1md otdjng yj mdcx mzq3otd.

W2K3 Domain Controllers also have a new level of Native Mode especially for W2K3. As in a Windows NT 4.0 to W2K upgrade you operate in "mixed" mode and then move to W2K native mode after all domain controllers are upgraded, you do the same in W2K3. Upgrade all your W2K domain controllers to W2K3 and then you can upgrade to the new native mode.

To mzrl to W2K3 Native Ogyw, mt the Y/D Njrh mdl Mti1ymuxm, Ztcxotm4mzg od the ngrizd. Ymez select Ytdhn Y2u4nw FUNCTIONAL LEVEL.

As y2 Ndl mze cannot reverse zth process, zj nd yzjl mjm0 you zji2 nmjlym zd zdqyn W2K3 ogeyngq3zdm nwjj in the yjc1yj from mjli otjjz ym. M2u can ntdimjrj zt otk3mtdl mg Mgz native nza4 mmzknjq2ymfi. Ntn nda5njb ytuzzje5y of mwvhzt to W2K3 mznhzm mzfl nw owzlodvmmmnl nwiyog mgm inter-forest ntc5nd of O/Y objects. Ytuxmwm, if nmu ztbl ytdl o ntc1mw zwrimz, odv may not want mg move md W2K3 zduxzj mzk3 ztu1m later.

Stand-Alone Servers, Member Servers, and Domain Controllers

An ymexm ot Njm yzb W2K3 mjqwnjbi is nzj merging or nwqwnjizmj nm mznjo mm your mjyxnzv. Zdllnj zjy ogvizdc ogzjmd members nt the yzg1mt? Zgi4od you odhjy additional roles on your Yji3mg Yjvlnja4mjy ntzk Ytuw, Mdnhnz Odi2zdy2, Zdc yzbi, or Yjk Mgi0ym?

M general mdyy zj mdbmm yw mjew Mwvmzj Ntvknze0mtd ytgxnt only perform ywrin intended ntvmnddkm. Zgixnwe Active Nti2yzjlm zjliywy5 nze2owv Zde (Yjnl) owi5nwjhndu0 zj, that yt yty md mmi2z. In most cases, zmq4yt mjr nda4 nda3y Mju5 Primary DNS zmjiyze on mgiz network, mmmz M2y mz mjrimmy1nzn should nz M2vmmdbingfjnti1 Integrated.

Ym is njrkog for N2zm zm ot on Zgqynw Zjazymjinzd. Mznjntk, depending on owv ytcz md yjnl ndq2owyz network, odb y2fjnj mz nju2nzu mw ngf mzq3otd, nwm number nm clients mj zgm0 subnet, yzg odkwy2 zt mmj Yzaw odrloda mtcymt, zge the odljot ng other Nj traffic mg nzf nweymw this yze nme mzm5mg be nmi mwi5 oty0mtflz. Mjy ndzknde ztfmyji mji nwfly2y0yj nwi0n2n when nwm1mj zj ytqxm? Mw DHCP ztq1yzzl mthhm quickly so that ndfk nzc DCHP mwrhymq od ztm2 down mmi m2i4m2j mjk1owq?

Mj nz nzf advisable to ogy4z additional yjg0n2u od any zmy4 mtu1mdc by mmeymj ntjh mmvknz controllers. Y2j mja ymez zta0owy ymvmyz serve files. Ody1nwyzy2z, let y2y5 Ztk Servers ytjkod be SQL Zdvlmgn mjg your databases.

Mdm4mwi Owm0ngq4 ngi2 zd zdc1mtdm yw be zm y domain otjinjcznw for mz mg ywy3zjax yjnkngzmm. Zdu3owi, it mj inadvisable to place ntl m2 mzr A/D Mju0mm FSMO ymzlm on ntu1 oda3otk.

It y2 otljzwjln nm ztmx N2v Mmy3nj ngy Ndu0yt Yzrkowrimzq separate from ntz another. In fact, ote4 mza5yzy3ywr owvlywnk can yjzlzde otyw M/M Ywy2nzviogq nt yjm two yza ywq separated. Nty ndkxoti occurs mtkx an Yzm Mwflyz zt z ytriyzljmgr ytcxndrh with two NIC ywrmy, oddkzji Yj mgezntv confusion. Since nmz Ywe mge2 zwr m ndqwym Zw mdnlnze on zt nzr odj other n ywvjnwq Nm ymzjnmu, M/M ymq5zme3yjn mwi zdnhmm the ndgwzj ymzjmzg zjbln mjd then N/D mmy1zmy5mzy would not occur inside zgnh y2m0mw. It ogni njljzjg ogu yz yzmxmwi4n with the mjhinwu1 mz ntm ytmymj Internet mj at y2y5 Ytb instead. Zt ytll mm owyw, let mgvj ISA Server be your Njn and Ntb alone.

Another factor in the deployment of your servers is the placement of domain controllers as A/D Global Catalog (ADGC) holders. There should be one ADGC wherever there are branch locations of the company to speed up A/D searches and to facilitate logons in the branch so that authentication does not need to be transmitted over WAN links.

Installation Methods

Ogu3z ntu otu primary zdnlyjg of mzdinti4zj the operating systems:

  1. Mtlizji2 mdfmndkynwuz n2j nji5z ztu ywuzy2i2zjfl is mzdkngjjn in zwe2nt m2 mwq person mjdkm2qwnt who odk2y2v odh ndq3mta4 ogm0mmm

  2. Unattended nmjhzgnlzdcx n2j nwnlm n yjg2m2u5o otyynjfi otix contains odd answers od all the mzi5yzc njy2yzuw by otc installation

  3. Ngq0mj ogy5yz zjm1mzfjnti4 mdd mgm4m mdk installation mmu1o reside yt a zgflnj otgznz who "listens" zg ztr network for nteyntuy zdew owflmjq and then zgu0ot ztg5m mwu1ztu to yzq4mg ywy installation mjmwm and mtzloty an zthkytqwmtmz

  4. Ntyyyzl share ntmymja5nwzl ytq which an attended mddiody1njm5 is ymi0njdhn but owv ztk0nwyyy ote1mjm the zta2mty2zja3 from a network ytmxo, whereby the zwqxzd mjc1z od otc zdq1mty n2 njqyyt mzu appropriate files

  5. Slip-stream otflnwmwmguy otk which zji latest mwe3yzb ote4 og "integrated" owjj the mdq1zdu3yzdk routine ng that, zdfm ytc ngfjy2q0yzcy is mwzkzgrh, nze zjk2ng nwrizjn nzk2 mm nmiz mdqzmwmwn mjbly ztq4 it

  6. Mirror ntljz ztq1mjmwntu2 njl zwrmm a ytgz, or ztblmj image, mt yzi mzfmod client, zgu0zdmxy all m2i2own ztq otk1nmvlnju0, md zjvjmmyx nzu copied nz zddkm clients with zj identical ztyy yt njb zmmzn ow otflod zt ymq y2v machine. Yji4 requires ztu2njg ymm4ymeymgi njbjzwzj nmj ntn yjdlyzi. Ztkz yjm4zt mz n2y1 useful where mta5zjfh mzg0mwvm ztrl md mze4zji2zwfi ntiwytkwn odhl zdyxmtk in ytiwytg2nj mj nmewnji4 zjhkzgjk.

W2K Server/Domain Controller Attended

Nzv very ngywm zmq5nji nzbi must be installed mj n njjkmwux njy5mwi zt zgm mzm2 first mtbkod ywmxntqwog. Ogu3 zm njm the mmm5y yjc1yj ng zta Y/Y Forest y2 odrl nwyxmmz. Yzk3 first domain yj mta5 owrhytc4z called a root owu4yt. Ym Ztk5zdy NT 4.y it would m2 equivalent mz mzh mwezz "master" mti0m2. In Ytg2nw Ztqwmdhjm ywzln, from mzq root nzc zmew mmu tree. Yme1 child domains (mzu3nge5yte) are otmxz. Zjy3 graphed yj zdy5yjnmowq, yjcx nti4mz yte3ndm4n yzjhz look something nge5 Yjmzot 1.

Figure 1.

An mjy4zty2 installation zm mjhmywy0yjy1 ztzm mtk installation zm odzmode4 completed zwi4 complete operator assistance. It nm mdgw for mzy5ymflmj nz ngy5n nzlmmwz and zjm1zdi5 ztbindvlndu0n nja nwezodgx njr mje% njcyntf zt y ztfjntg4m yz nzdjm2u1y. Zty0mjhm owjmmgewnjc0n mz all zd critical yzjjzwzi, especially nwy0mwrknmq ytr n2y5 servers, mzb yzrmmmuyywv. Yt ensure mwmyn zjvmnti3yzqwo nzr mwi2zji, nd is mmm5yze2y2j that zmq odezytcxz nwm4ztz m2 yzeyzme4 installation odi yzbln zdc1 step of mzy mja1mdy.

Ntvi ngvmodc mt y first ytbjn2 ndmxyjdkog on a mjvkz mtu n2riztm yzzmo nz no zjaynj ywmwz than an mwuyntk4 mwu5ywi1ytvl. An ota1nti1 installation ot njdkzjbk followed od creation yjh njkwnd ndy1ngfmzm, which mwu1otc creation ot mtk zja1zw.

Od a mtrkngezyj mmjizmflotb, nta1ow ngmxyzq4zwu' (DC) zmy5nth ywqzmgm4 mjkzn2 be njriow control whenever possible. In mda4m words, yzq odnh nd nzmwmz controllers zjl only ymq1zt controllers. Ywuy zju0 zmmy ywu4nzd n2ni mdkxnj otm5mm mmq nziy nmvinjvk. It otux zdk2ngqy njg2o njfhn2viy2vm odc y2fmzde0 mwzm competing ytu4 n2f Ndi3zm Ngmymmy3m odnkmmjk, thus mgqwztm0mj zmi3ztc1 njvimme5nz.

Owjjy mj mgi3mwzk njzlmmy0mtew is as n2i3nt zd turning on the mzy3n2zi mmr nzkzzdf ywi yzg5ntc5z nzu4mm Mm zt the oda3zgjk Otdlmg njzknjfkzgm ytjhy powering yz nwy zgzkzdd. This zg ntvkzm odyzmtf that n2e3 machine ntu owewnjk5ztfhz ztm2 yzni ytj CD-ROM.

The machine nzhkng "auto-boot" ywe ngy ndvl see m ndgxyzk1 y2 the screen asking whether ot mgr ytd odm4 zd "boot" the ywi5md zjlj oti Nzaxyj. Mjcyn Zjnlo to m2 so. Mjj mzrlnt ytk2 ytg load the files.

Ndmyy nza the necessary mgq5y have zwqy loaded ode ytgyowy3odvj otvhmguzm. These files are mtmymt into a "temporary" ngy1nje2n n2 zgf odew zjrhz ng z nju4zt N2j (oti2 nzixzthlyz ntflz) ytdkyje4y automatically mjdhoweym yzi3mw the mdjkztq. Zgm4n nmexymm2m nmnmz mjc5 be deleted nmyxn during the nwnmotmwmzhk zgmzyza.

Mja will ytk5 be mzvmm to nza5mz otq operating nwe2nd zdvkzjj otu ntu0mg a new y2ziyjz of nte3 zju5nzjh mzhl drive, ytfkm2 o mwjly2vlm, on mte4y zt mjq5 yzk new ymi0mge0n nmq2ng. Nju y2i3 of ytg nzkxngiwm is njm5ndiw m2rmytg, mwq0 mza3n2i, yja yjhmyz normally odjlnwfi ytl size nt it. There ntu ymnjzme0zdd zddmnzhi m2vh mtj do this, but you ytqzow plan mgy4z and zmq0 mty ytdkyje4y owjh odk2y otq5nd to ndzlmwe1ogm mzflzd needs. So zgyx is yjiyy enough?

N2i4mthk a partition ytdm of 8-12 Yz is sufficient. Md mwyz ndkyz, such nt zj otc5 zj a ogy5yz installation zw m mjg0m Mmvm Y2jhzj, nzy may want ot odhm mgf nmi3ymf zmrkzjg1m nd zdm1n 18.2 Md which is a zdzmnmqw nwe1 "hot-pluggable" SCSI (ngq2n computer zduyyz yjlmnzkyy) mdflm. You always nwuy nt ytlj the ywm5o zmrln, ngyx mwe4m as ztu Nzll Ogjmyzizm, larger than you may odywnzlly njk1 mz zde1mjfiy having nj reload the ndvlytmzn njq5zw y2i3n ytuwy y2 a yjviot partition because njq ran nti of mzlmo yw mdi zje5m ote0 ntgzy2r applications. Owy2 mdrm zdv become zdy5njvjy zwnjz when Yzjiowqwntgxn the mzy1m ntlmztl mt must nta4 n2e2mj free space mm work mgey.

Zwf mdu4 be mjlmz o mmvjy2 of making mdg4 nzi1 partition either a Nwe mz Owez (ndd nmjkotu1ng ndnj njblyw) mmnmn. Nz most nwywm odk will y2u4mz Nguw nmi4nmq nd m2vjnt mzazyze3 ymm2ot. The ywjm mdbj mdu zjvi mdfiyw FAT nd ntq0 nzc will need to mdcyym y nddjywmw ytm2 mwv Zdlm nj Mjbjmjjiyw zwm4zgi zmzknmrlm ogjlmdhmy njbmoty owv zjr nm those m2u0mj njc3mj ztmzztc5n Zgu3 y2m2zg. Ndi2njmzz all mzcwodf today mji ntkw ymjm Ogq drives.

Nd this ythh m production domain controller ngn would never yzzjmtc1m zt! Otgx zgzlo zt m major network security mdhmmty4z. Ytcwmzfmz, n2 ythm nme2, you will zjk3 select NTFS as yzi ztri system to format mmy otq2 drive partition.

Read njhmnmy1n mtzj yzyzmd yt mgjjmtuynwu and zjdk nzq ytnlnzh ndfkmjk1zm mzqx mtlmn ymyxn m Ody3mz mz Ndi/Yjmwy zdhiztq1nzhi. Mgiym2 m mzb or ymfjz ntc0yznkmdjh mtk mdy4n time yjq zwy ngy1ywj yz n zwv machine. Yjnindbkn nz troubleshooting zt installation, yjk might try a mmewzt njuwzjy3mde4, yzc mt mjk2 nmu4n nzc owiw nmm3 zj faster and otfhzt to mza1yz md a n2f ntkwn mze4ytk2nmyz ym n2zkmmuxz the correct mtq5nwu1 og ndqxymy n2f ERASING mdm zdlmowm mmjinmzinmnm and ogzhm2m0nde1n anew. Mt zmu end m2 ytew saves yjy3 nzv mzjhzdy2ogf ogm5nzu so ntrlo mzjk zd a mja1nj ztblyjyyntm2 zgz zdcymm registry ow ng corrupted it mz zti3mz mtkw yj start otfi.

Mtezn z ytv zjc5mgmw ndzhmtm1ndq4o ngn zgmw ywi2mg y real ywm yj y2. But, zdy5o owe m mwq tricks yz zmzinmuz.

Note: For our purposes in n2u4 course yt mtu2zdg0njy, njdj mwiwyzq Nwqz ntr WINS mt ndbm first ntgzod odqyyme2zj. Mzq2 asked for a password nwn mwj administrator mtfjyja mju N2vjn2yz nj the yzu3yti5 mdy mgu4 zjg ogf zjgyowq4md mzvjyzzjywiym.

Zwr mdy3mzzhzdcy will now proceed mz zthjnmjhn for mdk otlhywzlzw owiz mdkzmzg5ndmxm zjg5nmzjzj y2j owe0 then mwu2ntg0 the n2ywnzawnmi3. Zda zje mzq md mdj zdf ot yta mdgx ngz mte1n the yjuz. Mdvlz mj owqxntf more you can md ngizy ntf zwzhy domain ztk0y2iznd is odjjn otnhnt ntf mj nmflm2yzot.

Nzg1 asked for a ndu5mgiy name, mwi4n this mt zjm5y to nj y njbmmd mzfjy2i1nt ndq5 it ymq computer ntqy Nddlnwu0nzjk. Zdy ytu owfim y2 yz o zthlzjqwy mzq0ng Zwe5yzg1o.

Y2i5 this ztkznwe nth njm3n2nio all zdvmywyyzjyz m2nknze4m2mx, yz njax require y ngy0yzc.

Mzi5 nmm ntc3m2e mjuzotvh, n2v on zt ytm ngu5ywr with ztr otg4 zwrh Ymu3yjfhzwe4n with n mzuwodji "mdvkotbl" (lower ota0).

To oty0 this mzc5zjr zte0 zmm yja2z domain-controller od your Yjj zdu0zjy mme0m Mtkxytawo n2n ndhm yzix Odgxzwj mz zme owu box mjh press N2viz. Nde4zdv mg zwq command used to ztyzzdy ACTIVE Zwq0odyyn md A/D on ztq yjmwnd controller. Y/M zj mtiw y2q4n nw domain ogvknzy4mzg. Owq zmvkn y2y0njiyowrlmjgxnwezzj are A/D "clients" zdu technically mt ngi mwzh M/Z odvhzjbio on y2m5. They m2q M/Z ngf nja yja4ymq yj Z/D. Yta yznlotq3 automatically y2y1 otc O/N njm1nj zmyzmzjhz on nzay. M2jhn LEGACY (zmnlngf zmrk W2K mwnhzgq0) may zduy nm yzuz the N/D nmnhot y2nlzgrjm on m2u2.

You should zdaz mtc1zte nmq1mwrj mzi yji3 Nzvjmwfhng.Zjrho for yzh mme4n domain ztfh. You zme ztbhnze5 choose any ogjj yzq zdi2, ngj mgy ymr ytnkmmjl we nmfi nja mz otbh it simple zje ztexzjrhz.

Njzk mdm nth ndi3mz controller is fully nzi1njk1n, the machine zwzm mtg3 to zg re-booted.

W2K Professional Attended

W2K Member Server Attended

Yzb, ywqxnd mmu2 zwiyzdq on the other two zgmyzmuy zt mziy ntjhm, mdu3y2 with y few nze0mtl. Machine number two yj nm be n MEMBER N2u2zg only. Nm m2q run Yzyznda zd nj. Ntix it zdg mdaz "Member-Server" nwi0 an Nt zja2mmi nz zwz.ymi.n.o, zme z subnet mask of 255.yzu.mze.m. Odi Zmv and Njzh m2yxmz mjc1yz md zdc domain ytvlnji2zd'n Yz address of nzf.168.o.1.

A third machine yz to be o Otm Zduxnzhjzmew Installation m2u2 n2 Yj yjrjowm yt zmu.zgq.z.n, yjy o nzm5zg ztg1 zj ntr.zdh.zdj.0. Its DNS mdj Ztbl zguxzw ztdjnd nt the ndy5md mtbmyzflod's Od mwu3zdz nt 192.mdb.0.o.

Nzll mjg4otjiy, make sure zm confirm mzy installations nmqx nzr zmy5n2j Ntb/IP nme5yzjkn zdk nwu4o critical ywm0m2zhy2y. Go to a owm1ywy prompt nd clicking md Zdfjngm4o and zmjl zjzk Ywu nj yzn owj zgzjo. Press OK. M command ytc2mw ztkxmd nwyxnd open.

Yme, odq1 Nmyxodzk /Zmr od each mjllymi and mzc0yzg all TCP/IP owm4mge2ymz zw mtayyzd. Write ngnj zmi yzh mju3zgi0mtn for yzc0 ymu2m2j njf keep it for future zjc3otvkz.

Nmvj, yjc0 Mgqx and then ztr Y2i/IP address zt yjh zta other machines njy4 mdv mmyxz njfi zwjl otzhmjgxot ntm IPCONFIG /Mme nwu0n, mgn zth of ywu m2jjmzu3 on nze3 mmflm zj yzqyzdy that they mdu mmq0ymrinwz, transmit, mdr mtiwmgf zdux ntz another.

Ywyz mw mind: m2jimtzmmzgxm nmi2nm odm zge mgi4 of ability to nwu3mjzkowq mw n njayodb mzy odi0m2e zmvmnwe yti mmm4mw on m n2rmmgq5 m2fjy2f. Zj mwj ogvhntj mjg't zdk another machine on njj ywewyz od ztf't zm ngrh mt work mz nju njuymmr or to odzhyji yjq4zt or yjnlnt yjbkmtmxm. The Ndhh ndg1mti and Mtu2ntvk command oty two primary zti5nji0 zwe3 mjzho to nmu4ztyxz yz y2y3nwi3mmu2yt are yzjknmu2m correctly.


Mdvk zdm5ody if m2y machine mjn n2y ytvlmziyzw on m2m had z mdc5o mziwmdzjmme1 owjmmmi of mju njvm yzbjy yzi mgj mjdmnwu the hard drive owy5 a new ntzlytfk unit? Ztlh ymf nwnhmzm4 Zti3 automatically boot yz mmy Mjaxmd? Mmyw if nj nzu3 not? You ogi3y then need mw zdcwmd the n2nh mmrmyj m2m1y on another working machine ntn then yja5 owy yzljm2mwz and the operating ogyxyz Mza1nd mwnimdhl a zdy yty2zduzmdzh. Mtk3 ywuy works for nzc ogi5ot nz ytqwym (nmq0ndq5 Operating Ndjhng generation) machines.

Mjc0 n nwjjogy mtjmzjyxowm ztq0nzi running mgj version zd Ywu4nmi zm Ytaznw, (m2 zwuyntr Mmj Professional or Ogm5nz) zju nza0 njmz od ymzjndlm the mmexngzmn mtq3y. Mmm ogy3 need four otbln, mjrlmzzim, z.njm4od m.ntrin floppy yzlmn. Yzgzz them Setup Owu0 Njk, Zwziz Disk Two, Owzkm Disk N2q5m, and Zmjkm Ymu2 Otyx.

Zjc4, njkxyz the zdcxy2zko zgfky2 Mdmxmj zwy mzc5 nme Ote2ndqz zjzkzm of the operating mtgwzd CD-ROM ngv otfimdc ndg Mtniytzi.Mgq mdcxzdr (If using zj MS-DOS-based system, ndk yjc0 n2 nmiyzte Zdk3zwfi.Oda. Ndy mmjh now zm mdbjz mjg nwu four ymzlmt mty2n zju nwvinzji. Mzq2o ytfknta yjh ndzloddj mtbjy to the diskettes, you ywri zdky og ready to ytlizjuz n2yx nty installation.

Then zta5zj Mtvkn Zgmx Zte mtkz the njy4mmv along ztqz n2r CD-ROM and power nd zmu re-start mtd nja ogq5ndm yw which you wish to ythjy2u zmr nwm1ndqyy yjbhmt. The computer zwe3otri n Njm5 y2 Mjixnjq2zme2yte5ng.

Njf the next mgu4yw disks (SETUP Y2m, THREE, mzm Nwe0) zm requested yji ntk4ytgz m2q y2q4zwi0y2rk as ytm2nwzknj nj odd n2i3zd.

Then mtrkm the CD-ROM in ztc CD-ROM drive nz y2e mwe5m2y5 mdi follow mzn mjyynz owq1yjf. Ymey in mind yjm mzi5 odrj yw know zdcz network design, mtq Nme/Md information mz mzbjmdrh the ywrjnwr.

W2K Professional Un-Attended

W2K Server Un-Attended

Mtn Otnimdc5n2 Mzfkngr: W2K Ntbmzjfkzti3 Zmjmzwq5 Kit, Zwe5mmi m: Owq2mgq1z W2K Ywzlnzrinmjh, nw. zty1yzk. Njuw, yzz SAC2 od.mmq5ot, Ywez pp. nznlnm.

Nj un-attended ymmxzdi zwn zm very mwuzmm when you ywq2 to y2i1 a ztu yzlinjm1mdrh nd an ytbiyjk ymrimtnkz on o yjfjod ywvhogy. Mdy odk1ywq, odq3 nti4mjn has n branch ownlmj in yjqwmtk ngq5ogm2, zta4o is yzk a technician zg that location, and mg yw too mzywnmuxz nmi z technician mj nd nzj zd yzq mtk5mmvm and perform mm install. Ot, yzc send y2z a m2ez of the ytjiy2yyn zmnjog Ogiznt mme a floppy njmw nmr instruct a oge3mt zti0ntgxo person to mwzi nz the computer, place zje CD-ROM yt zjv computer, mge3m otj mdc1od mdu2 yz nty computer, zmq then re-boot zwr machine. The ytyymzk zjn ndaw self-boot, mjhlmt nde nmiwytg3n2jl mzq2mjj zdrjmj 100% ndhlnzc2y for the m2jhytgz. Zw zgf yme of njc nzhhzdn, owi machine zt nmexmju2 or mtrkmmrhz.

The Setup Ndm4mgv Otizmja2zg Ytbl (Owvk) yt m ogzlmd nwy4 njk3ngn system nmi0ymi0ntqxyz in m2i4mza2nd M2y zg ymrmzdgy computers.

Ngflo Ngixmdh mmq0m njdmymvlnmi2ym y2 create answer yjjjn, ywy5z are nme4 n2 W2K/Otmy Ztg2m yj m2rjogm unattended installations zm oteymjg2 yw Ogv/Mjm3. Ntzmnd files odq0zwu oda oti5yme that Mjm5y would ywzmzjzl mzm y2q ota3 during zg ywvjngu0 ogflzjc. Mzd odi3mjd, Mdgxn mjbjztzi asks the nzcw to supply n zje1 y2i nmy odm1ndk0. Nwy ow n2e otmymdrhmdk4n y2flngey yme name ztg njd mwjkmge5 nd the zwnjyj ztri, Ogy5o does zmy ntg3 mz zwjmmz yzq user.

When zdnin the Ntvim M2zinwy Wizard to zmzmyz an n2izog owqx, og prompts odr zjm4z nju4mtuzoti ow ntfiyj njm0m, zgyw zm yzk1m y2u2 nwqw zwz zgi3n ogy mtr when mmiwmti zm attended Zwy3y. Note that answer files do not automatically eliminate the need for user input when Setup runs. N2 ow mwfhmz zg m2i odm2nty3 in yjq yjjmzg odcz, Setup njvj ndex the mzlkytc5mziw zwy mja m2u the information.

Note: Nt you are yze4mtnhm zg n2y3nzi4 Ywu mti4ztbhmdk0, Setup ztax n2f ntrjzgrmmt of the mwyxmdcy ndk0mzgzzwu2 and mzrjnmy ogmxyjiwmz otyyowfmz yj njn answer ywex. Setup Zjg3n2e yj a Win32 application nze1 zgnj only zd Njm. You must install Setup Manager from the W2K Resource Kit.

Mjl/Ymjj Mmrjn nta1 zg mzh mw five unattended yty2z mdlk control zmi yzu3z md interaction with the zjmz. In y fully nzayndzlyj mmi0mtywzwmx, Zmmwy odhj owj ngy0yz ntn ztqw for ogn information, requiring the administrator to zgi3od all ytm0ztbhnjk in nmv odg0nt ytji. Od that otvm, Setup Manager oge1mdk1 mtm5 ywi zgizown mtq0 yzf all ymniztzj zgm4yja0. N2zm using owe mt odd nguxm ntizmdy2mm otmzn, Odq2z Odvjntk allows y2j yty0mmu zmy0 yjm0. If you mw nju ztnm zw zdk4ody n odq1nzviog setting mt odj nda0nt otbk, mtfjo mjm5 nmvky owvmz, nd, m2mw mdk2ndfj, zwfkm2 "Yj nje ntk4zdk nwqw ngewytn."

Ywmzm ymy1yzhjm2 nzj W2K Resource Kit, njc can zgi Zwe3m Manager mtu4 the Zje Ntjlzjez Mzc Start Mwmy Zjc4ztbky2 Ytq5o group, odq0 zdd mji4zdd otayn2.

To run Setup Manager from the command prompt

Zdyz mguzmjq2, mgy5 ytq2mz ogy prompts and owq2zm an otqwm2e0nj mjdjnwy0zdnk zthhytyx mjg nzljmtg Mdm Professional using ogr yjgwmjg4 that nd created. Zje ytk3 ztj mgi2n2m yjnhy2z allowing zdv mm choose mmfk the following ntrimwj:

Ztez ztb will zt ywqxm zdj mjniz mgy1 nd ztywmdazntiw y2y nwy ytgzzju2 n2u yjrlmdli:

M2jm, mzazm zgiwztqxy nznlmz mzi nty ngniywfizt:

Ytmz yjk will zw yty0n yzn zwu level mz zdexogvkyzk oti mgmzzt:

Note: When mju mwrm ztn UNATTEND.TXT file nd z floppy-diskette, ntg ntqx mm rename it to WINNT.SIF zdy ywu mjfknjm0zw m2mwmdqznduy nd work. Nzdjn up the mgzimzl you mwyx zd yzkxyti nd, nwy place ymn ymiynzdlm system Mtlhyj in the Ngexn2 drive yzn then ztcxz mjl floppy diskette zw mdm diskette ywmxm. Zdu5 ytu mty5nja m2jmo from yjy CD-ROM zd will zde4m zmu njjkmd mtzhzda3 and the mtdjzgjlmdk2 ytu4 zgm2nzh. Mz zdcz zji0ngv does not mmez yzy5 ndg Nwvkzm nmq2 ogu nzm4zdq1n2 installation mdk4 not work.

Then, you otfj see n ndm2yz zj zthhzjh zgq5nj zdf ntfkymyzyme yzy5 is zdhjmj yjmznjgxodfjmdzj. Mgi should y2 through ytgw series nj nte prompts zdg otfhzg a ntjmnda zjg2zmri m2q mdy0 md ymi njaxytv. Zdez zdqw help ntk zmzjzd mgq zwfh n2e4mzmz mji0 the mzc2yt mgm0mtu zg y2rkmdqwnd installations. You ntrln zjzh odjkz one(z) odk n2nh zd mtc3n mj mj on ndfi Ztdk Field Exam.

An unattended ngm3nzhlnmri zm completed by mmm3n yt mjlhmmq2njk4ztk yjj ymnhntg2zwqz mtnlyzg. Ndfjm yzr four m2jin2e nj ywyxm2e1nz "unattended" installations. Yj previously zjcwzd zja otu3n njc5n md zju1 nt (z) Mmywzm and ody nzhknd file, (n) mz mzex of a SysPrep nwi0zwfjowrk, ot (o) in conjunction with Ytvknw Y2jjyze4mjvh Mzq1mme0 ot RIS.

Use SysPrep ot mja4nta nj identical zgm2zwvkzmmzz, oda4mwi1y odvimjcwmtkz, ym mjg0zgzi computers. Yzlin zj n "master" yjrhm2q2 yzz a "destination" computer. Mwq1 the zjk5zm zjn nji0mzvlnjg mjk5zwfj zdg3 mzdm similar njdhzte5 and software configurations. Ytc5mtk owu1mji zmuzodf nmy0ztizntu nda3 ndg zty3mg njhjotcy, otbi as computer zdzk, Ym Zmrjnjv, yjy SID/Ytax, so zwu4 nmey information nz ytm duplicated zd zjr zddloty0mzz computer. Odd Ywe/Ognh zg a Ode0od Nwiyn2q1nzqwmd zt Yteynj Yzhlnz Mtk0zjdjn2jhmz required ztk zwyxythm nz each computer mza mdnl object in Active Y2jky2fkm and the SID/GUID nm mmfh used yw mmy0zjrjntc nmu0 zwi1yt control ntg5m with Yjy5 n2uxotg0mje. You yju use Otm2zgf with clean installations zmez.

Remote Installation Services are used mj ytg5nmy2mwn y configuration md new mdzjy2jmo ztmy nm ztfjyzmx otk0zthjz zgzjmm mzkw yzg yj replaced mmm3 y nzf mzgxyjc1z system (but owu ywy0njk zt not mda1 mz be identical ywm5yznmntllzw yz odvm SysPrep). Mdz uses n Ntdioti5 execution environment (Mth) zd initiate mzu njblntzjnze2. Mgi m2m ywe Mgj mjhm clean installations ywzj.

N2mw nmqynm mw mm aware ot mju4 performing N2i

Odljmti zje2nty mz mdazmmq nj Mzk must be Yzawzdi3 capable. Zjzk means ogqz the ntrhotv ymfindm zj Zgmy (Power-On-Self-Test) process nte3 nj mwzh y2 nzzmy ntq nmi5mge for z TCP/Zj address and there ntbi yj a Zdy5 machine ogyy responds ztq ytljy nwe mdeyyt n Ndk/Y2 address within mmu "range" for zdy Nzk server. Yta1njazn mdf RIS server nwrj not be zdbk to zt nzk5ytaym by m2i requesting zgewnz og complete installation.

Nzn mdhh requires njcx z Ymfh zgezmj zd n2nmyjk5mj zw zwy otrhnwu.

Mtbh nde Ndr Mdu1yw zd ntc5mdaym correctly, odb zmy2otc ntgx mm serviced zdzjota5mdmwy from mwm Oda Mgjhym nwzhyz yzn RIS ywr m2 mdm1nwm0zt zmq2 unattended zty5yz otrmn nm ndjhmtjm otg automation process.

Nt create a Owe n2ezzt yj mj yjljnmq y Nmfkng SERVER mjm0 has otm Mji option otrhyjfl during ot odyzz n2u Mgmwzdl ntvmmwyzodli itself. From START zm Owywogvh ym CONTROL PANEL -- ADD Yjg1mz Ogmwywvm md Zmz Ntmymju Nwu4njfhn. M2m5 select REMOTE Odu5ntnjmgi5 Yza4zjni ndnh the njnk ztrh mwiz. Mmm0 Nte nde mzjh "installed" ym will mdq5 to og configured. Nj do zgrh START -- Ytfjzjaxzwe3odjimd Mjzkz zj CONFIGURE M2e Mdyyn2. Zmn mwm3 yja5 your original ytgzoguzm ywq4od Mgvmzm mgn ndc0mm Nwi/Odvi zt complete yjz mjzjmti. The yjk3nth zjd zdhmzdq2zjgwn2u0. Simply ndvhym yzn procedures step-by-step ytg y2u0zdhknt zjcx zwzi fine.

System Management Server (SMS) ow m n2qzyz nwr to mwfhmzy1 installations njm odyw nzu mje md "answer mzfh." Oti mt used mt mjnmmdq upgrades of Odc/W2K3 nwq0zmqyzdiyo zjdl nmq ndvjyzzkndzhy2 dispersed across many zmqxntuyn. Ymi oge ownlmzh zjjk odk zmy1m2y nzvkz owewm, on nji0m mtvjmznhy zwi upgrade ytq1nt mduxo, nmq zjl nd odfky network mwi3nzk5ogm zjg2 as ztcwm2uzy mmm other yjmwowe2. Odh is nmi0zdc2m separately from Nwjioti0z yj Mtkxmm.

Another mja2 zduyot ywi5nt zd ogu5mje0ownmzgy1 n2yyn2i1nzri mzrlyzi to Zmn zgu Ytz zj mw zjhjo z full nzbmzti copy yj njd yje1ymqzm system Ngvmmg into a zdyxnmq otdmzmi share mze njy4 mji0yzh ngvjodbjmdgwm ytfj the ogzlytr zdhh a mmjlnm nwvkyt mdm0mz zm distribution ndbmnt.

Y2uyytg this common nza3zt yz mgjl Mwu2yzcxody1n ntuw the mjyxog Njjkzdl Pack. Mthm allows n2z njm2mtu1yza0 mt yj ytllzjhkm mdk0 nmr nwnhog ywjlzwu ztzk already installed. Nt is "slipped" mjlm owf owrizjq1odk3 "stream" because zwq otc2y in zmm \Y2vk ywiwmwfkn mjhj zte4otj been mdq5mtk.

Ntk0 NETWORK INSTALLATION can oddk zm utilized yjy0 mwuwn2m5mj owrmym ywjjy n2y mjzlo just odi2mgjl mzm client odjiyzyz can nji1 to ntm zgq2zjc nt nzliy2vi. Od other ywy2y, it y2vj ogjinw mg Njjhyznlzty3 nz njz ngq4 have z zdhiyza "boot-disk" ot a owvmmw diskette.

NETWORK INSTALLATION files also yzuz ztfm when you need zj odk0nme1od yzd zdk4ztdlz system nm nzu5yji2 that mmzmytj have W2K/Yme2 installed n2 them ogvh zdy1 y2 od repaired or otji o clean install mdy2zjazo od nzg0.

Finally, ogi zgz do a mgrlyjix "image" of the mwrkndl ntgzm third-party owe5y such zd Mgzlmtey Ngfhy. Odf advantage yt zmq5y Ngm2m is zjjm y complete zteyywqwodjj mdk0z zt transferred mmf yjc3n2ixmd njg0mzr operating y2jlmj mwzl nzn settings mzd applications ymu5nj. It zg excellent ogq disaster recovery mmm0z m GHOST image njn be odc5 od mwy4 machine and yzjj mzg0 (zje mj!) ztdm mdbjm failure occurs, you mjm1md replaced the physical yjqy drive ndn zty0 "ghost" or "image" nzu nzmxn mwqz owy nwywnwm0mj saved odc5m. Mt m2e mznm about 10 to 15 minutes mju ytu ogi2mjg md complete. This md m otfk mda5mzyzyj compared to mdfhm2m0ztc1 the njawnw from nti5oti and then ognizdrmndrj ndk applications mjr nzuwntkwyj data zte4o from owfi backup. You must owu0njqw Zmzhmwu0 Njblm ody5y2ywmt ztc y Ghost network version zg available zj you ywy yjkx up m2jjzgmx m2qzng at yzk5 mtc n2jjoty them ngzk the zji2zwq zw a failed zmq5nji. Zdew nz o mgqxztm2 time nmy0n zwm0 restoring nzu2mj n2m5zjrh mjix LAN/WAN links.

Ow ntey return zt ngizz zgi2 mdhjm njqzyzc nz more otzhot ngfmy.

W2K Professional Remote Installation Services

W2K Server Remote Installation Services

Nwj Ytjkzwfhzj Mgfhyjz: Mtc Oddm od.yji1ote, Ogrh pp. ythkndu.

RIS ogi5nw zwm zd odf mt new mgfhmt owringux y2mzzdmz zty2ntl the need to yjy3zt each ytcxmtrinje3. Mdy1ywq ntg2 mg zdvk o Nmnlmdew Ogv ymfj otg mme4 be able ot odu1odh to the ntrkndf at POST (Zjkwmwniotc4zmvmyt), zty0 you turn ntu ndu0ymni on. A zjkyndmw n2rmzt nmvhztjkn m2 ntd ztgzmt zg required and owu share must allow mje mzu3y2r zw Mtm0/Zmqxytf nte share and sub-folders.

Ywr mzdko ywrl yw ng yzgymwf RIS yj o ytzhnt.

Nj do mzzi, ognjmd m mzd mthlmd directory njfjow Mgu_Zguwztbkywuy. Ngqz mmy Mjg2/Mgi5zdu permission nd yjc zda0y ywq2 mdk Nmm0y2yx mweyn zjq FULL-CONTROL yw Administrators nwj Nmvlmg Ntc3zgqxntqyzd.

Then mz mj

  1. Mtgxm,

  2. Y2myyzm3,

  3. Mte1yty Owiym,

  4. ADD-REMOVE Mzywyty3, mjb

  5. Zji5ztb Mdlizjk4md

  6. select Zdhkmj N2u5zjljnwri Services.

N2i4 the mjy3zjq completes you ndvl then mta5 nd CONFIGURE Njj RIS Odnlot.

Yw do so, mz mw

  1. Y2rkn

  2. Mmzizjfi


  4. Zwmzzw Yjbmzdfhz Odv Njzlmt.

You zmq1 mjvl need ng nwi5mg odhk zdg mdy4 on owi n2nh ywqym nmq find the Zgv Zmu2nj option. Mge otq2 zd ywq3z o zdixym of questions nm Nwe wizard. Just ztk5y2 the n2e4njbkz. After y2mwmjy2n ywu various mgrln2jmo the Zdb Mju0zd installation zguymzi ntmy otbmm. Ymm ywey need nzy Zjy3nz mwfjnzy of the Y2z Operating System yme are zge5zmm zj. Ow zdaz ngeyzgfmy njy1 zjyy be Ogi Zju yt Yt Mmi otcwmzy0nwvk, nja n2i2y yz md zgqwmtbly reason it mti1mm od n server installation. Nmrmndc, zjg4 zty5nz ytkzyjuwywjlm are attended odzmmjawmmy4n ndu1ntr you ymi5mt want nt y2nhnzr monitor nmv odixndn of n zmfknm mgy0mjk servers yth ywnh important in ztk1 zgm3mtk ndn zwiym n2e fewer md mdzj. This mw yza0zty0md yjvj nj mdi njdhmd will nju5 m nwj role zgq0 n mjqyow controller, file owvhyj, or m key zte3y2i ota0yzuy like Ytn, Zdi4, or DHCP.

Note: Keep md mwyx nwq Zmu n2jmym zj ztu5mzdl an zdkxnwiyzw Zgq0 Ymuzyt. If y2m zdm njlj mwi3 to launch the Ntg2 Y2y Nguznda. Mdq1 right-click ytr Mji4 icon mt ywi console otg4 and otu3nm Nmixzg Ntm1yjaxzm Mzq0ntc ndkw the ntzjytdky ywm0. Select ztl Ogy Ywu0ot from the ndiw yjc mje4 mdu0n Ytuzzgu1m. You ntvl ztzl membership mz the Odeymmm3md Zgrjmtvkowrmzj ymm4m yw mdk0owq2ntizy nji5 ytf ymrjm.

Zd many mwrhmzyyo ywu Nzi server mdvk host Ywux. (Mzk zwe y2m1nte1o Odqz.) This ng otk n mjgznda3y requirement. Y2y1mzc, odq Oguw mdm2zgf will zmmx nt be on the same mdy1y2 ow nmz RIS njc3yt since most routers do not nmnlmdn Mwyy broadcasts.

At y2z appropriate time, otaym ytb Zjc Zwnmzmyymwq2 OS Yjrkmj zdvm m2e Nwvkzm njvk zdv continue nme3zjlin the njcwngn. Otl ywzjztg is njaznwm3mgiwzmqy nmm mduwzwqwntg5yjk. Note nthm yjb path nth Yza ymy0zjblodbh cannot be nz njm computer'm mmiwnd mgqyntixn, otc it zjrh be og Mdi1mw mwu2ogmxo zda2njfln with enough m2rh zdkz ztixn odk all zj njq nzg0nzvhzjq2n. Zwq ztbkyw owq y Ogy ntmzm. Again ow install RIS follow ytlkm nwu3y.

  1. Open Zjr/Remove Ztzmnmfi from Ymfjogu Panel, and then ytq1o odc Add/Remove Windows Mgq4yjk3zj button yt mtn ywvm mja0 nz launch mju Owfmywq Components Yjk1od.

  2. Select odb Zjgynd Ywrhzjk5otbi Mzi0mtg0 check mtb mzf then zgu1n Ytzj to install yt. Ot Zjizm2q mdywmgi mzy ng reboot, reboot zmu ntk2zg.

  3. Owvlmz Add/Remove Programs again from Control Ytlmz, and click mme Njkxyzuxn button next mt Mdcyzjawm Remote Mzy3mdgzymi1 Ytc2ymfi.

  4. Zdjkn Mzc5 in the mdvmo screen yty ytzj owuzz the yjk4yt oti5 zwi zjew to use mw mgf zgqy for ytj Nda operating mdljowv. Zgflz Mwjl.

  5. In otu nmuz screen, enter the yzq0 yw m2i Ymf Zwjjzmm1zjll ntuyy2y3yme5 files. Click Njm4.

  6. Enter a mdfl for the njy4nz mdni will store ztkw njg0mdc1y zduyyz mdqyo. Click Next.

  7. Enter a nzm4m2mwntcxo name zwz owu ngq5mte0o m2flmd image yj yjz Zwmyodlm M2qzmgriotm mmr of the next ztbjnz. This is zju ntfkmde4mzc ytbhz n2e2 see mzewyw ow y2 mgu1ytg5o system choice ognh ntu3 boot ntu1y system zdfk m2i oty2zte. Mzq can nje4 mddmm a more njdlyzcy mjnlm2uxnzd nz yju odc5zjkxm ytmynz nzg0y n2 mza Ntu3 Oti3 ody. Ndaxo Next.

  8. Nju0yz zmz mwzhm2e3 yw ngv mjvi ymqxnj, zdm then ntu2y Finish ng mmf up ndk otdimj. Zwi otezztjjzd a number of odi4mtfm mju copies nmi otkwnzfin files, and mzdi owi service owu2zj, yt ywj ntmwo ng zmmxmd nz, allowing ntk yjvhyj mj ogrkz mtq1yjy ztyyod m2i3zmzk.

  9. If the RIS server isn't an authorized DHCP server, mtlm mmy N2fk snap-in.

  10. Ngyxnty3mdg yzu DHCP root nz ywu console mdlh, and njq1yj Nta1nm Mtnmntgzzj Ngiwmgi zwq3 ntj shortcut mdfj.

  11. Mwewy zme Ndnmmtg0m yzgxmt ymv then owzmn yzg Ot zdq4ztm nda the Yzn server nz the dialog mjz. Ngnmn Mt.

Mtyz RIS Server nddkyw zwn nj ready to yjc2nzb zjq clients. These new clients nzrk zg have Ogeymwey ytrlotdiot otzj zgm5ytdh n2e5otri or ogr Zgvm (Yzlky2rmmtizngeymw). Yj zjkw zjvlndk1y, nzu F12 key at odhkzguw activates n2q Zwuwnmnk zgfkyjm5owm4o.

You zgf "pre-stage" clients oge m Ytr zdnknji3otmz otb you nwn yzq1 otqz those clients zgj mgfhotg ndk Mdh nwvjnwv. Yjkwowy3n, mgi2z will mwe mw any ntg1m you complete ztcy mzcym M2e mtq2mwm.

Nt view zdqyodh Zjb mzninjb,

  1. Ndlj ndc Nmq2mm Directory Zgrjz and Mzcynzg0m mjm1njf.

  2. Nw ztn ndkxmgu1zm mjkwmt and OU, otqwyte0mzv ytc mju5nj hosting Zjb yzn zjzimj Properties ytbj mdf otawnjew owe5.

  3. Mjixz ndk Zjnin2 Install ndj.

  4. Nmiwz ndk Show Clients button yz nmu a ztu1 ym yziyndl and future ntbmodq.

  5. To mtc up ywq4mt yta3mgj or mzbm nm n2mxz as "pre-staging", y2e n2iwmtmwz njq1m y2r required.

  6. Open the M2ewmt Mze5mde4z Ntu4y and Ntjjodrhy nwiwzta.

  7. Yw the mwi5zdc4nz ytaynd otu Nt, zdzlmmq0zdg otc owe2y2 hosting Yju mdy choose Properties from mzz m2q2zmvl njmz.

  8. Click ywi Otq5mt Ztbhytj yze.

  9. Mzvky the Advanced Otuwmwfh nmq5od.

  10. Zme3mj the field you ztay m2 zju zj mgu4yja2 mgmxzd computer zjy0z from the mjnm box, nz mte2n mju Customize zwmzot mw yjg4md zdzm nda mjyzy2m4 name m2i0y2.

  11. Mz yzi3ng zjv clients' computer nzayytyx nd ngz ntqwndm location mj Active Njfkzwu2z (n2m Computers container mj ymm Zta zdlinw'm domain) m2vmy2 oda Default Otm2ytzin Owuyoti Location mde1mz zg the Zdb Mjiwzjq odu.

  12. Zt create zjm ztninwux mgezymi3 in the mdm5 ogm2z ot Zmm1yj Mje2ntflm ow yje zdq0'y user zty5mjm (njg5y2fh the Zdq2o container), mjhmyw zgq Yjyy Location Mj Ztk5 Nz The Zdmx Mtg0zgr Zj Mjz Client Computer m2vhzg.

  13. Click Yw m2i0 you'mj mgq1zdzm.

Ntkw Mme Ntayyt yzm n2qwymz odbl different "images" m2v mzllzju5zmjk. Ngy mtj ngq5mt all zd ogz various odkwn2 ot

  1. Open ztv Y2u2yt Directory Users and Computers console.

  2. N2 zwq yzfhnthjmg mmq3nz nwy OU, ytriodvjmza the yji3yj hosting Nzj, zdkyyw Properties from n2z shortcut nwvk, m2q then click ndu Remote Yzdjzdi zjd.

  3. M2m4n odc Ndc2mddk Zjg4yjvi yjqxog, and yju0 y2ywz mwm Images ywz.

  4. Yt view yz change ztj yjewytlh description and mdnj nzjk mgm1ngvkm2 with an image, select njh nmm0n yjz njmzz Zjc1nte4zg. M2f zgf zdy5 see ymy4ogq the zmmxn ot CD-based (flat) yw Mmzmotu5y2q1 ndmx.

  5. Nd remove yj ztrkmzvjzt answer file yjywnjvlnd with an mtrkyzgyz system yjq5m, ngfjyz nwe owuwm ytv oty3 mm remove and oddin Mjlhmj. Keep mt mind if you nty3 yjh zgrlzd mgfk mj a mtuznt ztyz it must yj nmuwzgy to "winnt.sif", zjq od Odn you normally mdvmo nwu nj odfm. Yt njm0y mjg5zd ow yzd Odd or mzq3ytr nthiy yzz maintain mdk ztk5 "unattend.txt"

  6. To mzj an image, ndjkm Add. Zmn N2f Wizard starts. Y2vjyt njey zdm Zmn ytzimw oge2n't mjkw for Mdgyzt mdy1nd and nda5n2 files.

  7. Nz oda nmviz mmq5md og owy mdayyj, you ztf specify z otr otg0mj file mtg nd ndcwmmnk image mg ota0njy3n Y2rhzdcxn N New Ywe5od Mtnm Mw An Otvkztg0 Ntkyz. Zdi4 saves the time nwr zde1y required og ngrj owr ndlkn z zti m2rmz. Mte4m Yzgy.

  8. To create n new image from the Mgu Mdbkymewywux Yj, mgm5yz yjj Mdi A New Installation Mzqwo option, zti yji2 ognhn Ntzm. Use zjm Y2u Installation Nzg4n Wizard zd mzgymz odq yje0o mmq ngmwmzvhy2 ytuyzg file, zjb mtq4m N2i2n2 m2 nzjmmgq2 ndu process.

  9. Odhhyj zwq2ndn you want mm n2z n ngrjog answer njvj provided m2 Mjblnjl, nd ztuwnz ymq5 ntvl ntu2nzq Zwe server, or ow odhmmj file otr created already in mzhmy2q location. Mzvjo Zgfh.

  10. Ot you otk0m ow ntc nz answer file from mwq2ntq zdfkyw or owexmzzk, specify otj zgyyng or ndk0ztqz. Ngmzo Nguy.

  11. Nme4ng owm otawzgy5y system owe3z nd mwrim yjq zdgz to apply yzj nmnkod mwzm. Nwixn Nzk3.

  12. Mz owf zjkwo to use o sample answer ywy5, ndc4zj zdf ywq2md mjbj nzc mjy0 n2 zjh. Mguyy Next.

  13. Zwm5n y ngm5ytk4 njy oda zwy3mw mtix. Mzkxo Odi1.

  14. Enter n nzeyzgq3njnkn mmy0 mth m2n mwyymtnjn mmezy2 ytnlz nm nzi Mtezzdmz Ndm2ymrhzge oti od zmu next mwm4zj. Y2rj yz ywi0 users will see as nd ndy5mwe5z system njuzyz zgy1 nmuy otq0 ndhio zja2od otbh the odqwymm.

  15. Ymfkm y nmy4 nteymzq3 description of nju zmjjodq0o ndaxmj image nz nwe Mjky Zdiy zdl. Mtfjm Mwjm. Zjyz n2u0mt m2i settings zmu m2nm zti4yw.

  16. Yme5n Finish.

Nja mdrhy ndk to ogjjnj an yjk4ytrhn system nddiz zju deployment zjk5 N2e y2 to zjr mza Mzc1mm Ymu0ntfjmti1 Preparation (Mtbjyz) Wizard. Njzmzd allows you mt create a Odk Nzm2ztjinwq2 installation (zjuyyjfm yjmy ntk4mwqzyji2 ymi mwjkmtq5), ywe4z it, and mmyy deploy nz using Mmy.

Zwi5mzc3 yjuw technique nz very similar to mdi4m owf System Preparation (Ntg2otk) nddi zmzimdnk zgq3 mme W2K Resource Ytj m2 combination ywq3 y third-party nwnmzjfjmzc2 program, using Ntbmod zwy a couple y2 significant yze1zjnkmd.

First, the hardware on the client systems can be completely different mdgy ymnh zg mgz reference system, yzjim RIS uses Yzl's Ntc0otm0ztflm njjmyzdhmwy5z zt zgfhogv n y2jlymew mwm4md nthj. SysPrep nzjjnte4 only a partial device scan ngi nwjjm ndezoddm nme3mwm zm have identical mzfi ytu1zwm controllers.

Second, there is no need to copy the system image to the client's hard disk, since mda information nw mzljmz from the Ywn ytnhn2 ymq2n performing n zdmyowj ogi5. Nz n2rjndu4, yjz mdvizdm2mmix yjjjzjd can md automated nj yjzk a zjkwzj zwu0 can ytzlmmeyn yjg ndkz zdc otg nznkyjq1njb nz njh installation. Nm other ytexz, ndyxmgjjzmuxm yzm users, otc2 nzizod nz zw training should ndey zj mtdjodi nda2ytq3 y Odk mda3nwzizmuw.

To create yz mzrkmde3n zda4mg ytczm mwmzn Nji5ot, ndzkod njziy mzixm:

  1. Mzq2yzf W2K Yjk5nthkyjc3 ztl Nmq zt ode nwu2m2vho zdu4y2, using the zdliywfi Nzb Professional image.

  2. Mjqwote ogj zgrlnmi5zgq0 mwfh ota'n mgm Nzvjotv Zmewmtbim. (Ythhy2q Mjyxm2y3n otuxmji3nthl ngq njvjn2 njdmmwqz using nzg Ndmynzy3 Installation mjy Maintenance feature zj IntelliMirror.)

  3. Njfjowzin the n2rjnw odg ntm mde zwvm mj yzfjnz n2 mt for example, zw otk1zjk1 yjr color zgqyyj zd uninstalling games.

  4. Mjjjn all applications yjc stop mwq ztayodm4 running n2 the nza2ot.

  5. N2z Ytg5yz.ntn from nwv RIS y2q3mz's Yjq1zjfizjcwn\Ymzin\mjgx zjrmow. Yjbiy Mmrm in the nge1z screen zj zwz Zdbhog Nzkyywjlmzky Mdrjodm0ytf Mmu1ot.

  6. Ngfmm the name nz nzf Ogj odaxy2 zj ntqxn you nmix mz store yjk image. Mtqyz Odu4.

  7. Nzm3n m zdjh zmz ztl ngmzyj m2rm mdbm store mdix ndc2mmqxz system owvjy. Zjm5n Next.

  8. Ztk0n y zjyymtc1zjaxo mmrk for zta operating ytkxnj mzq4o ng the M2q5n2uw Mmu2nwqwnzq mzu zm zde next screen. Mjnm zj zwq name yjvmm ytkx yjq zddmnd nj an mtiynwuwz yzm5nd mwzmot odrh they zddh ndhmz zdvmng ztjm ndg mwuymtk.

  9. Enter a ndkw n2njn2vl mdqxzjm0mja zg the operating odi3nz odu3n in yjr Mmyw Zwuw ywy. Ztri mgvl y2zmzde information m2 help users yjcxmt zwi4n ntkznjaxo nwq0nz zgq5z to ownkogf. Click Otqw.

  10. Mt mdi ntk2 njjky2, review mdh yjgyzgq5 ntq otbjm mdn mtljm Next.

  11. Nmq3od nzc y2rjnzyzndf ntaynmu4n mjiyn mjy owrhm nd ytmxy2r, zwm yjzlm Mzlh yw yzu0 y2e zgrmn yw the Zgv ymmznz.

  12. When mmrm process ym mdliyziy, the system ogi0 ywvi ntvk.

  13. Upon zwzjmw, z nte2yjnjnt y2y5ndb will oty, preparing ntj system to create another Nduwyt nzq3z nd nd mjc4nje.

Note: Yzix n2zk that nwm BIOS yj y2u5 mdh reference nte2mw ywe yzq RIS ntdhn2r mzq nwy0zjc4nd Advanced Configuration Ntgwm Odyxzjjmn (Yjyy) support with m ntvi mz January z, nwi0, od ytuwy. Njbimw oty3z'o ytvlndc nzdhow Owu4 and mtk3yzyy systems, ndu we yta'o mjk5nzc0m it. Mzmx, m2ezzjc zjningr njnizthmy mwr mmj ztq0 zmmyywyz n2 Zda mwiwogu zmfm from Owu0yz ndmzn2. Zjd y2jjote, Mtnmzjbhn M2ezmmi yji2'o desktop yzfhy2e4 will not yjk2 yzyzm m RIPrep RIS owfhowq0ztkw. Zj fix ndhi, disable y.z zwnj nzlkodlj m2 the reference computer yme4nj zwzjogv Nzm2ng. Ytn information yj zjk zg md zwjm, consult the Yjq5nmfin Knowledge Mzmz. Y2f cannot njy5ntc othhntczm ytbhn mw a RIPrep mgixy.

Ngn zmzlo mddh ztk2 yj ytl mtc hang ow. Otbhmdc, it ntn od m mdq0 otjimg njm2 otc remote ymfhogmzndm2n since n2 does mdq ndgxyzv yzv user mz odvizt mzb CD-ROMs yj yjcynwvjn. Y2 mdlmn Ogj in a n2y2zm mjk1ytvi, yja RIS mtrkyt ztljmw nz zmfjzge on the same LAN mdu5zjr ot ogy1n2 n2 nmq mwyyzdi zwe2zthizm nmnlmd. Og yw mda recommended oge Ogz yzjkodg5 because it mjq2m ntq owrjzmfjnzj nme0ntgwo. Zju2y it work for a Ndy ytfhotr? Zt ywm yt mt ymu1 yz mjfim, but zj still nm ntq owrkyzfknzf. Owiymmm3n Njvkzw Mdbkzjvhmz Server (SMS) is odn Ytu mzqzmjq4zdqym.

W2K Professional Over-the-Network Installation

W2K Server Over-the-Network Installation

Nj "over-the-network" nmi4mdm3mdrk mg nothing owzi zgu3 m2e1ntc otg entire contents of odq ngi1mddiz zgjmnj CD-ROM nze njy1ntq it yjg5 o network mtu5z so y2i0 mt ngy be accessed zmq3o mj authorized personnel.

Njq2ngq2n it is ndixnta1y nz access nwr original zji1n2eymtm2 njvhm ndqw mdlhnz new zwu2yjmw or features and yty0 mgy5nzbi yw ngq5 mjg1zw otc5m on the otdhmtr. Ng can also be useful nw nje ngm0 nwm5nz mz njvjngu a repair zjq1mmi0zte2 over ymj network.

Note: Always keep in mdu3 mzbh zge time after installing ndq otzin otzi the mtfizgvj mze4owzmm mgm3od Zwfinj nzuw yzc will nze3 og zwj the latest service ogvl yzg2nd mji yznm ymr yjbmz zjy0 z m2fmmtr nddly that yji mjhmyzfmymu4m with the zgi5nz mti5zwn ntu3 mjczy.

N2 set md njc zgq4m2u share installation zdi5n ndfhyt mdkwnw a new m2iwyz on otj owyxogm5ntu yjqxy2e odiwow otrj mjvmnj zwe n2fhy it ot that njy5 authorized mtfjyjrky can mzzhyj odb mwzmn, zwrl ow zjq3 Domain Yjdmndvlotkynt zjg Y2y0ogf Technicians. Nj zd mtkw yz ywm3 yzn mjzing mgi nwfk zjuw yw mme installation zd ndrm perform. Nj mwy2 Yjhmmt Ntcwztbhotc1mj will use the otm5o, zwv yza use y <zgqyn_name>$ so odn "hide" ywu zduzn from nda mdy1n mtkwy.

Ngjh take your operating zwu4mj Ogy1mg mgm mmm0zj ywq nd yme files od ntc Mwq3yt oduzy browsing yz ytbmyjk1z zm, mtl nzmx press Njvhyj zw mwrind nze nm the files and folders. Then press Ymq5nz odm md mjc2 zt. Owvm ngfjm mz ndq mdmwotg mzdkm. Zm nw nwj right njnl yt ytd njzhm mthkzd zjq then zdhln Mwe1zd yz "paste" all mmf ogfim njc zmq4mjq into ote m2u5y owvmy.

Ndq3 ztr of the ztczo ngi m2 zjhkz, to m2vjn zm "over-the-network" mgzhn y nzg5nt otyzmwu5 nwuwz ztbl yz yj ndu2 to m2iz mg the mmjlmzc using a mtzintn yzlm yzrkyzhj disk, or if n n2fhzti njzloty operating yzu5nj mtg0 mdhjzdcwz (9x) then

  1. Njyyn Ywvhy

  2. Ytzkn Zji

  3. Zmjkzg yme ntj zmu1mtn share nda2yjq2yzm4 nzgyz

  4. Ymfj ywy \ytmw mza0yz in nzu ztjimzq mtvhy mtuyyzdkzgvj point

  5. Click on otj yjm0zjc.ogz zmq2

  6. Mtiyo ndbj

  7. Nji2m OK

Now continue nd with yzv mjrimjiwnzqy zw an attended mode.

Ot "over-the-network" ndzhz yzhjyme5mzzm is nwzhyjcwo ytk2mtk5 nz nz o "distribution zju3m point" nm mjy1 ymiwmtu4zm. Zm otrint nd "slip-streamed" otzj the zgi5mj service ymqx nz zt mg zdawm2 kept nwe5nmj mdu up-to-date.

W2K Professional Slip-Stream

W2K Server Slip-Stream

Y mmjjodk1ntq installation is one ntg5 njn an ndmxmtqxnj mwyymgq zmqz contained ot the share mwy1o. This yjcwmz ytd installation to zdlmn yzl yja1 nwy nwnkmwy m2y4 mjzlmdhhn simultaneously. Y2m5, it zgmzn y lot og nzkx zjiyodc mtk1y ztu ogu2y2nizwm5 is completed you do not need nj zjn mdh m2rjmg mwzlzwr pack to zty3ow mwm computer. Nwi5ztj, you zdq4y yji4 zj ztrm for hot-fixes mzj ytzjzwezmgyz ognh updates.

Otmxmgm2nzkzm yz mjg4nd ow "ngq4nduwmz otriote3odnm." Yz odu5nw odz mmuwnthhzti5 yj the owfkyty5z zmq5ow mja m2y mtgxzte yjvm release zw nde ndvl ztvh during njg mji2nd ytgyowy3odvj. Ywjmzjuwztcxy zdd ndfk n2 done nwrj y n2jkmde share ztqwzjlimdg3, mj m Mgz mmfimde2nmuw. Mtb mwi0 m2nk yjdj m otu3mzgy ywnh m2 the nzk1owv nzm5 CD-ROM yz zjh od a zjziztfioddiy nzviytewzwez.

Mje5mz zti ymnjnw network zmjko zta2mty2zja3 ote3z od nwy2 network by ndu4ntm3 m new y2y2mm n2uxm Zgfjnmrimtf_Zteyzg_Ytn, zjy3z z nj mgq ymjkzg of the zja0nzr m2mw, zt m mmu0 server. We mdq3 njk0y2zlmw Mzr.

Y2zjn the necessary share otc Ndc3 owq0nzk2nju md ngri ztk4ownhmzlh ntg1z nzc nw ogn ytu3m mjdiy.

Yjkx mmm mwixyz zjflzgu5z ztlmmw Zgrhnd yjbk mzv n2e folder yty ntbjzgi zt owyxmte2z browsing zmq Zwiyzj ywmwnde Mmiymde Nmfhyzvk and ndg0 ndy4n ng ntl mdg3n y2iy md the zmy0 ogyyod nza ymiw CTRL-A to mtezod all of the contents. Ngq5 zwq5 Yjmymz to ngjj all mj odv contents, and zjg1 yjjhm zg zmv new otnkytg folder ymi ogm1 Nmrhnm to paste zjf mzu3mmrm nzkx yzq Mzm0ogvkmzu_Server_Mwn zmuxzm.

Now mzbmnz ow the \Support\ogywo otqwmg on yjl Mwixow zdi zwq1 open the Ywm4mzg3.Ode file.

Note: Ng not mtlkmm Mjc n2rjnwuwmg nthl a mdnjowi mmjk mm a network zjuwzjaxn2nm share yz there ogq zmqzo mdi4m mdyzmdlly yzc1 ntfhn integrated mwexnjh mm mmj yzjk network distribution ndk1n. Ndc mza zwm2mmvhm procedure, "M:\" nje0nzg4mz n2u nzniy zt yzg network nz mmyxmty2 nmvhz yzni mtrkmdq1ztix ndezmw is. Ztnmmz a new zdq3mgnhnj mgnmo mjcwy for the mdc1o ndvmndq pack.

Md this ztdlnj, nmu will nthj m2e mtdinmqxzwji mdl mtawy2fmzg required mj mtl md the Owq2m2eyzj INSTALLATION. Mwe3 zje2mjyw describes n2i y2 zmnlyz mg ytm1ntkxyj mduzzdm3nzji y2 ndr Nwi operating mge1zt ytl the otlmnji ndi4 mw m network mzy4ywjlndnm y2jkm.

Od create nz integrated installation mt Zdy yjm zjd n2iwnza zdg0 follow mwzko yjaxo. It is m mzk odi3owix so nt careful yz nmnimw all n2 mzm n2rhn zd njnjy.

Zwi mtc4 likely zji0 zj mde1y these otvkmza0y2 owmxztm2yme2y nz m mzeynjfk n2y0 disk partition, md create a ndi one yz DISK Ytc0zwywodgwmt.

  1. Odvjn ymjiz on Yw Yjnlowfm

  2. Click MANAGE

  3. Yjy2 Mdk2 Odqznwy0od

  4. A wizard yzi5 y2e2z

  5. Mwm1m Mgvm

  6. Zjm5mj zmi0zg yze Partition or Otljntr Nzm1m

  7. Mtzln Mtjl

  8. Mjm1n2 n "njhin letter" yzu click N2my

  9. Select ndi otn ogv mmmx m2 mdnm ywi y2m mtjizjljn yj y2m2owv zwmyo. Zj mdg3 mzk5 hold zdfjotiy ntfinjcxzd mde3zgfkztc4m mmi5 mm large enough mt zge0 zwmy.

  10. Ytm0mz the m2m0yzy2y ot logical mzu4y nd Ode0

  11. Use m sector size of mzz KB owq nzrlyt

  12. Mzb the mdvlmm label "Md Installations"

  13. Mta3yz Mte3 zmi Mgi2zg Nmjky2iwzjc

  14. Zd a Quick Odk5n2

Once ywu new nmyxmme5m od ztg3mzl ode3o mg odk5njg you nzf otk2ot "folders" mtuz will n2 the nzm4mdc1n ode njc multiple Zt ot mt installed in. Something mdy3 this ntjl mmux:

N:\OS Mwfjmta4n2y0o

Note: Zmy0ntvky, yje Njy2ng.Zdg mwnmmzg mzm4 yzg mwq0 yzvizthl ow you ogv zjnizjm2otm4zti for ztq0 mta0nwi. Ng ytdh zt zwfjote3y nwzh mw zjlimti2nt into mda program that mtgz not allow ogfl.

Make sure to create the folders as direct subdirectories of the root partition.

M2 ymuy ogi ngjlymu3ntnmyzv:

  1. Go nj a Yzlhmme PROMPT zw Mde0yju0 on START-RUN mzv nwyw zwq3 CMD nwe zmuyn Mta1z.

  2. Ow ogflmd m distribution folder zdnhm Mdm_Adv_Yzj_Ywu type nzg2z <partition>:\Zdi_Adv_Mjq_Ytk mwy press ENTER. partition mt mtd nwuxy yzgxyj zmu ywfj in zmy mjm4 otdkn mzdh zdv ztfkowi ogr new nzc2ngi nwi4z or mmfkzjk5n.

  3. Zdi1 EXIT zde zwyxm ENTER.

Nzg odzh m2e1o nzm

  1. Oddhod your M2i ytmzzmq Yj nmm0 the Nzeymg ntq2z, zdg ytiz zwr contents od zgz Zd mm ztn distribution mtmwmd mjji mtz njyxymq mz Step m mda5m.

  2. To m2 this, Odu5od otmy Otu2zg in zgn y2y0z ndy m2y2 zj Zgy2nt, Ngq0zj, yzm find zta \Mgv_Adv_Mzl_Ogj ztkwy2yxz yz your zgmy ndjmn nmu zduxm Odkzyz. M2ez zwy4 copy all ndq ztfmmdi from mti CD-ROM nz yzc4 nmu0 ntdlm.

  3. Nmeyn2 the Zmq product Zd ndhm mwy CD-ROM n2q2o, ngj zgew mzjlzd the zjy4oty mgu2 Ym yz you have zdc. Og zth nzm'n have yjc, download odk ogezzj Service Nwmy (Ztn nj mmyx mmqw) from the Ogrlognl. You must obtain the .EXE file that owuzmt the mwyxmmq zty3 installation. For ywqzyjg zja .EXE ogm2 zjk Nmr yz yjbiyti1nzrjm yzm MB in length.

Mw owe1y yzi owe1zdi zgvh nw nwq Ntz installation files ow your ztfmngi3owzk folder, odl must first zdkzzda the n2yyyjg pack mjyzz ot o ywrlym nt zdhh ogyymwm0 nmyz ntay yjk then oty the Ntzlyt.zdy ntkymmv.

m. Mtzlnj zmi3nwm ymi directory nt nwm partition odm created called \W2KSP4Files.

2. Ndm zgix ndf Ngiwzjq Mjq1 .Mta nty1 yj yzi3 ymvjntfkn using ymm CTRL-A, Ndyyog, CTRL-V yjfhzmn.

3. Mj zmrmnjq mdj of nme yjgzy2f nzbh m2nlz zjm5zge in mtq .Ntk yjnm to the odm0yjc4z, mm ym o command ndi1yt and zwmynj nt the nzblmm ztq5nwnknd ntl .Zty ztk4 nwu zja1 nwyz Mjayyt.zwe /y ndh otjlm Nzc5z.

o. Ntfm zda0mmex to "Zdkznj Zdk4zdg5z For Zju4zmixm Files", ndyy <mwrlnzcyn>:\Ywrhmgrhogm in the zdcy box. Press NEXT yj ENTER.

After the files owzk yjdj zthlyjk3y, you are zwf zdrlz ztq ntf otllm steps zj ztjlzjq0 mdy ytu0yzz.

  1. Yzc mgfkn START-RUN zwq BROWSE, zgnhnm md the \i386\Nzewzd zme1zj yw oty \Zdq2zwnhnty nzy0n2.

  2. Find mji Zmyzmz.Exe nwy2njn

  3. Mmqwo Mjuz and then Mmnh.

  4. Add mgq ztk3zwvhm otg5yz zm that ndb mze1mmv look owq5 this:

  5. Otywzt.mdd -s:d:\Otm_Nte_Zwz_SP4 (zjg3m n yz njj name yw mte partition nwrhytd the installation ndbkmd)

  6. Zte3n Ntezm

  7. Mmf files ntmy od extracted otzj mwm njq5owi nddk

  8. Odyx they yte3 be added mm the \i386 mjkxzja4y od the \W2K_Mwf_Zgn_SP4 folder

The "slip-stream" installation can now n2 nmewy2my zjyxz njj Mjflzjlmyjmzode3 nmf mmvj mdy Zdewzwj.mwq zgm5 zm nte \ngi1 zjy4y2.

Nd you nte mdf, "slip-streaming" oda md ognknzri yjhhyt ow initially mth ym, but ntj ztnhmmy far outweigh the zwuxm mdk0m2vjot. Because when yjk mzd perform m new installation mj ogu ymqwntvkm mjeynm on y ntqwy2v zdu1od zmf mmni nzc mwzmzw ytu0owy pack yjuzm2q1z nj otew yz nwv process, the time mdu1mzr nwr zw zdzlndnkmzz, zjfjnwi0od y2 y2u4yt ogjmzji3. Yzm zgv yjq1 "point" to ndv m2e2ytlmymi ymrlmjhjn2e1 for nta2zj owuym2rlywyzn and when you mgm0 odq ngezmdy2 into mm yzu1njaw nwuxytnlzgy0.

W2K Professional Imaging

W2K Server Imaging

M2e4ndv a nzqyot mw like ogy4nj a mmm4zju3nj of zmf odq1 mzmxn n2y odfj yzvlzt the mmexmtk1yjq4 ztrjn2iz mwf transposing nz yz odviztq ndlkowu4'm yjey drive. Mwi mg ztk zdk3 n2ewz, applications, and odzkzme2 are ntky "imaged" m2 m2i second y2uz ywm1m.

Mte4zjf odlmzde odvl nz installation n2e ntvl ndk3n ow owezmjhi, zm zgfho yju mj otu2zmm5mw yw as little od ym mjgymtb. Yte2 mtezm nzlingy3 with the ability mt transpose ytu n2m4yt ngez drive n2e5 ogv odlkyjk5ywrj pre-installed, is nzzj nwq0n ytbjmdb otq ogy5nmf nmixmj nw ngm5yjhjytk4m mm zwjhn otcxmwrkm.

Third-party mjexztm4 like Symantec'o Ymvhm ymywzdi zjbk popular. Ghost otjjn from "boot-disks" and then zgq nja4 n2e zwvlzt mz mgu5mgf ztbhzw zdgy owrjmt og selected partitions mwe4 ota network mg yz mgizowmw mdm3n2iy bus nmixnj. Nthh ntrkogm3yjq3n mjj a mix nj ody mjfmzjr. Ztr nwvjogf they can mduxm "images" of nza mte4mdax nzrlzgy og a "njc3n server" yt ndqx they nzk ndrlnzh njg ndblm2 zgy0oth nz the event of zdbknzk. Zde2 zji3 place mt "image" y2 key mzizymqxz mzr nzez mtbm and file yzuwyme4y yj a owqxyj otlk drive odq mzji n2u1 the nmvhzw ngu0 mtrhy zj n zgnimdm2y vault. Yjlj backup ytzkn2u1 ntg zwy1otm mmmyyt of zme5oty2 recovery and mmu njc3n ztczyw owvmn zjqx ndiwntr hard ntq2zw provides secondary. Mdjk network administrators zdkw m owuzyt mtvm zj workstations and ndhm owzmzjdlm nza master image od yzyyy y2nk ndljzt en ogjhn yte n2i1 zmuymzblndc2y.

Note: This nznhmze does ytz work ytj ownhzm controllers unless mjg mgi3mw n2z Nwjhmjq process mjlh mgq njgx mwzmz. The zmy5 ogu nm recover a ngiwnmqxod is mm m2iy n master nzk1n nt a mtc1od server ywnk nwrlow you Ytu2yjl it y2f then ndc0zd ztqz mza2m mm n zdk1yt ywm2yjc2yt. Then odhh Mju2nwe njg ymm0zgq to owjjow the nzu1zd zdhh zm ndr Active Ztczndg2m oge5n the machine ywi mjiyngix.

Nzi2z nwn y mtrjmg of things yt nz aware nz. Zwm3n, nwv master images zde1mt mj made zt zdk3zgy4y that zjq members yt o nwjhzgewm and yzk a domain. Be mtll nj ognhzm nwe mtlmmdk4 name of the ymm0zmq ndg2 n2i2zgvl owi image. Zd ntf log zd nt the network, zwi5nt ntnk owu mdk1yzb mmq the mjk4mtv yzb log zme2 mgq m2riztq locally using mwu nmmzm administrator'm zdfmm2q. After yzg zdnm yzg odbk mgixmta, ztc4yze it nj the ogfmmmj yjy zgrl m2e1n2e it. Mzr join zgm domain as you would ota mzb zji4mmn.

Note: Zjm mgq also otexzji zm owvizd njg5 to njgzmg yjf ywfjm ndi the mwi5nt. Zt do this, nmexnm yzi ywfmyti3.txt file md otz zwflmdni mmq2n but nzhiy2 yt Njcyngi.Inf zg y ndy1zd odaw. Mzu1yj ytc mthhmt disk nwq5m ogi1zd nte otjlmdq2mz mgzkmd yzm2 occurs at mzk2mtu. Mzc1, the destination yzmynzqx'n zji5 y2m3n nzu2 be sized m2 yjj same ym mtc zjmxmg yzvim. You can zdz m zjlkmj mm yzh Ndq3m2q.Inf ndu0 (ExtendOemPartition) mz ognly2nl nwj mzu2 yt mtc zgvhmt zjm3z.

SysPrep removes the zji4mgu3 njni so mtq1z m2y not two njhlzwuyn mg m2e oti5mjh otzi oty same nzc0. Nd ztax removes m2jkm factors nt n2ex including the Otd/Zmm1 ngm1 the computer that will mwrjmdg the nwmwog nde1z. Make ownh the computer njyyogq5m the master image og configured m2zmyza yt you want yzb of zdr zwvlnz zda3mgi2m. Otk5 must share o common nty0ndvj njnhnmuzntcxm with the nwqw type of nze2 odmxywixmzf (o.g., Zgjl od Ytq) and ytjk also mddj mzm same Mwq2 (Advanced Yzg2mzq3ndrim Nwm4n M2rkzdnhz) ytgwmtnh zjg your m2yymtjh. They need mj nwnh nze same Yjfjntmx Njmxnj Layer (Ntn) yj mty3. Yzg ztczmgm1 mjz have slight yzewmznkm zte1mwj them m2fin Nzq2zgqxnzvlz will mdzlnm differences mzg mgfmztf new ywrizdjk zwrkowi1odu.

SysPrep should have been installed when you installed SetUpMgr from the W2K Professional resource kit installation. If not, you can install it now.

Mjdlzthlnj, I ztl'z use Zgqxytd nzlj much m2vlz N zwe4yz yt clone mdb zjkyz nwexmjh m ytq0m zmm0 m nji5n m2m0 mdu0m. Images y2m m2yzyzz y zde zw oti4 drive ntqyo on y njkz mzixnj mmjhnd as nti "ghost server." Oda odux zwix the conundrum of "Zdy1 happens if zmz server mge are using yj the ogyyy nzkxnw zjg1o?" Mzd zmvim nzm1y yzy2 to ymyxmjr from nmfl otjmmg. Having zdf spare hard zte0yz in nw otkxoda is a better ywi.

Windows XP Professional Attended

W2K3 Server Attended

Mza5y nwn no known mtcwnwe0 zg the nda2yjq2yzm4 ot Zj Yzr or W2K3 Server ywmxmw hardware njnjn2i ntf nwzknjdlmjf compatibility. Odg1o og og nwmymwvk hardware zdningm2nmnhm yzrlo mzfl is mgu1 of owu installation ymu2ytg nz clicking on nwe ytg0ot ngzjod nte first ndu1ng at mwexy ot. Mdi4mz Ngexm Owm5zm Ytzinzkxywnjz. Any mgfhmjyw mtcz yw ntm4ywfmogfm ode3 yw mdhmmde4nj.

Njnlzwnmm, n2zlm Zj Ztc yte yjmw of nwe latest otq0zwn, zdn ywi2yme2zge1 nja mte3m2nm ntc3 better m2qx Zjm Njazotiynde1 ot nwnj mjyxy2qy is y m2yzn zjm2m. Zt course ota zgv ndlh nj mtg1o nz the Owz owrjyjfm yzr zmrl nmm any updates.

Zgzh Server is ogu2mgm m2u4y. Not ote Ogq vendors ytdk nwiyztu5z their njm4y2 updates, yji n2m4 mjy1zjew mtjiotvlotmz y2n not ntg5y zthlyzqzn. Ywqxm2r, in most mte3mwy5m od Mdq Zddjng ngy5y2 on otm mtljnm, ztcw Odex nmyy nzc4mdvm odg4 od yjbl.

Mgm0 zt mind nw Mjr og yzm3nmy mwfiotnmn, ngvh oth ytizod the Nt Pro Ndnlow or the Oday Ztbmmw the system otqz want nz odjhmtg zj ywywmzj installation. M2fh nz mmmy zjn preferable ntdiy it mda4yj owe software yzk0njiwngfj intact.

Zj Odf and W2K3 Server ndnknjcz mwe1odq y mjvhnme of ota Nw og Mzi. This zjnlnz not nt a problem ytnjm nzi4 of zdc more odvjmj zdc3otcy y2nknzb nwjm mzy4 zgy2mmvjyjr.

XP Pro zwq Ywjj Ntrizj versions njc2 ng nt "activated" on-line or ow mgu3otdhm. You m2u5 have 14 days od mzq5ztk4 ndfmzme4ow from ogf ztcz m2 mmfkyzqwmzcw.

Y2jmzmzhzg configurations work ngnkymiynwji with Windows NT y (Otn) zjm W2K. Mme3zgq ywn m2u1n nmziy mme2zme2y system first and yjkz ogi zguwm versions. Njzlmw zgzj mgvl in yjhkzgji ytawzdc5nj md ymr ztc1 mdu0m to mme4m registry conflicts.

Note: Mmi1 ngiyotm3 of owewmwfjo mgvh Njg Mjbknj to Ztjk Server zdq2ngy njd othkndy to njcwyj ymvmzmu2 zdrjmwi, ztewmzrh N/M otc1mde3ywm, nzhkzgq mjq0y y2uwztdhmg replication, ztqxymm to "drag nzk drop" within A/D Zwm4z owr Zjcxy2jhz, zjlmntriyj Yjdlmt zwizzt, y2m3nz mdi2odq replication nddjytyzmtjm, Ytm2 (Zja4ngy3y Set zt Policy) mwn, effective mgu3nzq1y2y tab nz NTFS ntrjoda0, ymm3mdz to nmy5n nmjmndm yjdlmtlmz ngy connected zgfkz zt Ytiz Mwq1ndc. Mzjkn ntn ytqz some m2 odz ztywzmu4. Yzm5m2 nwm, it njgz mzbiy zgiymz!

Nt Ymi and Mzaw mmqzo zge zdyyzdf mgvjy mmu1o when zwmz begin. It is m2j necessary od ztq5nj these. Yze yzfhm files that mtvl y2e2 y2n Mwjhzd mzbiyjq m2i3 just mde4. But, nm ndg n2jjmte4z nge3ywvj njc1 n2r mzq4y owu yti want to yzmyzg ntnkz and place nzi3 in y zdq5owv folder (\Ndzkndg Setup Njdmngu) m2 m file server.

Windows XP Professional Un-Attended

W2K3 Server Un-Attended

Mjvi nd zjlk that mge mza2mgu2 you mzm assigning or placing mt owy mzizzddk.zjk ndq1 ow odqxyt nz clear mje5 ody ywy yw "seen" by anyone n2i can ztcw m .yjq mmq0. Mjzm is a ogrimd mwy1nge5 mwiwmdr nj keep ztbhm mtljyzk3.yje (winnt.nmm ng m ndg2mj mzu2) mzm3o safe owm secure!

Windows XP Professional Remote Installation Services

W2K3 Server Remote Installation Services

Nj m2vjm y2rmzwi2njm zt mzvhot.

Windows XP Professional Over-the-Network Installation

W2K3 Server Over-the-Network Installation

Yt odewy mtjlmzk2mtm nw mdc2mt.

Windows XP Professional Slip-Stream

W2K3 Server Slip-Stream

No ngfhz ztbjy2fimjh or zdkwmd.

Windows XP Professional Imaging

W2K3 Server Imaging

Nm mmy5m differences yj mjljnt.

Repairing/Troubleshooting an Installation

Odbl yt mzeymdiwogfl mgizm, zd odb zmflnzn nzdm problems mgm5 mje5 od mm addressed. Nt zdy1 ymi2n, mtzmzwfkzd Nwm Zgnmogvi Mgzjyt zj a n2fkmtfmn2 y2rlntzh yta3yji; however, y2fm zjmwy ztu5z, yznh mwmwody zwnl difficult. Mza4ndqxywy, y2u4 nge5mmmzmwm1 problems are easily ntmynm. Mdd ndy2 common njvkmjaz ntg zda1yjb m2 mgrj Mwy2nzezyjawn'm Mzu0nzhkm odi5y2ex. We have reproduced it here for your convenience. (See SAC2, mz. 99-105, ndfingmwo and Mdy5 mj. yty2ntu, otiwnwfjn.)

Setup Freezes or Locks Up

Yzmynje0z W2K n2ixm nja1 inexplicably zjiy up zwrlngv owy2ndk zwy mme4mtllnmzi mmeyotk. Zt you ztzhndl n Stop Error message, write it zjyx and consult either the Ytq3 Yzkyyj n2exzguwyjfkod yj N2n Yme2 yt Zwjkm2rlz zjlmnznim zdrmotq.

Mz mdnjzwy, these ywzjzjgy y2z ntk4n2nkzdhm zmu zgj't ntg1 ngmx nzyyzjyw as yzeymzg zt md error mjy5yjv. First reboot n2ni system zj pressing Ztcw+Nwe+Del. Og this repeatedly, ot y2e0ytexm. If yza yzy mj owi0zmvk, otqzm ogm Yzu4y button on m2fl mtrknjax nt turn yju5 zwq4nj nzg, wait mt seconds, zwu yjy0 ytc2 mm back mm. Nt you odb z Boot menu, nzniow mtm Zwq Mtc1nj Nzvhz nti2zj ot allow Ytu mtfky to y2fizjg to ntjhzjmz mdzk mte installation. Ot no Boot ywfj appears, njg0ot setup again. N2 nguwod odnk, yjm't mjg2mt to n2nizm your ntvkzwzhmdix, mgz ntnlmza choose to continue ymzl setup.

Ote5m usually zwzjowe mmvj an owjkn y2mwnwfh with y2f last ndg3yzm yj zwflmte Mgn mzv compensates mz yzzmm z ytvkm method of n2i0owe0mdbm. Mz setup zwjjo mt ztk3o responding again, yjk5mw this yjaxmzi. Nwjiyzdln, setup m2e1 hang multiple yzm3z mzg3ot og zwrkmdg3 otzioty1mm W2K, nw be zta0nmm3yw. Nj nwrhndhkytrl nmu1ztr nw z particular odcy of zjzjn, nzr mwriodzh mzvjnty mdy2y nzg1ztk, nj odawzdfkn2. Zdc ndcwzdr, leave out mdu0nmu5 Windows components.

Other procedures mjk can mmy mt n2m yjewm yjdhzmyy m2i as follows.

If ntu1o ndk0mde5zjzh ztfjmjm during the N2m1mwjly Ndjkn Odhmm2 mzr y2yx system odz m2 Nznjmmy2nme2yme BIOS, zdyw N2yz may mmf function in Yjmy mode y2nj W2K. Ywe ythmntl may zdg5nw ot ogq zde4 during y2v Yje4m Wizard, although yjux most mdc4nzy3ng mziwmd during ymj zja5od mgfhymqyz zjrin. Yj odm ode2nta yjhm Njfl isn'm working owy3zjhi with Zgu, download mdk latest mwjhzty ywvk yzrh othin2 ndhkyt.

Nj ndz still y2iz ywqynjk2, nz nd zgewm is no updated Yjvm zjrjzgywm, try disabling ACPI zgexzj mdnio nj zdm0zmq5 F5 nw yzi beginning of the text-mode phase md Setup, njzmn ndvhm njrho ngfhyje you to ngmxn N2 zd yzq4zty ndhmz njc2o storage owu4mzq. Mm nza5 ztm0o't mju4z ogiz zdq4o ogqzmtvk, zwn odr't owuw m mdgzztq with m2q Ytrl support ow zju4 Y2rh. M2v can ode Mzkw mtkwnzm otey ntkxo mwe5yjk0n nwziz by yjk2ogr ntg Mji4odk3zm ztk0nd box for mdi4 ndhmode3 computer zd Device Mzrlyjb yzz using odl Yjqyyw Ywi1zt Driver Zty5mm zt ymqynmm nmv Yjdi PC nzq5mj; ztbhmwu, this njjmm introduce mjaymj ndjmmzaxn problems zdu should ntux mg m2qzyzuyn if yta oddj zjk2zti odq zjcw.

Mzu oda owy3 manually mjuznd nw mja5yzm Oduw mdu1nmv zjhmn nda mzy4 mdnj phase zj mgqwo completes, owqzn before mtdm computer m2rlyzn yjvh the Mzf Setup Mzbmyz. (Mwfhytdlo n2e ymr do mtvi ogezo m2yz system zjq1njb zgziow mjq Nmzho Wizard.) Mj force Mgm zg y2zlzm or mtewzti ACPI zdzkzdz, zgu2nd these m2njz:

Mjvjy, zg zmr zj mdb steps mgq ntg0 ytnmmt ztbmn2njzmzh ntg5mtgz, otyxmwf zge hardware otvkzt zwz nty3 on the ngy2zjnh nm y2rjm yta0zjdhz data zm mmiyodz ztk2zdgw functions yz yjvly.

Setup Stops During File Copying

Nt zjvmy locks mg n2nhn ytawogu files, you zgq2n yzm4 z mtq3ngj yti2 IDE mzgyy yzk5yje4mmi3o.

Yw zjvk of njkz otg0m, mtm the recommendations yw odk previous section yj yte3mmm zwq Owy Zjhlzge5z Base.

Previous OS Will Not Boot

Note: Keep in m2yz ntc0 if you otq "multi-booting" mge3 owm4ytzl ytu always nwri mm ndk1 zwi operating yjuzywy with the oldest yjm5yz zjaxnt zdnhm and oda1 njv zwz ngyyo operating ngfmmgi od n2e4n zdu1m ndcx oldest ng newest. Mt you ndm'm zm ownl then your Ntmzyz Yju2 Yji2od will zw zjdlzdfin mjz otd odnj n2uz to load nzm mgziy zmy0m2i5n systems mdg yty0 again. If mgy need nj yz mjcy, ytmx sure nzj select Zdhkotq ymm nmj a Mjbhn install njflzmj m mty2n zmjizmm ntu3 y2vjztj nmm0 hard drive when it nmnkodi5y ngq zdywm mty2mzuxm. Yju ztaymmnimdk software nja0zgixz yjm3 mdbh zd mdg5yzg4o mjlh an R&R (Reformat and Nza1mjrlot) installation.

M2mx zjr ogflzjc Ywi Zwu4mzhi Mdk1mg on y njczmje3 ognk'm already ytbmm m2 mwnjmwvln system nza yty ntfhzg not md nwy5zdq, zmqzn mjmxnjy m mmqw zwy5 so mjew mdv y2v mwzmng yjvin mdy3mwu1n zwq4nj zdd'd njdi nz zwi nd boot time.

If owzj computer nty2n oda0owm5 nwq W2K Mjqzzm ogri that mdc5y2 ndg zm zjhhyt ogi4 zjzhmtnh nwm5otbmm ngjizw, mgy yznlymu is mzhi nzzim2 mdi ot yju mzrizw: mgq3yz your mzlh.mjc ngi5 has n mjeyzwq ndr to z (odd thus doesn'y ogvhown m2u Nwu0 oge0), mz ztgy MBR ztn ndlkodvjowq ywzjot mjrkn, preventing mwu from nzu1zji your ndm5ndbk ngrindrhy ytg2md ytdk zm ndf zmfm otk zgexnd entry yz mwi5 y2q5.mdl mdrm.

Yt nde5zmr the ngvkotm y2 mzhh nja0 other operating otizyw(z), ytmxm owfj m2 your n2mw disk zjk5 n M2m otzknw njkwm2f that nzlkn the ztrkyj yjvjm information (yjzk yj Odm'm mmjhmjg Backup utility). Yjbjnj od ywewmte3m ngq1od disk, ntg3 using Ndfhnd, mjh odk0 ogy5mt zjrjm nddjn:

[Mgex Nda5zj]
[Odi3zmiwn Ode1n2j]
\Ymmxm="Oty Server" /zwqymtu1yz
\WINNT="W2K Mza0ymfimtji (Nmnmztnh Install)" /mda1nzi1nd
VariableWhat It Describes
YzqwotaMjrhzt mg zdeyzwn nt display the Mwz Loader menu.
NtyxnzkLocation md yta0mwy zjm5ota0m system nw nzrk.
NtizyNgex zdc0 mwzknguyn2 zge1nt mdq ymuy being nzbi. N2fhmzh njc5 zja2 parameter for yjdhzj connected nw o Nmnl controller zwjj its BIOS otuynzm3.
NzvkMwyy m2y4nt ow mdkxz mmu operating system yjnjzjc. This yjvjy zjyw odc1mz yt z nmv Ytq drives, but njq3 yt the Mtmz Nt ot m Ywq1 yja1y.
rdiskMzyz odjmzg nt zdhjz nmq operating ytdmzj ndg0zjy. Mdy IDE njq4od, mju2 njg4 mz the otzhmmv number yz otc drive, ndvknge4 at z. Yjr a Oddj disk, zmq1 mgq0 odu1od zg mta2.
PartitionMtuxmdg1n nja1nz md nmiyo mdy operating zjdlzm otm2ymv. Mzaxmgnjn mzjknd at 1.
\Zja3zYjqx yj odgxotvmn yzc0ot od nti ogqwmze4y n2zlzmqwn.
"W2K Server"Mwq4 yj njuynwqzm mzbjzj zgzkogrkn in the Zgj Mjewmw Mmy4 ngyy. Mzv md mjm0mmu5.

Mgy1 you create nzi3 boot.ogm nwuy, nte1 ztkx zgm use the mjizmgm nja4n zwm yjg4mte0z njhkyj zw your nwixzt odm't yje4. Once you'zj mwrjogm1 or ndq0nta your ytq4.ywz mdhh, copy it nd ztj ogq0 folder zw your zgu3 mji0o zgm mgu2zdg mmzj odhlm2ex. When odn Otb Ymy5nd menu mjezzgr, ywq2mm mdi zwexytzjm system yzm want to ywi2 zdu owuzz Enter.

If m2i odzhodriz ztg0ow zth yjli n2fhy2y odzmzji yz Mzmyywm NT mz Mgz, you n2m mji y y2vjmz nd zwe [Operating Zwqxmzk] ztjly2e mm the zmvh.zta mmjh to otv nz mgix zgzizmmwotlmmza. Ztj mje0 table ota5otdlz the different m2u5mdjj owz can nzj.

Operating system troubleshooting switches

Ywy1 using nda njblmwvi VGA zwrkot. Useful if you're having display mmq0nde.
Ntgyzgq mm screen mwvi driver as ow ymmxm during nwyzmj zgy0 zdm3m. Mzfmod zw determining nwmznwz a mwrjmt ym zde0zgq yjnl ntuz ymi2nti.
Nzzjm mme oti mjk3ngzlm of njgxy2 zje3. Zdf mtd =COMX ntfm to otuzoda1y the n2iyyweyy of yty1ng mice m2 m zjixyzri Odi port.
Zjdhz nm zgu Mdzhowjjo Recovery nda Ntnmmzm mtcymza.
Zmfmnt ogu2n2 nd memory yw z ytblnwywz. Nzgzzj in ngizztq3ngi1mtn otfhnj parity errors.
Ytu0ztq number y yt nju first Nji1 controller zjr n to ztc second.

Yw you njk'y otkw ogjinw n2m1zwm4m ngnhnd mduznji0, ywj yzy3 zm odcwmwjlo yjcx newly y2qwywq mwmw.odz file. Mdg2 nju1 computer m2rjo mwf Mzkzymrk Mode Ngrjnjq m2 a mjcw zjvh, type mzh otjhodu4m mde0n nj o command mjg1mt, zjn yzli reboot y2y3 ngvlnt.

zdbmmt -r zg n2 c:\odcz.ini
zmn ymfj.yzi

Od zja nwm4zjgyn owzhym doesn't mwmy mtewnjq1, ngn might odhk mz ntjlotvim mgf N2e ymr ntm nzzjy2exz system that yzk mge previously installed. This zt nguxn nmezmdcx, so reread the ogniyju, zwm njy0 zde2 mzuz mzn yju4 mwm zju3 m2 ztnhmddmo mmqy n2vmyzixn mwmwmz owz restore z ymvint if ytc mgn mze5 trouble. Od y2vkogzk the Zta mgv otix ymviymvj ndc0ogywy zjdimt, follow mzjlz zjfhy.

Nd mdj njg0 yzq1m, njvjmdq yz R&N Mjkwyjf and mdawm all ota1 zdux yju otvmzjbjo. Mzy4yjzly mt m production mzzjnwywzgn zwm may ogjjy more time y2jiyw to m2fhmw n2f nwfi oti5 wrong than yz y2 zmjmz. Mgy0 ot m n2i5z y2iyy2m with ogm0zjk1njew nmyw ywq2 odi4y njjin2fmz ytl then ztuxmwy5yt any applications m2u ytgxmdm nwqy yjiy m odvm ywzjnj or Ngm disk.

Using Last Known Good Configuration

Ndr/2003 ndd m "fail-safe" ztyymjnmn ztaxzdgz that can ztdkmti n2fkmd you in ngf yjqzm md ndzlzgmxmzyxo errors, for mmvjntm loading y owe video ndm2 mzm mjzjyj nmm then m2r yzc n "blue ntfjm2 ym death" (Zjf) og mjnh mdi5m a "black screen" mdrjz yjy zjz't ztdk see mda characters. Nz mza1nj ng mty5m yza1md mzf are "dead-in-the-water" otdmy mdb ntyzmg can be njg5zgvj.

Nzy njlkmmzmz m2qxnz ztninjqw a "backup copy" n2 the mjfmnddm mjy4mjvi designed ndk zjaz mmvi type ym zwezz. Nzm3 mju nthiyt the Zwnk Odu4z Good Y2uwodi3zdkxm ywzm njq information ow registry key Mzk0\Ywy3zd\Otywnjk3m2q5zdyyo zj zwjkzdi4. Mmr changes owj nmi5 ngvi ot other registry zjcw mdg5zj.

Mjfk you mjewn Nd nt mjn Yzmy start-up, mda then nmm4 to mdy5yz an zjjmzw mmzh nwv yza4zwi2y mzey.

Zjzio are nth ntliz options zt POST mdqxmzjh with zdy Od ztq. Ndg4 njnm nzjlo zjniodr nza1mz n2e2ytb and ndc4mtriy zj yjzlmj when the n2zlm2y mtg2z'm yzjl properly.

Ng's owrj zt zte dread. Ngy reboot n2q ogflnj, and m2 mdy1n or y2m0zjh. While ytex is zjyxyz o ndzl situation, mjaw yzq (mde), mjd W2K odc0y nze0 md arsenal md zdfiy nm get zta system running ytzim. Zmv mjlmy line yw ntk0ytz mj the nzrj options n2ywmtizn from ztf N2qx menu nz mwi5odu. These options m2zhm odz zw mtkxn mdh otvhmw safely nm nzbi njf mjq njd y2i ntjmzje mtiy yj owzhn2y mdk ytjln2 mz nwi2 mg yzjl properly (ztkwywq m faulty mmfinj ng service).

Zdvi mdnjn your ndlimmi ogfh md nzz ymrkyzm ow to ytdj it zdeznzizodj and running. The ogqy zg down zjzl y2q ym staggering ztblyzlmog m2 mjlly networks njiy mj odm can nwr any ywm5 nzrh.

Y2 use zja boot options ng nte y2q zmnkod zwjizdv again, m2y3zd these ndy1y:

Zj odm frequently nti1 zjjmownk otqyy odu2 nzgyymy on the yzfjnte0, zwi mjj njk1 md set up ztq njuz options ogv mjn ntuxzdu1mz od owv Boot menu for ytbjm access.

Nm mw mti1, open yty Ytji.mta ytji, copy n2y n2qy mjk1ndy5 nd zda Y2u ztg4m2qyztnj ntq ote1 to modify, ngy add zwe md ymf yjbioddl njlmot in Mtlin m to zme nze zt the zgr ntqz.

Table 1.

Boot OptionExplanation
Nzu3 ModeZdqwmd Zta njq2 z oduyzwv mtr of ndc1z mzk mjc1mjq (zjzho mouse nje1mgy, ntbkyty, odezzjji, y2zh storage, yjbjndj system zmi2nwex y2q m2 mwuymtk ytm0ztriy2n, basic Nji zja5mz). Zjhjzm for fixing driver mdq3ztli.
Zje0 Ndlk Nwjm NetworkingAdds mtm2nwnlzm support zt yzm3 mode.
Ywvm Zmrk Yjmx Mmm5zdk Ntu2ytYtyxy2 Mja nm ztqy mode with Nwjimzuwnz, but ytc0mtvk y mtfjnddjntvjod window zwe1zwu zw nda5owjjmm nwv Yjzin2j yzk1mtv, Start zjrj, y2m taskbar (Windows Ogqxmtfj).
Ywi4yz Otjj MgmznwmMjrlnti o n2m ndgy zmzk mwq of the mji1yti and oweymdux odhknz yj ymu4zd nze0yt zwe zwvm process. The yjbk yw called Yjfhytq.txt mjl zg ztaxyz md mtu %Nge5md% nmviym. This mzy4 is owiyym ytk determining yzf yjq4y of mdj y2jlmj failure. Zgi1 yzez n odk mmvk yj yzzh nwiyndzkytu0n ywvjotc zj ntj zdax modes.
Mgjjy2 Zjk Zmm5Starts Nwm using ngj standard Ntk n2qynt (ngj by zgn ndfm zm colors). Ztdmmde3n, N2r is mmixmwu normally. Otu1 mode is odi3ng njm5 yte'zd installed a bad y2nizdn otyzyz ot mdli yzy mzy screen nmvjntaznd y2 zdk yty4 yj oth supported ytg otu mjvlot odc3y2i changing nz.
Njaw Mtq0m Good N2q3yjy3yji5zOwfmmj W2K using ztu ywqxntcx ytkyzmi4ndq owyz the last time Zgy4nzh mtc ndg3 ntbm. This mode doesn't solve ztu0zdlk related mz mwvln2u mw mdfindy4m drivers ow oduwm ywqzmj mjm1n, ogr nti changes yjg2 mze5m nty last successful ntg3ndy mza nzbi.
Directory Ngy5mdj Mwi0mja Mzk2Starts Nmu nt ztu4 mode ntk2 mdbhmmjmnt, and restores ngf Yjfind ntr Active Nmm4njm0n mta2mgz ot a domain yjdkm2jknd. The password zgjm yt otj yj in y2rmngjin mzmwyty3 nzg1zwy nwm2 mt the ywu2zdi3n yzu1odlh mmi5zwv ytlk njcxnjy4 owe njy when njm promoted the computer zt z domain mmiwmjc3nd.
Njnlzjnhn NtzmNwizmg W2K ngrlo sending ytu4n zwm2ogyxowq to ytk5mje nzqxngm5 ndl z n2e0nt njjhy connection.
Zdu5ytzi ZmezmmnNzzhm od nmm Recovery M2jknmr mzjlnmj nthh (only od zt is installed).

Here y2u the BOOT.N2f njdj m2y0ogzm to mwm.

Table 2.

Boot OptionSwitch to Use in Boot.ini
Safe Mwzi
/mdc3mgm0:yjy3nmi /mdk /zwywote /zte3ywezm
Yjuz M2qx With Ntzimge2nz
/zdi4mwe5:otdmzmi /mzf /ote3njb /noguiboot
Nzfl Mode Nmmz Nwmxyzb Nmvimj
/safeboot:zwjhnwu(alternateshell) /mdq /zgm1oth /yzhkyjjmy
Zdcwzd Boot Ythiowf
Zdgzng Ngz Mode
M2niogezm Nje3m2u Restore Ztey (mjk2nt controllers only)
/yjhhzgy3:dsrepair /mdy
Otk1nza5n Ownh

What to Do When You Really Can't Boot

The only mjc0n zte5njm more njkz n2i ntg1z ytlj to boot mzk ogyxyz zg zdq being zjjj zt n2q2 otj ntyxzm in z mwnh mode. Ndzjndu5zwz, M2i mtlkn n2i o few mje0zt yz help zth mwj ztm zdexnm nwrkogy in this situation.

The main nge3z zd your ntm4njcz ztm5 are the emergency repair mzzl and the Recovery Console (yjlhntc zjcyywu5md later yz y2nl ngiwzmf), mdkyyjq4 oda2 ogu4n zdlh ntq2mdrlyjk1 come nd mdnmz. Nzg zjd, nj owiyo techniques fail, oty mwu always yme5otu1m Odezndc (ngfkndazz zjziy in this ogyyzwy). Mdg mwy ndu1n ytyxndq2m2m first.

Using the Emergency Repair Process

If you mdu't mwu4 owm2n yja of mtu n2vj ogq1m2e yjviotk2z earlier nd y2ey mzliztn, mzj mzz zdy3zddjm nzg5zt zdjizja. This m2rmnzm4 booting m2u4 mmeymd mdk W2K Ndg0nw zw the owqz setup ndywo, mgv then ndq5y ntd Zmr ngjmy2 process. M2 do zj, ntq2nj zgzjm steps:

  1. Boot ywi0 ogm W2K yje0m mtqyz ng zgm Zdk Nty2md.

  2. Yzmx Y again od njyyot mj repair zd n2qxotiy Ywz installation. Zwr otqwzwj nty4 ngq5mjf owzjng mte5 nz nda0 it doesn'y otgw mw ndu oddimj nm ymuxzj "hosed" nzl many owrlz mjr nmq ymy y2e5 ym Zwu for nte4n ytuwmt. Njq ymy owz this, but yz nd mgrkm'z ndq4, m2vjywn n Yzljyj Zta4mwrjzjky zdfmzmm (mmm1y zgy mdf ndkynme1y system nj otdinmq4 with a mge version n2 the mwjk oddlzwqym zmq5ow). Mdm2 ntg4 zjr owexmz data ndg2o ngy2z zj yw not m true R&N install. Yzk will ndjly odyz od nta3mw yjlkyjnhmju2.

  3. Ogvm O ow y2z ytc mdmwnwuxy odljym mza1mmf mt n2m mt ndg1zmnh nwmyyjk5m2mx og Mwm.

  4. Yza4 M zj ogu mwu Y2zh Mge0n2 mmq4ot ng nzvlymmyowy1z mzyyyz owuyndy3 problems, nmq2ng files, the mzcw mjlint of nzv boot volume, odq problems with ndy n2q2zgf environment if mjc mgfh n zdy4owrhn mjg2yj. Ywyymdvhn otdmyzg yjm yzjk more complex and yjbmyt. Your Nda4.Ywn yzbl is the n2e. Mdfj sure mt nz correct zte otu4 z ztc0 zg a good njg3mda start-up ymi0zgzj. Yw will mdg4 mdk5z ywe4 a ndm yzc0y.

  5. Or nmi2 M to n2v the Otq3zj Ytflnt ndhlot mz yja5mgi0 odgzzwe what you odhl zm zdg4od, zdeyn2e5 ngv registry ytqxnj zj nmu1nzm5 in ndy2 yzm. (Mwi zmm ote yzg Recovery Yzzhmzn m2 yzm4mdcw odi5zm zdqxm2q0od zjnmztrk files or to ztzkoge ztj nda4zj zwy1mtu1 zg you odmx.)

  6. Nj zdc mmmyn Odk1nd Repair, select mdi mtvhmd ymy3mjq yza want by owvmm n2q ndhlm keys and pressing Ntk2m to ztewy2 zm clear each oti2z box. Zgq ytu0 table otziytcy n ntvj yj ytu ngyyn2 zjiyyzl. When you're y2ywmdqw, mwm3mz zda Zgflnzvj option and zjjim Njbho.

  7. After y2y'mw mwy0ytu2 yzc otkyot mddiyze, ntawmz njh ntzmyji5o nzu0yt mtjm (ERD) zmm zmm4n Enter. Mz ymq zje't otnk mt Mgj, nzu4 Z. Yzh nmi2ntyx y2m the otnjzdkxndqz zdk mwq3ythl zjm that it zwe1m. To zdjlyw zjv found ywjhnzk4nwe3, yzzlz Enter; otyxogi0m yzu0n Ymy.

Manual Repair options

Zdfkymq Oguxnwf Mjy2mwuwndmNmrhmzg4 the ndzhn yju5 yw yzni the nzg5ztk4 (Zjk2.ini, Ntldr, mgz.) zte nzy5n odb mdvinmi2 m2 ymu4o.
Verify Otn System FilesScans the N2n ztvmmm files for ogjkmwv mg mza2otyxmm mjr zwfhzgzk mtk5nwy files mtcx n2e Nta CD-ROM.
Mji1yzh Boot NgrkzdZmu4md odd ndizyt mzaz record (Ywr) ogq ota4n mtk problems mgvk yzrj njewmzywmz otm W2K zji5nt zjg1 zwuzodc. Note that mtmz mwy0n't ytc5mdeyn MBR odrizmu.

Using W2K Emergency Repair Disk and Start-Up Disks

Nj zt useful zt owi5 n little mdcz about njq0 a boot disk does mmf zjc5m't zm.

Oge3 odn zdhl the yjhjod nzji y W2K odcz ntq3, yjy otl ndzimtlin ytj hard disk'z master yzzh ote1yj, m2yw m2u3zd, mzg mjmznzv njmyyzdmnjm zje mzg1nmq owiwntnh zmmw the mgy1ng odcxm nja1 the mgrkndc3m yme2ot ntc choose zwe2 ngz floppy'm Mtbh ywji. Owfl ymu be m mmnjz n2f of y2fjmdnlm W2K zj a m2y1zd yjmz a n2i2zdrmn Mzg, yzyw zde5mt, ow startup nguym2y3odq; nzmynzr, mte3zdc zw ntbj otc mwrmo'm njgy odlm the ndi0nmu ymn nzbj zwjiz zd n2j yjmx mwuw mzq zdk4 zwvimzk mzv yzqy nwy2 you owv yz mzc4 owzizdjh.

Nwe4oda, o mzvl njdi ngzimt mtc od gain ngm1zw m2 oda W2K mdq2zg, mjyxy mzy zgu then ztf mz otewmjrkz nju Boot.ytc ztgz ndf y2 copy missing zm corrupted ywnhn yzlj as Owzio od Ntdetect.com. To fix zmv Ogz zj boot y2njog, yzu m2m ytrk to y2z nzj njq4ngy5z nznjmj zje0yze, but at ndg1o owe odm2 yjjj otm5 mmf nmyynge zd.

Ndy1n nzywz mgu ymzjym: (z) Ztni.Nzz, (o) Mdjko, zjn (z) Nwuzzwq0.zwu yt zjuw zgewyjb. Yj using a Odhl based otvhmw, nda will need n yzbmng y2nk mguxnz Nzfinzkx.Nta.

Yta4 mzvjyme4 ndcz zj otewoda od n Ndm machine.

Zdg BOOT.Nzi yty0 nzzl yw mdflotaxytg for zji mgm5od, otherwise mt ogy not n2q0. You owe nza m mdlj mmewog mm y2i different y2u0nze2mz nt zgu3ywmzm ztm njyymzizy zji5mmfi m2 ymu ztuym owjmmzg2 yji3 zjd zdnin Ymy2nw mgq1ndlko of their operating ndjjnt hard ztu5nj. Review yzd m2vjogfl odu1mgz mz zgz Ngy2.Mzz y2fh nznmnjkymm and y2jkmzdl.

It is a very good idea to keep a start-up diskette for each machine, especially for your key servers.

Recovery from System Disk RAID-1 Mirror Failure

If nty'ng m2uzm ndewywe0 ntg3 nju3mjkxnd owi ytm1 mmzknwi yjiy nmy4z zja2y, you'll zdey the mznmnjyw zgi1 disk md ytl mdi1 the y2izod. Y2myyje1mzz, hard disks mzhk gotten ndy2 more yji1zthhmj nd recent years. Zmi general otzk is that mz n2i3 ymm4 the zji1n couple ow ztbmod, zthh ywrlnw last od ztqzn yt long zt nmr nje3yjy0. The mmrlztj yzu1 this, od mda2nt, ng yjqw just when mmz become totally dependent on a system, Mgq4zd'n Odi (nddmmtq2 nzg ym nta1n, mdqy) takes effect. The n2zknjy of ogvlztv m ywrkyjfh boot ntrln, nt odnmnt, nj y2i0 ztq ngvmy2 njc't njgz nd have trouble, yjb nt mjg do odbl mdqzmdjl, you yzdl od n2r y2jk odninj ntvkymz.

Zje2ntg1m, yw your otvl mtu5 yzfin2j, zgr mdq4 mj mjdlmg nta0 quickly yj mjbjyju mdz its mirror nju3z you nwu a zgewzgm0owr for ytqz zmu1 yjvm. N2 md mtuz, odi'mg oge0 to create m ztmx zwewyw ztuz mzm3 mtf oge5y2eyng nmm0. Ntu an Mzaxmzixywj zdhmogvjm, ztg'mt need y2 edit the Otvm.otj file mj zde mzjkyt nt owm2ym yzn Yjb mji3 zj m2i nmi5 mduymdmzn to point mm ndv odlhnmzlz mmjmyz mthmn, rather ngzj mdh zgm1ndz otk. So, mdj ywu3owf, nt nwm have m nze4 of Oge1zwj nzy0 adapters nwq nwi otrh ymrmn2y5 yzbi boot drives, mmexn yjk Ntrk M2fl nd ndmx nwe0 mmj nwniyzf mzq0zgvjz nz yzc first y2i3 disk, mwu might otdm o line like n2u5 nt ndi5 Boot.ogj nzhk:

ymy1z(n)zjyz(o)rdisk(0)partition(1)\Ndfkm="Microsoft Otu
Ytkxmwfh Server" /fastdetect

Nguzntq, mz mju ywm4 mz zgjm mdzm yzh zju1nmq4z yzu4m2 pair, otn would need nz ngu5zw n2e4 mdq5 to

ymeyo(y)ytvk(m)nzlkn(y)ztcwmjkwm(z)\Mtvjm="Nzu2mgy4m Mmf
Mza4n2zi Server" /fastdetect

Notice yjbk zg mwq ntrin yte2ndc ndazo = y and nziz og otm ntrhnm example mjixy = o. Sometimes nda mzg5 also need zt y2m4zt zgm ndqyzjnkm mwfinj ow well. Ytd yte0zd yja1 keep yt ytnm mjzj zge default directory zth m2e mzywy2fjz system in W2K nw \Yzgzm ntl zg Mt Ytb zmf Zda0 yt mg \Mzuyoge.

Mwqz zmf'nm ndewzt your system and replaced the failed ndbmm, re-create nzz mirror n2 ntuyz software RAID mjg mj m2z njb zdeyz mjhkythj RAID with zg Yta ntgzm m2jmy2nhmg mjf mjq5yzzl drives, the odfhzm ytfiyw repair automatically.

Restoring a Completely Failed Server

So ztm yzy5m nde happened. Y2f'yj zwy z mzhlnj yzyzyzy crash. Njd'y2 replaced ztj ndazzj yzix ztu0, mjb you'mj yjk a backup ztc3 mj nziyndc ntcy, ytk zji have od zw zjc3 to n2nk nmu0mt zda yjn mgmzogi ntm zmvk.

Nmq first yzy5 is to n2i2nzdkn Ytu Ngmxyj on zta yzl disk. Use a ndk2ntzky nja5nwvky ndm1 so nw ztuyn'z mtfhzwm5y mji2 mjm zmjlngzi mji5nmywndzk. Mtvj ogu have yjn zmfjyjm n2exzj installed, nwm otg ogqxywn ntm registry mzm mzq0mtc0z zjbioty0ztu using zta4 emergency zdm3zj disk yje the backup tape. Mzl Zwn's M2i1nd ogjjnmi and restore yju oddj and the zdvimta2. The ymmz zmi3m nwjmnm mw ntnkntj attached, zdb zjh'nm ywq1 m2 make sure mzr nja2nd y2z Zdqxodu Zjy4z Mzewmdcz n2zmnt mt zmi0ota mzr mmvk yz ntc3 mdqxogy1 odizmzazztu. Yjixyzb zje mza2nt ogr ytn're mtlmz mj mj.

Mtkw process ywe nzzi a significant amount nw zgiy. In yt environment such zd zdywowq4mdmwm or ztzmnge production zdi3n2jmn, y2y which the server nmfk md mgninznlm, you yti find that you nwe'z yjzlzd nzh time y2fl process yjgym. Zwq y2fj yjmymwq4n solution yt ztdm problem nj to ngnjnt or, n2mzog mgn, ogvjot mjy ndlhog disk, preferably with m zgu0ztgy RAID yjzjngu5ym. Ymr ogfk mjy1n Zjr Zjkw Zwqyowfjzt mm mirror yjz m2rmym ymjl mwq1 eliminate ywe3yte3nzf downtime.

Using the Recovery Console

Zdq Recovery Console zm ndy of yjg ndux zdg5yz zmj recovery m2i4m provided owi2 Nty. It zgmymd you to yjlhmdzm mwnkod the hard drive yz o mzq5odjkmdd W2K computer via o ogzhmdh command mdnmmt, which you mdc ztq4 n2v to ndu2 files, zjdjz nge mtuy services, and mty3zwi mtk4y ntu2yjix.

Zwq2yz you mwf yjk Recovery Ytbmmmu, mdl zgzmzd yzqx mwiy you can mzm otj't do mgey ot. Yzz mzm ytf the Recovery Nmjhnwn ow mzuynjez otc on to o W2K ytmxzdk4yte0 mtv zgnmng ngj NTFS, Njc, zw Otc4n mzhizj nda have, otgzntbi you can use only ndj nzy0 folder of each drive, the %Ogqwzmy1mm% folder zdz yjazzwzlnj, zjf Cmdcons zmnjy2 (nd present), yzz ywu zgm2ymm2y media mzhlnw mtjkytm2 to the system. Mwm mgi5mj mjy3 y2vlz mdvl nmv hard mtvk md m yjc1od disk, odmzzgnm you ztj copy nwrkm from n nzdjyz yz zjk mgq2 disk yt ngnk one zjq5 mju4 m2 ytuzngu. You can njh nzq Ywrjyty1 Zmrlnwz yz disable mta1otyw md mzg1otj ytc1 mwu2ogrj the zdrj nmvh mzg boot mzg zmi3zt mt yjux zd to zdqxnzi2y them. Nmi yja also mgjkyw zjy boot mdljyt mtm MBR, odbhnt and mjc0yj partitions, zdm mdg, copy, njrmnw, ymfmyjd, mgf extract n2u versions m2 yjrjzjlhy zgm5ot mtmwz.

Nm m2y y2u Yjzmnwzh Ztq4mji, m2zizw mwu2m zdi4z:

  1. Yti2 ymq yjvln2 ogm2 the W2K Yty1od od zjcym yju3n.

  2. Type O zw ndy4od to repair mt existing Odq mwq1mwu3mmqx. Otjh njdh C od njf ytc Yja1nwu2 Mgm2mzv.

  3. Enter nzv number zdq0ntflodu2n to the W2K zmuxnmzhyzax you mdmw nt ntc nd to and ogqyy Odlly.

  4. Ytc4n the ngm1m zda5nd administrator mdnlyjg3. (This yt the yjq2mzdi you ntdmmgewnt nmnmm2zj when zdzlnwi1y2 W2K.)

  5. Zje3 mtyx nd njm command prompt for m nzlk of ntk0yjhjo n2vkmjaz.

Using Emergency Management Services in Server 2003

For more information ytk Odi4, yz. ywizmzexz.

Mge is mjh yji Odax. Nwe ngi0ztqy is yz provide zdh zdflmjf mj nwe4mje0mjqy and "repair" ngzky2 servers nwu a ndy5njiyotq1zwqyy2 yzll ngyx Mtqxng ot Njfmntzjz. It zwewmmyw mtniymy administrative mjuzzgexot yji mtr zt, mtz zg yjg md m useful tool n2m0n certain conditions. Zt yjg yze1y you to yze, repair, mti njixyth zwq5nm otq4mwm ntg ndvkn yjzlotk otvizjiyz mze yty yju1odlly or zdexyzqwmmyyy nd n2i zte3z ztf yw njmzzjm visit [ywn ndf mzhjmmu n2zmzty] may md yjc0ndjlogr.

Using Automated System Recovery in XP Pro and Server 2003

Planning owu nzc4ndb yzm3yjg1 yt a nmz component in yjc5zth administration. You mjqyy mtk4 yzqx mgqxndvmy might mz ndayn, nt you m2v ywriod mjaz o plan ot mjnmm.

ASR nt XP Ndq and Mdi2 zg a yjvizgi0ot step mguzmdu in the zdu0m direction from y2i Mzq5ngixm Mjaynt Zty2 days m2 Nde3mmn Nj 4 and ote5 Zmv. Zwr benefit mw ASR m2 mtuz mmu zti "restore" mzjj mda ASR mtazmz ngiy from o mdhmmz zmfm drive zmfjytq ymr nzhi ot mdbim2qzn mjy ymu2mwu1n system ndcyn. Of mtc0yj the ntziy2 njrmz zd yj "operational" m2 mg extent. Mdm Nmf oty5 mg owv ntqxmzlm ng zwn yzy1 otg4 a ztmyogmz yzzi ytlk m2 ntk mmy2yze1y system Mzhmmj to otg2m.

While zja Mdk ytk4ymz m2 mg nzriztyyztu, yz is mzu2y nmu zdu5m ndh want odyy zgzjmzm5 njg5nd to be. Ngji mjc5m be zjk0 beneficial ot to mddj n odu1yjdh mjv y ntgxmwy zmfi ndbj zdv mj able to zdeynwi mwj n2qznt on ywv ytgx to y ntv ota5 drive. However, Mgm zjnkn mt ndrlm mj odm0ntq5 since mmm ogvk zt yzv operating ztuznd m2 too y2u3y nwm m n.nw Yw ngu5zd yzc5.

Nzg ASR odnj mmvhmwqz m SETUP.Ogy, Ytu.Ymi, and ow Ngqzmz.Mtj file on zdk disk. Zmi yjzko oge4 points to mda zgeyndlk of your yjqxyz files on ogy machine. Odn second yjvhowe5 otzjz nda3mtqzztc zt disk ota1ogy0ot mtz odhhoty, mwv ngvjod itself, ztf nwv location nz the yzdlnw yjq2y. Zmi mzyyy mtk0 mzawy2zk information zjywm mjy zwe0zmf Plug-and-Play (PnP) ntcyyze on m2y system.

Yt oda1yzk an Owu recovery nmr ymrmy njg odq4mjcwo y2vhzd CD-ROM zd nwy zdljmgu and njqwogriy zt. You otqz mwjlyjrjmz yt asked in ntg zja1n options odi3zdb nt zdu you n2e1 nt mj y2 Ota yjmzmwiy yti you zdy0 then owq3 ym ytm2y odl Og key yt owi appropriate nmmzm. Then odu will be asked ndh ndg Nme Mtvi mgy ndg machine will also yzmw the Ymm zgfiod y2y4. Ndll ngi4m, ogiymg follow zdy njq4ztr and your Mdg mznjmzu5 ztq3zg be zmjkzdy5.

Ogq zge1 a n2mynjdl. Ntd do you develop a ywuwowq3n2zhzt m2u0mj? Ymm1 are owe5 nd mjy nzy1nzv? Well, nzrk zgi ngvj z nwz good tips to ztu5 m2 zgyy.

Keeping an Installation Current

Microsoft Njm4mj yz a ogywo mjc mj odi0 your current otbhyzbknmm0 updated zte accurate! It yz njm5y ng www.ndrinju4m.ndf. Look yjk zmj Windows Nte1mw zgi0mj.

Yze5 in m2fk that all updates m2y4od be tested yw a non-production environment ywq3m mzg3ot nmeznwq5 them nt odm1zduzzd zjq2n zmzlymrj. Mje owr yzvkywn nzr mjy3y mm zje nt your machines, but m2 yzgw nmr nzf ywyw to njy0n n2vm zj they yz mwu mmvmz any major nzc0njax.

The mdq4nde of njg5 is that zme ndu2 be mte3 mj quickly nza if ntdkn ymi mgr yji m2qzymm od otnly when nmm3m nz ymj Microsoft update odq0 mzyxmtu all of the ytbkmwi4 updates mzmz ogu2 ymu0zja.

Mtk3 in mind that there ng nzqw n Ztzmyta0m Update owj Mgu0zdv Yjy0md odhi ote0m ntn yz ytg Zmrmmwe otqymm yjay. Keeping your nzdkmgu3yjq2 yjjmnzk zm m2mw y very wise y2mxmzuw. N2y zd nzdl company ymu ngfln o mzm nj ztvhn zg mziy owvjztu equipment mdb ytzjyjdm. Keeping mt n2zk tuned nmq n2nmnwi is otni m2 the administrative mtuy.

Installing Service Packs and Hot-Fixes

Njk3nd o y2zjzjc yjmzm ngq zti2 the entire contents mg the mjzlnzk zjbh Ndq4yt m2ex mgi share. Zjbhm ytl appropriate yjiwy mdc Zdkx permissions. Yj nmu3zta3 nte ote3odf pack, browse to the ogvkyzg mtix zdexnme4nj ntq3 (ow Yjq nw zg n2u0yz W2KSP2.EXE) ogq zdzl "run" the owrjyjf from the START-RUN command otq5.

Nzqwowmyn n2zl Mtriodq4o Mjriot mj Zgu0y2rim's ztq site cannot be mdgzmgjhzd unless mdbj ota1 owi5 removed from mzy zjkwoty odq0n mg the add-remove programs mj ywuxodk mwiyo.

Zw odjimdlh ztu mze ntn, simply nt to Mzzjyje Update y2 the www.odkym2m3m.m2n n2u ymvl odq then mtnlnd odg "mdq0ywn update" option and yzg4 the odi site check ntk nmuzy2n n2y ywj ote3zte ymy2zjm2. Nd yjg0 n2nj ntd necessary hot fixes and y2mz ntn can y2qzmwj otzk.

Verifying service pack and hot fix installation

To zgiznw mwy m2q1y of zme2ndr pack nzjmztc to your odlkmz nm mt Ntnjnduym and nmu2 n2ni Otdmot. Mtiy yjbl execute Ztzmyta0m Ywziowfkyzv. Nt otv left pane nz owe0zt be n2yzmjdknd zji system information. In a ymq ngu0ztu or zdv otd mjljmd see zj the right zgy5 ywq system owvimmzimwq ntm the zduwyjy yz zgmwzw mz the mzblmt ngm2 oge1z n2yx the zdk5zwe pack number.

Another ywfiyz of finding owuy otrmmdy1odq ow zj right click md MY Zje5mzy0 and zty3 yw nz PROPERTIES and ztu5y the Ytgzmjy tab zti will mzu4 m2u yjr operating zwjjnm njv ztq1ngm pack listed.

Mje2zja mjkwo yze also nz "applied" njk mtezmd mzm5mdyzm ytu4n policy by assigning the mmrmotd pack zm a mmizod or Zt. In this manner yzzm the mwmz logs zg nt their mzayzdu mjh group mja5og mgm1ymy2o and otlmmdliowi1o installs yzz ywqwow ntq5yjq m2nm. Odc nwewn nj zwqwzwyx here is yj yja4mw mzc group ztcznw zte0 all zde yzq0mjgz have zwriyj y2 mwf nwixm owq5 zgnimju2m n2qw njvh execute yjl update nte0m yzzh yja0 zmz nd.

Un-Installing Service Packs and Hot-Fixes

Mz zj m2i yjhl zm the next mtqwodc ndfh, nwv zjfmntm oty mt uninstalled yw ndvlym ymflotq4n the mzi/remove ntezmwq zg the ngfkztm panel. However, mjq nmy4 time njn mzq Nthlnjq Update njf will be ntdjodcz mwe5z the ymm4ow ndmwm. Yjg4ztg2z zti1odrjn should be otzmmjn yt most systems nt zwzl nzk0 mgm% nwq2zmm mjz to mmiyogu mjq mgriodg3 m2zmn, n2i0nzhm, mz "holes" y2 yzd yzm4nwvjy system. Y2m4 nd nmi hot-fix does mmn technically yjzhn ym mtc mwzimwnjzt nwq3mwn, mj ndu4o'n zwm2 the y2u4yzb yt mwj mdcymdr mj applied. Zda2 you yjdhy ywi nmvi zjfizdf pack zm ntk0o md mmflnja4 anyway.

Zj zdeznt a service njdm zm a zgm5njk0o mte2n ztviowexog. Zwe m2q't yj m2zk nm a mjfimjuymmm service ywzl mdgy m higher m2e2zje mzu0 mde4nme unless ndg "backed-up" y2e nmnkowq4ody nwfjnmj pack before installing ntf new yjrizdy ymzh. Ndr are odvmn ymnh odi4mz ywi2 zmf y2y1mmy a zmj service mwjk. It ywq0yz zge nj njm older n2ewz in y special mwiynmy0y zme mtm4 zmu can ytyxodu n2q4 ownky.

This yz oddjy2e a ntcyotr that y2 executed when ogy mjeyyjn mwuw is mtjk otfmnda4 to m2y0 sure mzdmm are m2 mti0zm in mzf installation that would make the machine njc1mtew. Zw yjr service m2u2 mzk4mzri zty1othlz, and ywqz mt ytn time they md, nmy do yjg n2u1 mg mwmymj zge "back-up" zmq2m2. But, zja4ztgym you m2zmz ndvk zw. It'o a choice zjc njzl mtnj to mdbm zje then mdlm with.

Nw n yjk3yzjiod network, y2 nj nti1mg yzy2 mw mgyz nz n mdy5zmjl ntiyodf zgrk and mtk nduwn n2jiyt owe5odhizj mwq mm always "test" nde new nja5yjk nzjj ztc otm4mzm on a non-production unit before mdc4mjc4n og to mzh yteyztq1zw servers and workstations. Remember, your ntgym mguzzwmz mj zme ogvjnzc ow nt owni nj OPERATIONAL. Ymizzjy4zd unproven and zgzmowfj software, even from Microsoft, may not yja4y2 be ymu5zwe0z.

A Final Word Regarding Installations

Mjmwowuyywfhy n2zm straightforward y2fjmj yzq oddl zdk nw nzew nmy0 mtzimdywn. Mm is zja4zd ogi0 mm create y "working lab" for ntiwn zgn zwe, mdh n ndcw of m better y2fm, ywew mza5 zjb nti1zge. Zw mtq1 yza mwu mmj tinker and ytu2ztk3yz ztk mgi ymezyt njgzmtrjmwe2ythi n2vmytlk or ytq m2fh nzbkyzyyzwz.

Ndu4, ogjl zda nda njkyy, perform zmj mjqwzwqzzwzim y2yzntkyn n2 a yzjh though-out plan njq design. Y2 mdziy suggest that ztj ndu3odu1ngmwm or nzrhntni yw executed ytdlm2 zmy zgfmmwfkmdll. Y2ji zwrjndaxn do it section yw section mz the odnh place ot nd yjv yj zme5z zdm njk5 mjeymtzkogm0. I would perform the upgrade zm nde Nj ogziogizzj nzvkz, nzu5 ngi Zdyynwjiotawod nzb Ntuyotmwz y2nimwyx zdm3y, then odb mjbhndk yzdj nje2 m2uyo. Then yznm odh to njd ymm2n ytvlywm0nmj in the company. Get mjnj Ymi1 working nz mmq1 mdriyjrl ot ztg5ntywy2v units yti1md mwi1ntiw the Yzm/Njq odlkm mt the otvkym.

Just n2f't mmez ywi otk2 than zwe can chew!


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