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In 1994 OSHA added three general requirements to the Personal Protective Equipment standard (CFR 1910.132). What were they?

Answer to Challenge Question

1) OSHA made it the employer's responsibility to assess the workplace to determine if hazards are, or are likely to be, present.

2) OSHA made it the employer's responsibility to ensure that damaged or defective PPE is never used.

3) OSHA required employers to provide training to any employee required to use PPE selected after the workplace hazard assessment has been performed.

Even though the OSHA PPE standard is very mature, the employee training requirements it mandates are never completed. This is because the standard requires employers to conduct retraining if:

a) there is evidence that the employee's skills in PPE use are lacking or been forgotten.

b) there is a change in the type of PPE used that was not covered by the original training.

c) there are chages in the workplace that were not addresses in the original training.

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