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Interpretation of Inorganic Data
by Roy-Keith Smith, PhD
ISBN # 1-890911-24-0


Genium's newest environmental analysis title, Interpretation of Inorganic Data, provides your lab and you with the means to accurately test and analyze your data while maintaining a high degree of data quality and integrity.

This book gives the reader a full understanding of the scientific approaches to inorganic data testing and analysis based on the EPA's Performance Based Measurement System (PBMS) and concisely explains what constitutes good and acceptable scientific practice and analysis.

Dr. Roy-Keith Smith discusses how no one or two or three general analytical techniques can solve all-or even most-of the analytical problems for inorganic analytes, as gas chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography, do for organic analysis. Instead, the author explains how and why specific procedures have been developed to take advantage of individual chemical characteristics exhibited by the elements in their myriad forms. Numerous charts, graphs, and illustrations further articulate the necessary techniques to conduct, understand, and examine inorganic data tests.

Interpretation of Inorganic Data covers what quality control and quality assurance procedures should be followed in order to ensure data and analytical integrity, explaining how particular QA/QC techniques can subtly affect selecting the right method.

The analytical methodologies, quality assurance procedures, and quality control techniques found in this book are indispensable to anyone who has to contend with testing, analyzing, or interpreting inorganic environmental data.

Interpretation of Inorganic Data is a companion to Interpretation of Organic Data.

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Interpretation of Inorganic Data
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2 Book Set - Includes Interpretation of Inorganic Data and Organic Data
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