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Here's What's New in the Fourth Edition
Handbook of Environmental Analysis

The new Fourth Edition was recently completed. The entire book has been revised. Section 3, Organic Parameters, has undergone a complete re-write to include detailed discussions of both Updates III and IV to SW-846, and other evolving technologies.

Other major revisions include discussions of the AFCEE QAPP version 3.0, and Standard Methods 20th Edition. A discussion of Natural Attenuation is added. The FIFRA program has published a consolidated methods manual; which is described. The EPA has established a workgroup to prepare a biosolids analytical manual and the program to date is reviewed. An expanded discussion of toxicity testing for both EPA and OECD is included. Groundwater and site-remediation evaluations using the Appendix IX list of analytes are discussed in Section 4. The commercialized PE replacement program for the WS and WP studies is examined and contacts into NELAP are presented. Many new and revised analytical methods have been added to the lists in Section 1.II. References to and discussion of over 30 new or revised testing manuals have been included. The Regulatory Contact directory has been updated to the most current information, particularly with regards to phone numbers.

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Handbook of Environmental Analysis 4th Edition
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