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Handbook of Binary Phase Diagrams

The Handbook originated in 1960 with the late Dr. William G. Moffatt, a former staff member of General Electric's Corporate Research & Development, Metallurgy & Ceramics Laboratory. The diagrams contained in Genium's collection represent a continuation of the work of the Hansen, Elliott, and Shunk series, Constitution of Binary Alloys. Beginning where Shunk's volume left off and arranged alphabetically, this collection of redrawn diagrams is based on information that has appeared in the world's literature since 1964. Starting your search for phase diagrams in the Genium collection will lead you to the most recent data available. The indexes to Hansen, Elliott, and Shunk's works are combined with the Genium index into one quick and easy-to-use cross-index for subsequent diagrams.

Here's why the Handbook is so useful:
  • Rapid discovery and publishing - Through frequent updating, the collection benefits from the short time between discovery of new or revised diagrams and their appearance in the Genium collection. Assessment is largely left to the user, but in exchange, the diagrams are in your hands up to five years before they are published with full assessment.
  • References to sources - Provided with each diagram are references to the originators and other contributors so you can get more information from the source.
  • Common scale - Whenever possible, diagrams in the Genium collection are drawn to the same scale to facilitate easy comparisons.
  • Loose-leaf pages - The Genium collection is continuously updated, unlike other collections that require the expensive purchase of a whole new hardbound edition. And unlike phase diagrams printed as bound books, the loose-leaf pages of Genium's collection permit side-by-side comparisons with other diagrams.
  • Index to phase diagrams - Users receive an index to all the Genium diagrams plus an index to all the related diagrams found in the previously published three-volume Constitution of Binary Alloys series edited by Hansen, Elliott, and Shunk.

In addition to the diagrams, the Handbook has begun to include unique tables of materials information, generally including data on thermodynamics, crystallography, diffusion data, and polymorphism.

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Handbook of Binary Phase Diagrams
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