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Security a Growing Topic on All Cisco R&S; Exams

Those who are not spending a great deal of time studying security topics because they are not studying for a Cisco security exam may be in for a surprise. Security finds its way into many Cisco exams. If you read the topic lists for the CCIE R&S; written and the BCRAN 642-821 exams you find very little mentioned about security, but that's not what we are hearing. People are telling us that a solid understanding of security topics is necessary if you want to pass these two exams. Topics that we've heard that are on these two exams include: AAA, IPSec, AH, ESP, and IKE. CertZone now has three excellent Study Guides on these topics:

Securing Communications Part 1 by Annlee Hines
Other VPNs by Annlee Hines
And the newly released AAA by David Wolsefer

1. Encryption alone can assure

a) Privacy

b) Confidentiality

c) Source identity

d) Authorship

2. A Digital Certificate is a Digital Signature that has been encrypted with the signer's public key.

a) True

b) False

3. Which of the following are IPSec protocols?
(Choose 2)

a) Authentication Header (AH)

b) Internet Key Exchange (IKE)

c) Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)

d) Security Association (SA)

4. Which of the following are IPSec operating modes?
(Choose 2)

a) Manual configuration mode

b) IKE mode

c) Tunnel mode

d) Transport mode

5. IPSec VPNs offer more ________ than Layer 2 VPNs.

a) Confidentiality

b) Nonrepudiation

c) Integrity

d) All of these are correct

6. IPSec crypto access lists:

a) Select/deselect traffic for IPSec processing

b) Select/deselect traffic for passage through the interface

c) Cause manual IPSec associations to be created

d) All of these are correct

7. While IPSec can be nested with Layer 2 VPNs, it cannot be applied in multiple layers itself.

a) True

b) False

8. Which of the following is true concerning IKE?

a) IKE authenticates IPSec peers and establishes a session to create and manage keys (if necessary)

b) IKE occurs in two phases

c) IKE negotiation occurs using UDP rather than TCP

d) All of these are correct

9. Which AAA system(s) does CiscoSecure ACS support?

a) Radius

b) Tacacs

c) Kerberos

d) Radius and Tacacs

e) Radius, Tacacs, and Kerberos

10. Which AAA protocol(s) encrypt the entire body of the packet, but leaves a standard header?

a) Radius

b) Tacacs

c) Kerberos

d) Radius and Tacacs

e) None of the above, you need IPSec ESP to do this.

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