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New CCVP Study Zone Begins Next Month

We're extremely pleased to announce another reason why you should consider purchasing a new Certification Zone subscription or extend the one you currently have. It's our new CCVP (Cisco Certified Voice Professional) Study Zone. When it's completed, this new area of our site will contain a collection of six outstanding Study Guides that will include all of the self-study resources a CCNA needs to pass the five exams necessary to attain this hot new certification.

IT professionals who can effectively integrate voice technology into underlying network architectures are truly at a premium. Cisco created the CCVP certification in response to this heightened market demand for knowledgeable network professionals who can implement and support complex Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems. By obtaining the CCVP certification, you're confirming your ability to develop transparent, scalable, and manageable telephony solutions. It's exactly this type of timely technical achievement that gets IT careers on the fast track.

Here's the tentative schedule for the evolution of Certification Zone's new CCVP Study Zone:

July 1, 2023 - Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-432 CVOICE-Cisco Voice Over IP

July 15, 2023 - Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-642 QOS-Quality of Service

August, 2005 - Part 1 of the Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-444 CIPT-Cisco IP Telephony

October, 2005 - Part 2 of the Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-444 CIPT-Cisco IP Telephony

November, 2005 - Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-425 IPTT-IP Telephony Troubleshooting

January, 2006 - Study guide for Cisco Exam No. 642-452 GW/GK-Gateway/Gatekeeper

If you'd like to pursue the CCVP certification track, you must first become a CCNA. A Certification Zone subscription gets you access to one of the best and most comprehensive self-study resources for CCNA exam preparation. And by the time you've earned your CCNA, the Zone's CCVP Study Zone will be waiting for you.

If you're already a CCNA, you'll be able to begin your quest for the CCVP certification by preparing for the CVOICE or QOS exams using the Zone's newly expanded CVOICE & QOS Study Guides in July. Then, as each new Zone CCVP Study Guide becomes available, your Zone subscription will give you the ongoing access you need to study your way right along the five-exam path to this prized certification.

We offer four different subscription packages including 1-month, six-month, twelve-month, and lifetime. Cisco's career-ladder certification model and ongoing recertification requirements have made the Zone's lifetime package a very popular option for IT career professionals. You can learn more about each option at http://www.certificationzone.com/cisco/join/