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To create its highly regarded networking information products, Certification Zone has always relied on a skilled group of world-class experts, who are certified and experienced, to write and develop our Cisco certification preparation products. Instead of using just one or two networking professionals to address the multitude of topics addressed on Cisco's certification exams, Certification Zone finds experts in each topic who have hands-on field experience with the technologies they cover for our site.

Andrew Whitaker
Annlee Hines
Barry Meinster
Chris Ackerman
Chuck Larrieu
Dale Holmes
Damarcus Richards
Dan Farkas
David Wolsefer
Dennis Laganiere
Don Dettmore
Galina Pildush
Howard C. Berkowitz
Jason Sinclair
Jason Wydra
John Neiberger
Katherine Tallis
Ken Chipps
Kevin Downes
Leigh Anne Chisholm
Marc R. Menninger
Marianne Lepp
Mark Poplar
Marvin Greenlee
Michael Connelly
Mike Sweeney
Peter A. Van Oene
Priscilla Oppenheimer
Richard Gosney
Rita Puzmanova
Rodgers Moore
Ronald Trunk
Scott Morris
Shirley Myers

John Neiberger

John Neiberger

Certification Zone Study Guides by John Neiberger:

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John Neiberger is a WAN Systems Analyst for a bank based in Denver, Colorado. His background is primarily in routing and switching within an enterprise environment including IP, IPX, and SNA over a hundred-node frame relay network, with a little ISDN, DSL, and ATM thrown in. John was an Operations Supervisor at a branch of a bank before he decided to dive back into a computer-related field. Over the last four years he has attained the CCNP and CCDP certifications and is working toward CCIE.

John is married and has a two-month-old son who has turned out to be quite a distraction from studying. John's primary focus now is finding time to sleep.

Ronald Trunk

Certification Zone Study Guides by Ronald Trunk:

Interior Redistribution

Ronald Trunk has over twenty years experience in Network Design and System Integration. He has worked or consulted for a variety of governmental, financial, legal, educational and commercial organizations including the U.S. Postal Service, GTE Spacenet, Security Pacific National Bank, Maryland National Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Steptoe & Johnson, LLP, University of California and numerous smaller firms in both the U.S. and Europe.

Ronald has currently been promoted to Network Architect at TimeBridge Technologies, Inc. Ronald is CCIE #5942.

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