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Other Means of IP QoS control:
Connection Admission Control, Policy Routing and Egress Queuing

by Howard Berkowitz

    States and Connections
QoS and Topology
Delay Sources
Another Kind of Policing: Connection Admission Control
    Distinct and Shared Reservations
    Background Part 1: Soft State
    Background Part 2: The Role of WFQ
    RSVP/WFQ Interactions with BE
    Configuring WFQ
    WFQ and Frame Relay
    RSVP: Functionality
    Basic RSVP Configuration
    RSVP: Topology
    RSVP Commands
First Steps toward Traffic Engineering
  Static Routing of Specific Traffic
  Using Policy-Based Routing
    A Special Case
    Policy Routing Performance
    Next Hop Verification
  Controlling Routing Updates at Interfaces
    Large Distribution Router Applications
    Controlling the Advertising of Routes in Routing Updates
Special Cases in Forwarding
    RIBs, FIBs, and Caches
  Load Balancing
    Round Robin
    Unequal-Cost Load Balancing
    Per Destination
    Source-Destination Hash
    Aha! But There's the Load Parameter in (E)IGRP
    Where and When to Drop
    Jitter, Fragmentation, and Dejittering
    Platform-Dependent Queuing Mechanisms
    How Important Are Large MTUs?
    MTU Management to Avoid Undesired Fragmentation
    ATM Segmentation
    X.25 Fragmentation
    Frame Relay Fragmentation
    X.25 Packet Level on Dedicated Links?
  Traceroute and Ping May Give Different Results
    Know When to Trust Ping/Traceroute Performance Information
  Forwarding Delay from Router Ingress to Egress
    Forwarding Overhead and Processor Loading
Proactive Congestion Management with RED
Reactive Congestion Management and Scheduling Outgoing Traffic
    Finding the Queuing Mechanism
  Priority Queuing
    Configuring Priority Queuing
  Custom Queuing (CQ)
    Basic CQ Operation
    Basic CQ Configuration
    A Special Case
  Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)
  Low-Latency Queuing
  Must-Read for Certification
  Further Reading

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