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WAN Troubleshooting Guide

by Priscilla Oppenheimer

WAN Definitions
  WAN Standards
  WAN Architectures
WAN Troubleshooting Targets
    DSUs versus CSUs
  Channel Service Unit/Digital Service Units (CSU/DSUs)
    Signal Encoding
    CSU/DSU Alarms and Error Reports
    Loopback Testing
  Router WAN Interfaces
    The Show Interface Command
    There Are No Collisions on Serial Interfaces!
Troubleshooting Specific WAN Technologies
  High-Level Data Link Control
    You've Been SLARPed
    Troubleshooting Cisco's HDLC
  Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
    Troubleshooting PPP
  Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
    ISDN Layer 1
    ISDN Layer 2
    ISDN Layer 3
    Troubleshooting ISDN
  Frame Relay
    Frame Relay Congestion Control
    Mapping Network Layer Addresses to DLCIs
    Frame Relay Local Management Interface
    LMI type vs. Encapsulation type
    Troubleshooting Frame Relay

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