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Securing Communications Lab 1: IPSec

by Annlee Hines

IPSec protection should be designed to protect enough without overly burdening the processors along the way. This laboratory scenario tests your ability to plan your IPSec implementation, and then to execute it on one of the routers. The first two exercises (Step 1 and Step 2) are intended more to make you think about how to employ IPSec; the third (Step 3) asks you to lay out one instance of the three major pieces of the configuration.

Step1: Design the IPSec connection between Development and Marketing
  Step 1 Solution
Step 2: Design the IPSec connection between Marketing and Corporate
  Step 2 Solution
Step 3: Design the 3 major components of the IPSec connection from R1 to R2
  Step 3 Solution
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    Transform Sets
    Crypto Maps

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