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Securing Communications, Part 1

by Annlee Hines

  What is Cryptography?
  Privacy vs. Confidentiality
  Levels of Confidentiality
  Anonymity vs. Pseudonymity
Reasons to Use Cryptography
  Resource Protection
Message Transformations
  Symmetric Functions
    Modulus Arithmetic
  Stream Ciphers
    One-Time Pads
    Block Ciphers
  One-way Functions
  Asymmetric Functions
    Public Key Cryptography
    Digital Signatures and Certificates
Confidence in Your Outcomes
    The Birthday Problem
Algorithms and Their Keys
    Entropy Strikes Again
Performing the Encryption
    A Look at Boolean Operators
  Electronic Code Book (ECB)
  Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
  Message Authentication Code (MAC)
  DES and 3DES
  Public and Private Key Encryption
Key Management
  Security Association (SA)
  IPSec Protocols
    Authentication Header (AH)
    Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
  IKE Negotiation
    Why "Oakley"?
    Phase 1
    Phase 2
  IPSec Usage
Cisco IPSec Implementation
  Crypto Access Lists
  Crypto Maps
    Transform Sets
    Permissible Transforms
    Manual Crypto Map Creation
    IKE Crypto Map Creation
  Traffic Matching

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