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by Galina Pildush

What is MPLS?
    So what is Traffic Engineering?
    MPLS and VPNs
  MPLS Concepts
    We're switching labels. Where are they and how do we know where to send them?
    Label Switched Routers (LSRs)
    Label assignment and distribution
    Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
  MPLS and traditional routing
  MPLS and ATM
Signaling Protocols
    What is RSVP?
    Soft State and Hard State
    RSVP Messages and their roles
    Traffic engineering and RSVP
    Will CR-LDP be supported in the future?
    What is LDP?
    Traffic Engineering and LDP
  RSVP vs. LDP
MPLS traffic engineering
  How does MPLS traffic engineering work?
  Use and enhancements of SPF routing protocols
Configuring MPLS
  MPLS without TE
    Using OSPF as the IGP
    Using IS-IS as the IGP
  MPLS with TE
    Using OSPF as the IGP with Traffic Engineering

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