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Lab Scenario 1: Configuring a Frame Relay Switch

by David Wolsefer

This lab is a build-to-specifications test. It illustrates some of the different ways to configure a router as a frame relay switch and emphasizes the differences between a partially meshed switch and a fully meshed switch. When you thoroughly understand the differences between each configuration, you will be prepared to configure your own frame relay switch for any given practice scenario.

Equipment Needed
Network Specifications for a Partially Meshed Frame Switch
  Initial Configuration
    R1's Configuration
    R2's Configuration
    R3's Configuration
  Progress Check
  Final Configuration
Network Specifications for a Fully Meshed Frame Switch
  Solution Revealed - Grading Yourself
    IP Routing Tables
  Final Configurations
    R1's Configuration
    R2's Configuration
    R3's Configuration
    Fully Meshed Frame Switch Configuration
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