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Routing and Switching CCIE Lab Preparation Guide

by David Wolsefer

  CCIE Test Nondisclosure Policy
  CCIE Lab Preparation Blueprint
  The Cisco Web Site
  Exam Description
  Further Recommendations
    Find a Mentor
    Develop Confidence and Self-Control
Time Management
  Improving Your Speed
    Base Configuration
  The Network Diagram
  Network Address Planning
Preparing for the Lab Exam
  Books to Read
  Obtaining a Home Lab
    Lab 1 - The Budget Lab
    Lab 2 - The Complete Lab
  Training Classes
Skills Needed for the CCIE Lab
  How to Configure a Router as a Frame Switch
    Fully Meshed Frame Switch
    Partially Meshed Frame Switch
  Configuring a Terminal Server
  Configuring A LightStream 1010 ATM Switch
Role of the Proctor
Preparing For Troubleshooting
  Obtaining Access to the Routers and Switches
  Check Layer 1
  Check Layer 2
  Check Layer 3
Stress Management
  A Final Warning

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