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ISIS Routing In Single Areas

by Peter A. Van Oene

        Differences in Capabilities
  A Brief History
        Routeing vs. Routing
Building the Foundation
  Area Structure
        System IDs: A Continuing Use
        ISIS and Tags
  Forming Adjacencies
  Multi-Access Networks
        LANs - The Designated Router
        LANs - Flooding on the LAN
        Behavior Differences when New Routers Join LANs
        NBMA Networks
Protocol Data Unit (PDU) Structure
  Hello Packets
  Link State Packets
        The Link State Database
  Sequence Number Packets
        Complete Sequence Number Packet
        Partial Sequence Number Packet
Route Selection and Manipulation
  Populating the Routing Table
  Manipulating Metrics
  Exiting the Area
  Adjacency Formation
        Hello Type Mismatch
        Area ID Mismatch
  Authentication Issues
        Interface Passwords
        Area Passwords
Command Reference
Looking Ahead

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