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1. Frame Relay and OSPF - This lab is designed to illustrate some of the problems associated with NBMA networks and link-state routing protocols such as OSPF. Although the lab specifications will require you to solve problems in ways that you will probably never see in a production network, you will find that the same problem can be solved more than one way, sometimes using layer 2 techniques and sometimes using layer 3 techniques.

2. Troubleshooting - There are numerous faults inserted on each router. I chose to use RIP version 2 as the routing protocol to familiarize the reader with the differences from ordinary RIP or RIP version 1, as well as the problems a distance vector routing protocol causes in an NBMA network. This lab is also designed to test your knowledge of practical matters such as frame relay switch configuration, LMI type, frame relay encapsulation, as well as the way the different interface types compare to each other.

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