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Author: Howard C. Berkowitz

Focus: BSCI & CCIE R&S;

Issue Date: Mar 1, 2023

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Scalable Routing and Link State Review

In this Tutorial, the primary focus is on scalability in path determination, although some attention will be paid to scalable forwarding, and the Link State protocols of OSPF and IS-IS. This paper focuses on general concepts that consistently confuse beginners in classes and in networking mailing lists. CertificationZone offers a series of Study Guides on the details of specific routing protocols, including their troubleshooting and configuration:

  • Routing principles and IOS Implementation Considerations, goes more deeply into scalable forwarding.

  • OSPF Part 1: Routing in Single Areas

  • OSPF Part 2: Hierarchical Routing

  • IS-IS Part 1: Routing in Single Areas

  • IS-IS Part 2: Hierarchical Routing

  • BGP Part 1

  • BGP Part 2

  • BGP Part 3


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