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QoS 2 Lab: Ensuring Critical Traffic Delivery with Queuing Options

by Howard Berkowitz


For this Lab Scenario you have traffic on the Ethernet that will overwhelm the links if it is not controlled in some manner. On one router, you must guarantee delivery of critical traffic. On a second router, you must have a high probability of delivery of critical traffic. On a third router, you must have guaranteed delivery of critical traffic with controlled bandwidth for other traffic.

Step 1: Set Up Test Environment
Step 2: First Intermediate Router: Guaranteed Delivery of Critical Traffic (Install on R2)
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  Router Configurations
Step 3: Second Router: High-Probability Delivery of Critical Traffic (Install on R3)
Step 4: Third Router: Guaranteed Delivery with Controlled Bandwidth for Other Traffic (Install on R4)
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  Additional Router Configuration
Router Configurations

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