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The 3550 and New Switching Philosophies for the CCIE Lab

by Chuck Larrieu

  Brief History of Cisco Switching
  New Interface Metaphors
Switches Being Replaced in the CCIE Lab
  Catalyst 5000
  Catalyst 3920
Housekeeping Commands
  Common IOS commands
    show boot
    show flash
  Commonalties with Routers
  Configuring Multiple Interfaces Simultaneously
    Securing Telnet Access to the Switch
  IOS Concessions to Set-Based Commands
The 3550 Metaphor for Interfaces
L2 Functionality with Pure Switches
  802.1x -- Port Based Authentication
  Spanning Tree Protocol (STP): IEEE 802.1D
    Uplink Fast/Backbone Fast Configuration
  VLAN Configuration
    Standard-Range VLAN Configuration
    Configuring Extended VLANs
    Verifying VLAN Configuration
    VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) Configuration
  Fast EtherChannel
L3 Functionality Possible with Two or More Routers with VLAN Capability
  Layer 3 -- Routing
  Hot-Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
Service Provider-Oriented Functions
  802.1Q (VLAN) Tunneling
Switch Optimization
  Access Template
  Default Template
  Routing Template
  VLAN Template
L2 Access-Lists
  When to Use Access-Lists and VLAN-Maps
Between the Layers -- Fallback Bridging
  Case 1: Routed Interfaces
  Case 2: Interfaces in Different VLANs
Quality of Service (QoS)
  Enabling QoS on the 3550
  Using Class-Maps
    Example 1: Classify, Police, and Mark Using Policy Maps.
    Example 2: Classify, Police, and Mark Traffic Using Aggregate Policers
  Configuring DSCP Maps
A Word about IRB/CRB and L3 in general
A Word about DLSw+

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