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Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

by Jason Sinclair

    EIGRP -- Distance Vector or Link State?
  Distance Vector
  Link State
  History of Distance Vector (DV) IGPs
  History of EIGRP
EIGRP Operation and Mechanics
  Overview of EIGRP terminology
  EIGRP Neighbors and the Hello Mechanism
  EIGRP Packet Format
    EIGRP does use Router IDs
  Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)
  EIGRP Metrics
  EIGRP Route Selection Mechanism
  EIGRP Internal Mechanisms -- The Databases
  Topology Changes and Link Failures
    EIGRP Actions during Link Failure
    The EIGRP Query/Response Process
    Stuck-In-Active Events
  Solving the SIA Problem
    Route Summarization
    Default Routes and EIGRP Stub Routing
  EIGRP in NBMA Networks
    Spoke to Spoke Connectivity
    EIGRP Congestion Issues
Basic EIGRP Configuration
  Classful Autosummarization
  Classless Configuration
Additional EIGRP Features
  EIGRP Load Balancing -- Equal Path
  Unequal Cost Load Balancing
    Automatic Summarization
    Problems with Auto Summarization
    Manual Summarization
  Bandwidth Use
Common EIGRP Configuration Tasks
  Equal cost load balancing
  Unequal cost load balancing
  Running multiple EIGRP processes
  Configuring EIGRP Unicast Neighbors
  Configuring EIGRP Neighbor Authentication
Protocol Redistribution
  Overview of Redistribution
  Redistribution between EIGRP Autonomous Systems
  Automatic and manual redistribution between IGRP and EIGRP
  Redistribution between other IGPs
  Redistribution between EIGRP and BGP
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