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Routing Information Protocol

by Rita Puzmanova

    "Routing Domain" vs. "Autonomous System"
    Reminder: Routing = Path Determination + Packet Forwarding
Distance Vector Routing Algorithms
    Distance Vector Algorithm
  Distance Vector Protocol Operation
    Distance Vector Routing Protocol Evolution
    Routing Table Entries
    Building Network Knowledge
    Change in Topology
    Routing Update Processing
  Routing Updates
    Periodic vs. Triggered Updates
    Characteristics of Distance Vector Protocols Summarized
  Distance Vector Routing Issues
    Network Convergence
    Loop Detection and Prevention
  Routing Loop Prevention
    Split Horizon
    Poison Reverse
    Quick Tip -- Split Horizon
    Holddown Timer
    Holddown Timer
    Other Timers
    Summary of Distance Vector Pros and Cons
  RIP Routing Operation
    Triggered Updates
  Sending and Receiving Updates
    Routing Table
  RIP Version 1 Packet Format
    Criteria for Declaring RIP updates Invalid
  Stability Features and Timers
    RIP Version 1 at a Glance
  RIPv1 and Subnet Masks
    Subnet Masks within RIP
  IP RIPv1 Configuration on Cisco Routers
    Basic RIP Configuration: Enabling RIP
    Optional RIP Configuration Commands
    Monitoring RIP
    Debugging RIP
RIPv2: Standard
    RIP Version 2 at a Glance
  RIPv1 versus RIPv2
  RIPv2 Packet Format
  RIPv2 Configuration on Cisco Routers
    Basic Configuration -- RIPv2 Enabled
    RIP Authentication
  RIPv1 and RIPv2 Coexistence
    Configuration: Controlling Support of RIP Version(s)
  IP RIP Summarization and Redistribution
    RIP Summarization Principles
    Configuration -- Summarization
Advanced RIP
  Server-Based Routing Scenarios
RIP Next Generation
IP RIP Characteristics, Strengths, and Weaknesses
  RIP Characteristics
  RIP Strengths
  RIP Weaknesses
Other Proprietary RIP Implementations
  Xerox Networking System RIP
  AppleTalk Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
  RIP in Novell
  VINES Routing Table Protocol
    Sequenced RTP
    Summary of Basic (Cisco) RIP Characteristics

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