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Multicast Lab Scenario 1 -- Basic Configuration

by David Wolsefer

This lab is designed to be a build-to-specifications test. There are two sets of specifications. The intent of this lab is to take a network at its simplest and configure the network to support multicast. The first set of specifications will walk you through the simplest means of automatically configuring the network for multicast. The second set of specifications will repeat the goals of the first set of specifications -- but with manual configuration. This lab covers both the routers and the Catalyst switch. Numerous issues need to be addressed for this lab to work correctly. The lab is designed to illustrate the basic tasks required to get multicast working as well as how to troubleshoot and check your work.

Initial Configuration
  R1's Starting Configuration and Unicast Routing Table
  R2's Starting Configuration and Unicast Routing Table
Network Specifications
  Network Specifications Part 1
  Network Specifications Part 2
  Part 1 Solutions
    Router 1 Part 1
    Switch Part 1
    Router 2 Part 1
  Part 2 Solutions
    Router 1 Part 2
    Switch Part 2
Final Configurations
  Part 1 Final Configurations
    R1 Part 1
    R2 Part 1
  Part 2 Final Router Configurations
    R1 Part 2
    R2 Part 2
  Another Check

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