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OSPF in Single Areas: Learning the Protocol

by Howard Berkowitz

Components of Areas
    Selecting Area Identifiers
Basic OSPF Components
    Special Links
Configuring OSPF
  Prerequisites to OSPF Startup
  Basic OSPF Startup
  Address Advertising Inside Areas
    Wildcard and Subnet Masks
    So, How are Network Statements Applied by IOS?
  Costs and Metrics
Router Relationships
  Hello Protocols and Interface Initialization
  Neighbor and Adjacency Relationships
    Secondaries can be Primary Problems
OSPF Protocol Mechanisms
  OSPF Hello Processing
    Hello Packets must be ...sniff... of an acceptable sort.
  Link State Advertisements
  Designated Routers
    Becoming a DR or BDR
    DR and BDR Response to Failures
  Database Initialization
    Remember, there can be Multiple Adjacencies.
  Propagating Topology Changes
    Synchronization isn't always good.
    Improving Update Efficiency
    Dealing with Old LSAs
  Stub Networks and Host Routes
Convergence Time after Changes
  Failure Detection on the Local Router
    Optical Hope
  Change Propagation
Media Issues
  OSPF NBMA Networks
    Explicit NBMA
    OSPF Point-to-MultiPoint
    The Good, the Bad, and the Subinterface
    NBMA Timing Issues
  OSPF Demand Networks

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