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Table of Contents

Scalable Routing and Link State Review

by Howard Berkowitz

        Can You Say "Marketing-Speak"?
        Clueful or Classful?
Basic Network Topology
  Using Street Maps: Flat Routing
  Hierarchical Dynamic Routing
        Area Sizing
        Area Identifiers
        Controlling Internal Route Propagation
  Autonomous Systems and Routing Domains
        Controlling External Route Propagation
  Processes, Areas, and Domains
Relationships in Dynamic Routing
        Special Cases of Adjacency
  Basics of Dynamically Routed Area Sizing
        When Might a Single Area Make Sense?
        Initial Convergence
Scalable Algorithms
  Brief Look at DV and Its Evolution
        Is there still a place for RIP?
  Link State Requirements and Functions
  Link State Protocol History
  Differences and Similarities in Protocol Design
        Compare performance with comparable parameters
        Future IGP Directions
Who am I? Router Initialization
  Router Initialization
  Single Process Definition
        Defining the IS-IS Process
  Multiple Process Definition
        Complex IS-IS
  Database Initialization and Synchronization
Neighbor Management
  DR/Pseudonode Election
  Special Media and Topology Issues
        Nonbroadcast Multiaccess
        Demand Media
        Stub Media
Advertising Networks
  Scoping and Areas
Advertising Changes
  Reliably Transmitted Updates: Subnet Scope
  Reliably Transmitted Updates: Area Flooding
  Error Recovery
        DR Failure
Path Determination
  Intra-Area Path Determination
  Inter-Area and External Path Determination

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