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Lab Scenario 2 - Dialer Profiles with Authentication

by David Wolsefer

This lab is designed to walk you through a basic dialer profile configuration and the special requirements this places on PPP CHAP authentication. This lab will show you what commands to type in and how to check that you have configured things correctly step by step. Some of the steps that were covered in great detail in the first lab scenario will not be covered as thoroughly in this scenario, so refer to the first lab as needed.

Network Specifications
The Starting Configurations
Configure Global Commands
  1. Configure the ISDN switch type on each router
  2. No shut the BRI interfaces
  3. Configure the Username Password Database
  4. Define Interesting Traffic Using Dialer Lists
  5. Configure the Rip version 2 routing protocol
Configure Physical Interface Commands
  1. Enable encapsulation PPP
  2. Specify ppp authentication chap
  3. Configure SPIDs (If Necessary)
  4. Assign the physical BRI interface to a dialer pool
Configure Logical Dialer Interface Commands
  1. Create the logical dialer interface
  2. Assign an IP address to the dialer interface
  3. Enable PPP Encapsulation
  4. Configure the Dialer Interface for PPP Authentication CHAP
  5. Apply the dialer-list to define interesting traffic
  6. Specify which dialer-pool to use
  7. Configure the dialer remote name and string
  8. Check our work
  Router1's Final Configuration
  Router2's Final Configuration

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