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1. Voice over IP - Your organization wants to call from one location to another via your private leased line, which is passing only IP traffic. Because of this, you decide that a VoIP solution is the best way to do go about providing communication between the two offices.

2. Voice over Frame Relay - You find that the bulk of the long distance calls are made to the company's remote office. If these costs could be curtailed, the phone bill would be reduced by 60%. Already existing is a Frame-Relay network between the two sites with a CIR of 768 Kbps. Although the company needs this network to do business, you find that the traffic between the sites is a bit lower than the CIR even at peak. You have heard that Voice over IP is not as efficient as Voice over a Layer 2 protocol, so you decide to take advantage of your already existing Frame-Relay network to transport voice.

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