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1. Configuring PVCs on Cisco 4500 Routers, RFC 2684:
Configure the Cisco router for operation
Configure a full mesh PVC environment
Configure RFC 2684

2. Configuring Next Hop Resolution Protocol on Routers:
Configure NHRP on the Cisco 4500 routers
Implement three logical IP subnets (LISs) over the ATM backbone
Demonstrate the advantages of NHRP

3. Configuring LANE for Dual-Homed Catalyst Switches with Redundancy:
Configure Catalyst 5000 Switches as primary and secondary LECS, LES/BUS
Configure two Catalyst 5000 switches to interconnect their VLAN 2 to ELAN
Configure the LES addresses and ELAN names into the LECS databases
Configure the LES and the BUS for the appropriate ELAN
Configure the routers as LANE clients
Verify connectivity for the appropriate ELAN
Verify a particular design's physical redundancy with SSRP redundancy

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