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Answer the following questions and the Zone will prescribe what you need to do in order to pass Cisco's CCNA Certification Exam:

1. Does your current job require you to design, configure, or maintain networks or internetworks?

a. Yes
b. No

2. How many total years of experience do you have working in jobs that required you to design, configure, or maintain networks or internetworks?

a. Less than 1 year
b. Between 1-2 years
c. More than 2 years

3. How many years of experience do you have in jobs that required you to configure Cisco routers and/or switches?

a. Less than 1 year
b. 1 to 2 years
c. More than 2 years

4. Are you currently enrolled or have you already graduated from the Cisco Networking Academy Program?

a. No
b. Currently enrolled as first year student
c. Currently enrolled as second year student
d. Currently enrolled as third year student
e. Currently enrolled as fourth year student
f. I'm a graduate of the Academy program

5. Have you already attempted the Cisco CCNA Certification exam?

a. Yes
b. No

6. Do you plan on getting Cisco's CCNP or CCIE certifications once you've earned the CCNA Certification?

a. Yes
b. No

7. A frame header is applied by software at which layer of the OSI model?

a. transport
b. network
c. data-link
d. physical

8. If the IOS image in flash is destroyed, what mode will the router enter?

a. Command line
c. privileged EXEC
d. setup
e. user EXEC

9. What is the directed broadcast address for, with a subnet mask of


10. A bridge differs from a router in that:

a. A bridge makes forwarding decisions at layer 2, whereas a router makes forwarding decisions at layer 3.
b. A bridge does not forward broadcasts, whereas a router will.
c. A bridge is the best choice to inter-connect differing layer 2 technologies such as Ethernet to Token Ring, or Token Ring to FDDI.
d. A bridge divides the collision domain, whereas a router does not.
e. A bridge can only use distance-vector routing protocols to determine how to forward packets, whereas a router can use distance-vector or link-state routing protocols.

11. In a network where four VLANs and six subnets exist, how many instances of Spanning Tree Protocol will exist if ISL is the protocol being used to support trunking between switches?

a. One
b. Two
c. Four
d. Six
e. 10

12. When a topology change is detected, which of the following best describes how the topology change information is sent to other RIP routers?

a. Specific information is sent as soon as the router detects the topology change.
b. The router's entire routing table is sent at the next routing update.
c. Specific information is sent at the next routing update.
d. The router's entire routing table is sent as soon as the router detects the topology change.

13. Which of the following are used by IGRP to prevent routing loops?
(Choose 3)

a. Hold-down timers
b. Poison reverse
c. Link path checking
d. Split horizon

14. Extended IP access lists may include as optional parameters:
(Choose 2)

a. destination
b. socket
c. port
d. protocol type

15. How many pairs of a UTP cable are used for data communication on Ethernet networks according to the EIA/TIA-568 specification?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

16. Which of the following is NOT true of frame relay networks?

a. Switches or routers on frame relay networks discard corrupt frames.
b. Frame relay can operate over analog and digital networks.
c. Frame relay is faster than X.25.
d. Frame relay uses Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs).

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