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This Mini Exam is designed to give users an idea of the type and scope of questions they will encounter on full-length Practice Exams for CCNA candidates.

Number of Questions: 10
Passing Score: 7/10
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

The exam consists of multiple choice questions. Mark your responses to each question by checking the box to the left of the answer letter. Note that some multiple choice questions may require more than one response.

We recommend that you quit all other applications before starting the exam. If, while taking the exam, your computer becomes unusable, do not attempt to submit the exam. Instead, after resetting your system, return to this page and begin the exam again. The previous answers will be lost.

This exam keeps track of the time you use to complete it. The clock starts when you download the exam and stops when you click the "submit" button. When viewing your exam results, the elapsed time indicates how long you spent on the exam.

The exam questions are downloaded in one group. Check that you have received the full set of exam questions before beginning. Scroll down to the bottom of the exam to verify that you have 10 questions as appropriate for the exam you are taking. If your network connection fails for any reason during the download, do not submit the test. Instead, simply return to this page and begin the exam again.

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Technical Level: CCNA

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