CertificationZone.com Prep Guide for the CCDA™ Exam

Covers each exam topic in detail and includes units on the OSI model, hardware, network planning and implementation, network design, network management, documentation and testing, troubleshooting, and more.

The CD-ROM includes a database of 250 sample CCDA™ exam questions and test-engine software that lets you build, take and score your own simulated exams.

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By Mark A. Poplar
ISBN: 1-890911-16-X

368 pages plus CD-ROM
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About the author
Mark Poplar is an accomplished network engineer with extensive experience designing networks, installing and configuring routers, switches, servers, and other Cisco and Microsoft products. A team leader at a network consulting firm, he provides technical support and troubleshooting services to more than one hundred mid-sized corporations. He holds eight professional certifications, including Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA™), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA™), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT™), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE™), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP™), and Certified Netware Administrator (CNA™), among others. A graduate of California State University and Kent State University, he has published two books, Cisco CCNA™ Routing and Switching Exam Prep, and CompTIA's Network+ Exam Prep for Certification Insider Press. He has also contributed to Microsoft Certified Professional magazine.
CCDA Prep Guide

Unit 1: Understanding Your Client's Network
  Chapter 1: Networking and the OSI Model
  Chapter 2: Networking Design Models and Concepts
  Chapter 3: Characterizing Existing Network and Identify Customer Needs
Unit 2: Provisioning Hardware
  Chapter 4: Provision Hardware and Media for the LAN
  Chapter 5: Provision Hardware and Media for the WAN
Unit 3: Planning and Implementing the Network Design
  Chapter 6: Network Layer Addressing and Naming
  Chapter 7: Understanding Routing and Bridging
Unit 4: Managing the Network
  Chapter 8: Network Management
Unit 5: Network Design Documentation and Testing
  Chapter 9: Creating Design Documents
  Chapter 10: Build and test a Prototype or Pilot
Unit 6: Using Cisco Software to Build, Test and Troubleshoot Your Network
  Chapter 11: Cisco IOS Software Features
  Chapter 12: Review and Case Studies

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