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Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Routing and Switching Lab Exam
By Hello Computers

The Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Routing and Switching Lab Exam contains a well-conceived collection of exercises designed to help you develop, practice, and refine the configuration and troubleshooting skills you'll need for the latest version of the R&S Lab Exam. This workbook is a completely new lab exam preparation resource produced by a team of CCIEs and technical trainers who have decades of experience. The workbook not only provides a theoretical background on technologies covered on the CCIE exam, but also provides the hands-on lab exercises needed to understand and refine your knowledge of the technologies found the on the CCIE R&S Lab Exam.

  • Addresses the latest topics that Cisco found on the R&S; Lab Exam including the Cat 3550 switches and has increased emphasis on all remaining topics such as BGP.

  • Contains twenty-four challenging lab exercises specifically designed to address the Cisco blueprint for the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam.

  • Includes six 100-point, full-scale labs designed to provide the same level and scope of technical challenge you'll encounter on the CCIE Lab Exam and eighteen 50-point technology specific labs designed to help you develop, practice, and refine your configuration skills in each of the individual protocols and technologies covered by the CCIE Lab Exam.

  • All 24 labs contain different network topology diagrams to give you the opportunity to know the network and alter the configurations, thereby maximizing exposure to "what if" scenarios.

  • Developed on a rack that has the same physical topology as the rack for the Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Security Lab Exam, with the exception of PIX firewalls. This nearly identical setup gives you the opportunity to save money on your home lab by working on the same rack setup for both exams. In addition, this topography is available to every workbook owner, remotely, at affordable rates.

  • Exercises are designed and tested by a team of CCIEs who developed the workbook to emphasize more difficult-to-understand topics, like IS-IS, BGP, Voice, QOS, MPLS, IPV6, Mobile, IP, ISL, Inter VLAN Routing, Spanning Tree, and Multicast.

  • Solutions to the workbook's labs are available online as well as additional labs, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date and challenging labs to our customers.

  • Includes a CD containing solutions for all 24 exercises.

  • Laminated network diagrams included.

You're Purchasing More Than Just a Workbook...

  • Every workbook owner will be invited to attend FREE, live, on-line, instructor-led sessions that take you on step-by-step tours through some of the workbook's scenarios and answer any questions you may have during the session.

  • If you don't already subscribe to Certification Zone when you purchase the workbook, you'll get a FREE 1-month subscription so you can also use Certification Zone's CCIE-level Study Guides as references. We'll activate your subscription on the same day we ship your new workbook. (Note: If you do subscribe to Certification Zone, you will receive a $50 discount off the price of this workbook).

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