New website helps Cisco certification candidates prepare for exams

August 11, 2023 - Schenectady, NY - Finally, networking professionals and students can more effectively assess their readiness to pass those expensive and difficult Cisco certification exams by taking inexpensive but equally tough simulated exams, on-line. These practice exams are just one part of a website full of Cisco Certification study tools on-line visitors will find at

The new site features two separate study areas which focus on the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification exams. Each study area features free access to a monthly White Paper, serving as a tutorial covering major certification objectives. Subscribers receive additional access to sample test questions modeled after those on the actual exams, complete with explanations showing why a particular answer is the best choice. Lab Scenarios are also included to prepare candidates for the practical certification requirements.

What sets the site apart from similar services is that each month's content focuses on a particular topic. Subscribers get a thorough understanding by reading the White Paper, answering sample test questions based on it, and then practicing the Lab Scenario. The CCNA Study Area's premiere issues will focus on the OSI Reference and WAN Protocols, while the first CCIE White Papers will address Router Redistribution and AppleTalk.

A unique feature of the site are simulations mimicking the CCNA and CCIE written exams. Similar to the real exams, test-takers answer multiple choice questions online. Within a few minutes of test completion, the website sends back results, showing which questions were missed and provides an explanation of how the correct answer was ascertained. An exclusive test analyzer also shows by exam objective how many questions were answered correctly, a great tool in identifying which areas need improvement. For a small investment ($25 to $35), the simulator shows candidates if they're ready for the exam before spending hundreds of dollars on the real thing. Website subscribers can take the simulated exam once each month at no additional fee as part of their subscription.

Content for the website is being written by a diversified editorial board recognized for their expertise in Cisco certification circles. This team is headed by Technical Director Howard C. Berkowitz, a network architect and Chief Technology Officer for Gett Communications. A Cisco Systems Certified Instructor (CCSI), he is also a member of the North American Network Operator's Group (NANOG) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He has published two books, dozens of articles, and has served as a guest speaker and lecturer at gatherings of networking professionals around the world.

Joining him is noted author Priscilla Oppenheimer. A Certified Network Expert (CNX), she has an extensive background as a software developer, technical instructor, and writer of training curriculums. She has taught more than 2,000 network engineers from most of the Fortune 500 companies and has worked for Apple Computer and Cisco Systems. Her most recent book, Top-Down Network Design, has earned wide acclaim as an outstanding reference.

Other contributors to the site include Pamela Forsyth, a CCIE and CCSI, who developed many of the questions used on the site's simulated exams. Future submissions will also come from Ron Trunk, president of Transatlantic Network Consultants, Inc., a Washington, DC network design consulting firm. With over 20 years of network design and system integration experience, Ron has passed his written CCIE R/S exam and is currently preparing for the CCIE practical exam. Additional authors and topics will be announced shortly.

In making the announcement, Michael Cinquanti, president of Genium Publishing Corporation (the site's publisher), praised the editorial board. "Instead of depending upon 2 or 3 people to provide technical content, the CertificationZone has sought out qualified networking professionals to address each of the 18 major objectives addressed by the CCNA and CCIE exams. By partnering with experts who thoroughly know their assigned topics, we'll be delivering the in-depth background that exam candidates need to better understand each exam objective."

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