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August 19th, 2003
Certification Zone To Expand Scope Beyond Cisco

This article introduces CertZone users to the Field Certified Professionals Association and their series of performance-based networking certification programs.

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Subscribers for Two Highly Desirable Certifications"

A CCNA-level Look at PPP

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) was developed to provide multi-protocol support to Wide Area Networking. This article discusses the basics of PPP functions at the Data Link layer.

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A Tutorial excerpt from WAN Protocols by Dale Holmes

Berkowitz Defines Segment

Prompted by a Group Study discussion, Howard Berkowitz takes a look at what is meant by the term network segment.

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Written by Howard Berkowitz

Interview with the Author - Galina Pildush

Galina is a CCIE who authored the Layer 3 VPNs Tutorial, Study Quiz, and Lab Exercise that debuted at the Zone on August 1, 2003. In this week's interview, Galina discusses the importance of understanding L3VPNs and why L3VPN offerings can be a great business opportunity for ISPs.

View "Interview with the Author - Galina Pildush"

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