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CCNA Challenge Question

Implementing a Virtual LAN:

a) decreases security on the network.
b) simplifies moves, adds, and changes.
c) groups ports or end-users into a common collision domain.
d) increases the likelihood of a broadcast storm.
e) is a technology that operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model.


b) simplifies moves, adds, and changes.

A VLAN is a logical grouping of switch ports or end-users that share a broadcast domain that has been defined at Layer 2. Cisco's position on VLANs is that their deployment simplifies adds, moves, and changes of end-systems within a network -- specifically in relation to the administration required when an end-user changes locations within a building or campus environment. VLANs increase security on the network and can simplify the process of security policy management when implemented properly. The risk of broadcast storms on a network decreases because of the segmentation function of a VLAN; however, caution must be exercised when VLAN 1 is permitted access to all trunk links in the network.

For more information on the problems that can occur when VLAN 1 is permitted on all trunk links in a network, refer to the CertificationZone CCNA VLANs tutorial.

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