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Material safety data sheets serve a multitude of needs for a diverse population ranging from chemists and industrial hygienists to factory workers and laborers. But because so many different vendors are creating their own MSDSs, you never quite know where to look for a piece of data from one MSDS to the next. Users also came to realize that the traditional 9-section MSDSs (pdf) mandated by OSHA's Hazard Communication standard didn't always provide all of the necessary information needed in a useful format. That's why ANSI and CMA formulated the expanded 16-section format (pdf) for MSDSs. In fact, Genium began converting the MSDSs in it's three-volume MSDS Collection to the newer 16-section format several years ago. Now with MSDS Form Software Template, you can prepare your own MSDSs in either format - the traditional 9-section one, or the expanded 16-section version.

We've made the tough decisions for you

MSDS Form is a template software that prompts you for all of the required information that a complete material safety data sheet needs. You'll know what data is needed and where it is supposed to go. No more guessing as to which section a piece of data really belongs in. And because the program allows you to enter as much (or as little) information you need in each prompt, you won't have to stuff reams of copy into small, cramped boxes on a preprinted form. No need to worry about how to condense, abbreviate, or delete copy to make it fit. Because the last thing you want to do is make the wrong guess and leave out a critical piece of information, especially when an OSHA inspector is going over your MSDS with a fine tooth comb.

It's easy to use

The computer files included with MSDS Form are designed to be used with a word processing program. The recently revised Version 2.0 of MSDS Form now works with the following programs: WINDOWS SYSTEM - Word 6.0 or 7.0 (Word '95) for Windows, Word Perfect 6.1 for Windows; DOS SYSTEM - Word Perfect 5.1; MACINTOSH SYSTEM - Word 5.0 or 6.0 for Macintosh. Simply copy the master template and start typing. It's that easy. The program prints out MSDSs that are easy to read, in a consistent format.

View the 9-Section and 16-Section templates and completed MSDSs (pdf)

MSDS Form Software (PC and Mac)
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