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Genium MSDS Collection on CD-ROM

Here's the top reasons why you need Genium's MSDSs
More comprehensive data

Genium's MSDSs contain more information about the hazards of a material than you will find on most vendor supplied sheets. Possession of a Genium sheet in addition to the vendor-supplied data can improve your ability to help employees avoid hazardous exposures to chemicals. Having access to Genium's sheets also improves a workplace's capacity to be safely prepared for emergencies involving hazardous materials.
Data that is easier to find, understand, and use

Genium's MSDSs are written in a consistent, user-friendly 16-section format that makes it easy to find and understand the information you need on each sheet. You will not encounter any technical and legal terminology on Genium's MSDSs. Instead, you will find many reader friendly pictograms, hazard rating scales, and a straightforward writing style that is easy on both your eyes and your brain.
Data that's impossible to find anywhere else

Genium's Collection contains MSDSs for materials that are commonly found in many workplaces but are not purchased from vendors. For example, Genium has sheets on carbon monoxide, asbestos, and PCBs and many more hazardous byproducts and banned substances. Try telling OSHA you can't find a vendor to give you an MSDS for one of these materials. Owning Genium's MSDS Collection is like having hazard communication insurance. It helps protect your workers and your organization at times when your compliance program does not provide all the answers.
If your organization does not have another source for good reliable material safety data, an incomplete, missing, or hard-to-understand vendor supplied material safety data sheet can do a lot of damage. A single substandard or missing sheet can cause serious harm to your employees and cripple the ability of your workplace to function. Employees cannot be productive from a hospital bed and the monies employers pay to lawyers would be much better spent on people, equipment, and marketing.

Our Collection already includes 1100 of the most commercially popular workplace chemicals. In the next twelve months, that number will expand to 4,000 as we develop an MSDS for each of the materials listed in the Hazardous Substance Data Bank currently maintained by the National Library of Medicine.

When you purchase our Collection on CD-ROM, you are gaining unrestricted access to a hazardous materials information system that cost over $2,000,000 to develop (or an average of $2,000 per MSDS).
View a clear and concise Genium 16-Section Format MSDS
See first hand additional features of Genium's MSDS Collection including:
Genium's base material list (pdf)
Chemical Container Label and MSDS format (pdf)
Genium's MSDS Updating Service
Expanded Material List (expanded regularly)(pdf)

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