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SmartSigns Software with Genium's Chemical Container Labels Database

Creating labels, signs, and tags doesn't have to be a hassle.

When you need a label, sign, or tag, do you have to wade through a vendor catalog to find a suitable design and then order more than you really need just to meet a minimum order quantity? Maybe you've tried hand writing them, but that can be pretty cumbersome and time-consuming. Buying one of those slick label- and sign-making systems usually requires a hefty investment in some company's proprietary equipment. SmartSigns is the low-cost alternative that utilizes your current PC and laser or inkjet printer to create just about every label, sign, and tag your organization uses.

Wizards make it easy to get professional looking results the very first time!

The newest version of SmartSigns includes Wizards which make it even easier than ever to create your own signs, labels, and tags. By answering simple on-screen questions, the software creates a database that automatically adds the desired information to your finished piece. (Here's an example of how we created a chemical container label using the Wizards technology.(pdf))

All the elements you need are included with the program. Just choose the template you want, match it up with the appropriate graphics and words and feed a sheet of the inexpensive SmartSigns printing stock into your laser printer. Out comes your finished label, sign, or tag. You produce the exact number you need, when you need them. From start to finish, it takes just a few of minutes.

No matter what you need, there's a SmartSigns solution!

With so many formats and templates available, there are literally thousands of possible combinations. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a department in your operation that couldn't benefit from using this software. Here's a glimpse of the many formats this program is capable of producing:

Chemical Container Labels:(pdf) Anytime you transfer a hazardous material into a secondary container, OSHA requires you to label it. SmartSigns has over thirty different label formats, many that meet with ANSI compliance. The inclusion of Genium's Chemical Container Labels Database gives you the ability to print out pre-written labels for 1,000+ common workplace chemicals.

Safety Signs:(pdf) Over twenty different sign formats exist in a variety of sizes. Each design incorporates the new ANSI guidelines for action statements, consequences, and graphic symbols. Several of the designs are available in bi-lingual formats. And with over 200 clip-art images included in the software, you'll find a safety symbol for just about every situation you'll face.

Valve Tags:(pdf) This low-cost alternative to old-fashioned brass tags allows you to convey a wealth of information. Features such as color coding, the NFPA rating scale, and barcoding allow you to present more information than ever before.

Pipe Markers:(pdf) Traditional off-the-shelf pipe markers offer a minimum of information. Now you can customize a marker for virtually any pipe in your facility to help warn of site-specific conditions. There's even an option for thermal transfer printing that creates a nearly indestructible pipe marker.

Other templates are included for DOT and hazardous waste shipping labels, lockout tags, and ID badges:(pdf)

The optional database creates dozens of container labels instantly

No need to enter chemical data into the SmartSigns template when you have Genium's fully compatible database. Covers over 1,000 common workplace chemicals (pdf). With the database installed, the software automatically fills in required data on your labels. Just select a chemical and label template, and you're ready to print. All for less than 15� per chemical.

Everything you need to get started is included

With the SmartSigns Deluxe package, you'll be printing your own labels, sign, and tags in no time. You get templates to create your own labels, safety signs, lockout and valve tags, pipe markers, DOT and hazardous waste labels, and ID badges. You also receive a Starter Kit of assorted printing stock. Refills (pdf) are also available. Call Genium to order.

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Smart Signs Software
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Genium's Database for SmartSigns
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