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CIPT Course Description

Covers the use of Cisco IP Phones, Call Managers, and Gateways for voice communications over an enterprise network as part of Cisco's AVVID program. Part of the Voice curriculum

This full 5-day course is designed to teach the part of Cisco's AVVID technology dealing with phones and related devices that send voice signals over an IP data network. Please note that ANI recently worked with the Cisco curriculum development team to build the latest version of the CIPT course. For the most up-to-date and accurate training ANI is your CIPT training partner.

Course Content
The AVVID Product line includes Cisco Call Manager which offers a highly scalability solution with the capability for distributed Call Processing.

The ability to cluster nodes is covered in this class with access node registration via any of the nodes of the system.

This major release of hardware supporting the telephony environment is the largest single release in Cisco's history. Changes in powering phones, DSP resources, analog and digital PSTN access, and support for multiple protocols in the gateways are covered in this class.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the CIPT products
  • Understand and use the CIPT configuration methodology
  • Use the tools within CIPT for installation, configuration and problem resolution

    Who Should Attend
    The primary audiences for this course are Cisco and channel partner Systems Engineers who are demonstrating, selling, installing, maintaining and representing Cisco IP telephony (Selsius) products. An intended secondary audience includes the support representatives of Cisco, channel partners and customers.

    Before taking this course, attendees are expected to have a basic knowledge of data networking.

    In addition, the student must have successfully completed the ICND and CVOICE courses before attending CIPT.

    Course Outline
    Introduction to Cisco AVVID
    Understanding DHCP and TFTP

    Primary CIPT Components
    Cisco Access Gateways
    Catalyst DSP Provisioning
    Cisco IP Phones

    Cisco Call Manager
    Cisco Call Manager Services
    Dial Plan Architecture
    Cisco Call Manager Architecture

    Deployment Models
    Campus Infrastructure
    Distributed Call Processing
    Centralized Call Processing
    Troubleshooting a CIPT Solution

    With extensive hands-on labs, the attendee will be a apply the knowledge gained in lecture to multiple configurations

    The investment for this 5 day course is $2,695. This fee includes all course materials, instruction/lab assistance and breakfast each day of the class.

    E-Mail Customer Service for more information

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