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"Today I passed my CCIE written with a score well above the minimum required. This is due in no small part to my use of the Certification Zone study materials and practices tests available to members. The emphasis placed upon the understanding of the underlying principals and behaviors served me in good stead as I confronted question after question on my exam. In what might be considered ambiguous situations, I could always fall back on my Certification Zone training, and ask myself "What is really happening here? What problem are we trying to solve?" It must have worked! I am now eligible for the Lab!

I look forward to using Certification Zone materials and resources as I prepare for the Big One!

Thanks much to all the Cert Zone contributors. I couldn't have done it without you!!!"

Chuck Larrieu

"I used both the CCNA and CCIE sections of extensively and doing so helped me pass the CCIE written exam this past July. I suggest users read every tutorial, in each Study Guide and try to solve every sample question and lab scenario that comes with it...

...Again, for me it was money well spent. You have the benefit of gleaning some knowledge from a number of networking heavyweights... I periodically take the practice R/S exam for review and to keep sharp. Once I pass the lab next year, I'll continue using for when I have to recertify."

D. J. Jones

"The Certification Zone sample test that I took (for $35) pushed me well over the top.... Best $35 I've spent enroute to my CCIE goal. Thank you for enabling me to pass (the CCIE written exam) on the first attempt!!!"

Andrew Short
Design Engineer

"( was very helpful towards learning the materials and passing the test. I would go so far as to say that I couldn't have done as well as I did (93) without my subscription to your web services....Thank you!"

Kip McDowell, CCNA

"I just took (the CCNA™ exam) this Saturday AND I PASSED FIRST TIME!!...Thanks for having a great sight. I know it helped me tremendously. I shall tell all my friends to definitely go to THE CERTIFICATION ZONE!!!!"

Victoria Gray

"Your Site took the guess work out of taking the Exam. It is my intent to know my field. I wanted to know the material and not just memorize the material. My goal is to attain CCIE™ status. I am now seeking the CCNP™. Next week I take the CLSC™ and the ACRC™. Your website is the reason for my confidence in even considering the task. I thank you for the help... and keep up the outstanding job."

Daniel A Calix, CCNA

"I just passed the CCIE™ written exam and wanted to let you know that's Practice Tests are excellent!!! I used them to help me prepare for the exam and I can attest to the fact that the Zone's practice tests are a good gauge for the real test. I got a 74.8 score on your practice test and an 82% on the actual exam. The explanations you provide on the scoring summary were really good, also. Just keep it coming."

Larry Dwyer

"I thought the CertificationZone tests were slightly harder than the real thing. They helped me tremendously to prepare for the actual exam. I passed the CCIE™ R/S Qualification test with an 86. Thanks to all the fine folks at CertificationZone."

Colin Fabeny

"... there is no other Cisco preparation site that gives the level of depth that you find on CertificationZone. It's one of the best investments that I've made in test preparation."

Frank Jimenez

"CertificationZone has helped me clarify sticky issues with WAN protocols and the OSI stack. I've read several Cisco books and they just didn't seem to help enough."

William Hansen

"My Cisco classes used your CCNA™ Study Zone last semester. My students were very impressed with the resources available, especially the SIMULATED EXAMS! We found them to be a great prep tool for the CCNA™ Certification exam ... the White Papers are great resources along with the sample questions that accompany each topic. We look forward to using the site again this spring."

Bruce Roehrkasse
Cisco Program Director
Central Wyoming College

"I passed the CCIE™ written yesterday. was a great help."

Tony Medeiros

"The Zone helps quite a bit explaining the workings of the test. I know how to do a lot of the stuff required, but the Zone helps me understand why it needs doing.

Terry Johnson

"I used to prep for the CCIE™ written. It was AWSOME. Kudos Howard!!! I started taking the Zone's simulated exam about 4 months before taking the real thing. Boy did they kick my butt. I think I got a 36%. I got an understanding of the structure of the questions and the slant that the questions would take. Reviewing the correct answers helped tremendously. After the 4 month period I finally scored an 87%. Two days later I got an 85% on the real exam. That tells me that Howard has done a great job setting the level of the exam extremely close to the real thing."

Joe Martin

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