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NLI's CCIE™ R&S Practice Lab Workbook: Version 12.2 Comments

"I passed on the first attempt at RTP yesterday (March 3, 2023). What can I say, I am still in shock. Thanks to all who post on these boards and especially William Lijewski for taking time out to research and answer questions. I used the same books as everyone else and also the NLI materials and ver 12.2 labs."

Colby LeMaire
CCIETM #12968"

"I got my number today: #12500. I am so happy. I would like to thank you guys for your excellent Bootcamp, workbook and rack time. I started prep in late July this year, had my written exam on September 4th, went to the Bootcamp in Vegas on September 29th, and got my number today. I don't think I could have passed the Lab in such a short time without your excellent Bootcamp and workbook."

To Huy Hoang, CCIETM #12500

"Just a quick note to say what a great study tool your 12.2 Labs are. I earned CCIETM #12375 yesterday at RTP. I used the 12.2 Labs extensively over the final month leading up to my Lab. They not only increased my confidence in the core topics, but helped focus my knowledge on the "extras." Thanks for a great product!"

Jared Carter, CCIETM #12375

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for putting together a world class Lab package. Your CCIETM Routing/Switching preparation materials were excellent and key to helping me pass the CCIETM Lab. I will surely use your materials as part of my preparation for my next goal, CCIETM Security."

Keep up the good work!!!
Raymond Santini, CCIETM #12315

"I passed the CCIETM on August 15, 2023 - the second attempt. I would have done it on the first try (July 7, 2023) except for some mistakes I overlooked by overconfidence. Since I was very happy with my preparations, I scheduled the second attempt immediately and passed. I take pride in thanking Network Learning for your Lab R&S Workbook. I used it extensively during the last 1 1/2 years for my preparation�"

Mohamed Mohideen Mohamed Ansar, CCIETM #12144

"I passed my CCIETM Lab Exam yesterday at my first attempt and got my number, CCIETM #11285. I would like to say that your CCIETM R&S Lab Workbook was so good. It helped me a lot in my preparation and I could not pass the exam at the first time without this book. Thank you very much and give me the information about your CCIETM Communication & Services Lab Workbook. It's because my next goal is CCIETM C&S."

Kindly regards,
Tran Tien Phong, CCIETM #11285

"Hello all... I apologize for the late notification, but the last several weeks have been BUSY! I passed the CCIETM R&S lab March 5th (2nd Attempt). I know that the Lab Subscription, Lab Rental, and especially the Bootcamp class were instrumental in helping me to achieve this.

I hope all of you, that I haven't heard from, have passed yours as well! If not, good luck and hang in there. The relief alone is worth it!

I just wanted to say Thank You to you all! Maybe I'll see you all again soon... Thank You Again,"

Chris Lunsford, CCIETM #11217

"I appreciate your training and lab access. Two folks at my lab attempt had used your material and all of them had heard of it.

It's good stuff. I wish you guys the best, and thanks again for your excellent labs and Bootcamp."

Chris McClimans, CCIETM #11041

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that I passed the R&S lab exam on my first try - Dec 9, 2002. My main training materials were the NLI labs and well-known books (Caslow, Halabi, Jeff Doyle, ...) I don't think I could have passed the exam without the NLI labs. Thank you and keep it up."

Tin Nguyen, CCIETM #10820

"Congratulations, Richard Botham!"

(CCIETM and Network Learning student)

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Summary descriptions of each of the Labs in the Workbook

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