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LAN Requirements on the
CCIE R&S Written Exam #350-001

From the beginning Certification Zone has been designed with two purposes in mind:

  1. Develop Knowledgeable Network Professionals
  2. Help People Pass Cisco Certification Exams

Both of these goals are accomplished through our topic-oriented Study Guides which consist of a tutorial, a set of study questions, and one or more hands-on exercises.

Because of how these Study Guides have been structured, it is sometimes difficult to see how they relate to the items on the Cisco exam blueprints. For one thing, almost every item is covered in more than one Study Guide, because the topics are not isolated, they relate to other topics which also must be mastered. Thus you must consult more than one Study Guide in order to master a topic. This integrated approach helps develop networking professionals who have a solid understanding of all topics AND how the topics relate to each other. However, the student sometimes has difficulty knowing what Study Guides need to be read in order to understand a specific item on a Cisco exam blueprint.

This article is one in a series that relates the Certification Zone Study Guides to specific items on the Cisco CCIE R&S; written exam blueprint for the 350-001 exam.

From the Cisco R&S Written Exam (350-001) Blueprint:

  1. Data Link Layer (addressing, 802.2)
  2. Ethernet/FE/GE (encapsulation, CSMA/CD, topology, speed, controller errors, limitations)
  3. Wireless/802.11b

LAN Switching Part I
LAN Switching Part II

  1. Data Link Layer
    LAN Switching Part I, DIX, 802.3 and Ethernet
    Physical Connectivity, Overview of the Data Link Layer

  2. Ethernet/FE/GE
    LAN Switching Part I, Speeding Things Up
    LAN Switching Part II
    Layer 1 and Layer 2 Ethernet
    ATM Part I Basics, Gigabit Ethernet
    Physical Connectivity, LAN Specifications
    Troubleshooting Ethernet
    The 3550 Switch
    New Generation of Cisco Switching

  3. Wireless/802.11b
    Networking Without a Net
    How to Implement Wireless Networks
    The Other VPNs, It's Not All MPLS, Special Issues with WLANs
    The 3550 Switch, 802.1x - Port Based Authentication

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