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White Paper
In this month's CCIE/CCNP-level White Paper, Galina Pildush, CCIE presents the first part of her two part Study Guide addressing ATM. The second part of her Study Guide will be presented at CertificationZone.com in December.

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What follows are excerpts from the introduction to Ms. Pildush's ATM Part 1 White Paper. Become a subscriber to gain unrestricted access to this and all of the other 22 Study Guides now archived at CertificationZone.com.

"Asynchronous Transfer Mode - ATM - has been a dream come true on many levels. Now your multimedia applications can finally be integrated over a single network, ATM! ATM networks are capable of providing you with the required quality of service on demand, that is "dynamically." You can use ATM as a transport mechanism to send both uncompressed and compressed voice, data traffic with flow control mechanisms, video conferencing traffic, and so on, knowing that you will get the quality of service that you require.

Please remember, that it is and must be your choice to select one technology or another, for whatever reasons. I consider ATM an excellent technology that I choose frequently.

One important thing - your reasons must be clear to you! I feel knowledge is power. Once you understand a technology, regardless of whether you perceive it to be easy or hard, you have a full tool kit in your hands. Now you are fully equipped to make your decisions based on what is right, versus on what someone else thinks is right.

ATM, which is based on the Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (BISDN) standards, is the right solution for environments deploying multi-media applications. The idea is to carry voice, data, and video over the same network. As ATM evolved, it was deployed not only in Wide Area Networks (WANs), but also in Local Area Networks (LANs). An interesting note, some organizations have selected ATM as a transport mechanism just for data applications, and why not - they needed bandwidth and ATM provided that."

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