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OSPF in Single Areas: Learning the Protocol New!

This tutorial focuses on Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in a single area. A separate tutorial (OSPF Part II) will deal with using OSPF in hierarchical systems.

OSPF is a modern interior routing protocol, which uses a link state algorithm for its single-area routing. The OSPF dynamic interior routing protocol is faster, more accurate, and more scalable than its predecessors, RIPv1 and IGRP. Especially with respect to scaling, however, many of its strengths do not show up until large numbers of routers, in a hierarchy of areas, are involved. With small networks, the benefits of OSPF include fast convergence, multivendor compatibility, and CIDR/VLSM support.

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Author: Howard Berkowitz

Technical Level: CCIE™ and CCNP™

Date of Issue: 06-01-2023


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